Thursday, August 09, 2018

The last train odyssey video

[VIDEO] From YouTuuba he posts the last leg of his "train odyssey" starting in Chicago to Los Angeles aboard Amtrak's Southwest Chief. Then he leaves Los Angeles to take the Coast Starlight train along the California coast to Portland, Oregon. Then he leaves Portland on the Empire Builder to return to Chicago.

Thus in the above video you see another version of the trip depicted in another video shared here. A British tourist travels from Portland to Chicago on the Empire Builder and most of the sound track are contemporary music and it sounded great. Of course, this one is more of a documentary with "YouTuuba" doing a lot of talking with regards to what we're seeing in his videos.

I'm aching for a trip to the pacific northwest at least though I know it'll probably be a lot like what's going on in LA. Portland and Seattle has been in the news for a burgeoning homeless population. I remember being in Skid Row in LA in 2016 and it wasn't entirely pleasant. Don't know what I brought that up, I just recognize that Portland and Seattle are nice places to visit but not without their issues. There probably isn't a place on this planet that doesn't have their local issues.

Duration of the above vid is just about 4 hours. A long one but to see various streetscapes and landscapes, it's worth it

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Morehouse College President moves into a dormitory!

As an alum of Morehouse College who never had the opportunity to attend New Student Orientation as a transfer student, I would do exactly what President David Thomas is doing. While he is moving into a student dorm, I presume he's also participating in some of the aspects of orientation.
Here's an article on this from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Want an example of NSO you should find in your local library a documentary called Morehouse Men. Hopefully you all still have VCRs and hopefully there is actually a DVD copy or perhaps some very ingenious individual has created a digital copy by now! 

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Mark Dice: Alex Jones in now an "unperson"

[VIDEO] You know I don't frequently follow Alex Jones, however, I do admire how he built some semblance of an empire. Of course he's know for his radio program and of course in keeping with the 21st Century developed his social media channels such as YouTube or Facebook.

Then we hear from Mark Dice today and find out that some of InfoWars' social media channel even past podcasts have been deleted. Facebook page is gone, YouTube channel is gone, any podcasts through iTunes gone....

Like I said I don't follow him, but he does have his supporters and have huge followings like Mark Dice does. Who's to say Dice isn't next? Since they didn't take his video down so far and he does often complain about censorship in his videos - he claims his videos have often been demonetized by YouTube - he can now say YouTube and these other social media companies are seeking to censor conservatives or right wingers.

As I've stated in some terms in another post, perhaps the established media (or if you prefer the mainstream media) wants to get back their power. They want to decide who gets to breakthrough and if they had their choice Dice or even Alex Jones would never have. A bit of a convoluted point, but then who's to say with this censorship that isn't the ultimate end game.

Right now this is how it looks, Jones was probably deleted from various social media sites because of pressure put on those companies by those individuals - Dice calls them liberals - who vehemently disagree with whatever views Jones espouse. Instead of debating people you disagree with you just look to silence them and shut them down.

Friday, August 03, 2018

One of these days I'll visit the IL state fair

Well I could take advantage of the lower cost of beer at the fair for this year, however, I don't drink alcohol anyway. Not only that beer isn't the only reason I would want to pay a visit to Springfield in the near future. 

Another mini-railroad video

[VIDEO] So Jim Zimmerlin visits another mini-railroad this time in Oregon called Train Mountain. Here's his description:
The Guinness world record for the longest miniature railroad is an amazing 2200 acre property in southern Oregon known as Train Mountain. I met up with Tom Watson for a tour of the railway, first from a golf cart, and later from his own gas-powered train. In a two-hour train ride, we only managed to travel on a portion of the layout!

I also got a look at G-Ville, the four acre section of Train Mountain dedicated to G-scale garden trains... and I'm seriously thinking about bringing some of my G scale model trains up to G-Ville to run on their layout.
And check out the metal work shops. If they make these trains from scratch they have a lot more talent than I do. Wouldn't mind taking up that hobby.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Capitol Fax: Remembering #hotdoggate

I wasn't paying attention to this four years ago. A Rauner staffer - back before he became governor of Illinois - wanted ketchup (catsup) on their hot dog. The staffer in question later started working for President Donald Trump and almost four years ago wrote this memorable tweet that Rich Miller remembered back when.
I didn't know this until recently and Miller explains. In general with hot dogs it's not at all expected to eat hogs dogs with catsup. Since I don't know about this local culinary peculiarity, it's possible that I would've made that same gaffe also.

In general though I don't even use catsup for Polish sausages (I generally don't eat hot dogs). I have little issue eating sausages with relish or mustard or both. Of course why does putting catsup on a hot dog have to create drama?

I like to eat a Maxwell Street Polish sausage smelling the strong scent of grilled onions with such a dish should create social media drama. Imagine if any politician in Illinois or Chicago did that and had the breath to prove it! 

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Stossel: The end of tipping?

[VIDEO] I've had people recommend I become a bartender and you know what I say. Usually I would decline and have no inclination to take on such a role anywhere. Perhaps the personality and the customer service is there, but otherwise don't want it. There are other things - say like blogging - that I could do and hopefully become as lucrative.

Today, I share with you John Stossel's vid on the "end of tipping". Around the country including the windy city it has become "chic" to raise the minimum wage. Often what's said is that workers can't live off the minimum wage. There are articles that said if you live on minimum wage you can't even adequately pay your rent anywhere in the USA.

On the one hand I get it, I've worked minimum wage - especially after college. When you think about it, you're not supposed to live off of minimum wage. It's just income you earn to get you started and it's certainly expected that you'll grow beyond that type of job. Learn the ropes of the work world and then move on, at least ideally.

I know why people pursue working at a bar or restaurant (to be a bartender or server for example) you might get paid a minimum wage however you also get tips. I think you get a smaller minimum wage if you have a job where your income are tips. As you see with the woman in the video who is a server, she fills the gap in her wages real quick with tips.

Then it makes me wonder how clueless those who just want to change the minimum wage or any pay for workers about business. Not that I'm so adroit in the ways of business, however, the workers find a way to make ends meet without any progressive promises to even the wage-earning playing field.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Will there be a Justice League II?

[VIDEO] I know there are other more pressing movie news. Equalizer 2 came out strong this month and then the new Mission: Impossible which I haven't seen yet. Meanwhile I've been sitting on this post with regards to future installments of Justice League.

I fell off on viewing anything from film vlogger John Campea. So earlier this month he discusses whether or not there will be a Justice League sequel. And goes through the reasons it may or may not happen.

I liked Justice League when it came out last November. Unfortunately it didn't meet financial projects, didn't even come close to the Avengers films. It was cool to see Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman, and Superman team up to face off against Steppenwolf. It was a great movie, but I recognize that the performance of other DCEU films - Wonder Woman excepted - only served to further depress excitement this team-up movie.

With that said I'd rather hope they don't reboot give this franchise some more time to develop. Aquaman will debut in his own film during the holiday season and hopefully that will be a movie that will draw people as Wonder Woman had. I still hear news about a standalone Batman film and it's about time even if Batman vs. Superman - which I also liked - was an uneven debut for the "Dark Knight" in the DCEU.

As far as a reboot - which I hope doesn't happen, yet - what if they did something similar to the Joker. That film is expected to be outside of the DCEU with no connection with Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman or Justice League. So that could be one direction to take it without dismantling the DCEU. Then again I had to say as of now, they shouldn't do it yet!

Finally, with the upheaval over who plays Batman - if Ben Affleck is expected to leave that role. Or as mentioned in this video Henry Cavill might be out as Superman, but Campea doesn't buy it so who knows where the news is on that.

All the same, when will be see a new Justice League movie. It's definitely not a matter of if, but when. The Avengers franchise - even if the latest installment leaves me unsettled in some respects - is doing as strong as ever so I could believe DC and Warner Bros would want to compete with that. The only other superhero team-up group is DC's Justice League!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

RIP Old Man

[VIDEO] The death of the "Old Man" from Pawn Stars is actually old news since he died in June. Did a brief tribute to him on my twitter. I'm a fan of that History channel program it's very entertaining with negotiations over historic and culturally relevant pieces.

And the cranky Old Man is as much part of the show as his son Rick Harrison's vanity - which isn't about his good looks BTW. I find the Old Man quite earthy and old school and most of the time even if I'm not in his orbit get where he's coming from on some things. I enjoy his quips and knows how to keep the two generations under him in line.

I saw the program put together in light of his death Rick and Big Hoss speaks of him. Then we also have Chumlee who was another foil to the Old Man. I got a sense of who the man was and now we won't see him again. I might be scared to be in business with him, but he's a business partner I wish I had. Though with that recent episode I got more of a sense of who he was outside of the cameras of the TV program.

And yes we got to see representatives comment on Mr. Harrison particularly executives from the owner of History - which is owned by A & E networks. I thought it was corny but hey Pawn Stars has proven to be a successful show that TV viewers want to see. We'd better see the network pay tribute.

RIP to the "Old Man" Richard Benjamin Harrison!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Dave Ramsey on useless college degrees

[VIDEO] Actually I'm with him on this, we did go college education crazy in this country. There are degrees for things that would've been unthinkable years ago. Listen to a letter that Ramsey is going to read.

So the colonists offers some Native Americans the opportunity to send some of their young people to one of their colleges. Then they explain that what is expected of them in a European based school is different than what these natives expect of their own. You learn science away from the tribe, but then you miss out on learning how to hunt and become a warrior. You may learn so much English let's say, but the command of a native tongue might be lacking.

Then I could take this in another direction. The natives certain have their view of what their people should be educated on vs what the Europeans' expectation. Then I could wonder if the Europeans only goal was to radically change the order of Native American society.

BTW, I'm not trying to be very PC here usually I would interchange Native Americans with American Indians.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

McDonald's cashier doesn't equal job security

I remember a few years I believed some erroneous reports that McDonald's was only considering those persons with a college degree for cashier positions at their stores. And now being a McDonald's cashier may not be as stable for a college grad anyway. Especially with the establishment most call Micky D's are installing these self-service ordering kiosks.

Some McDonald's stores in Chicago are seen with these kiosks. I've utilized them on occasion, especially if I don't have the need for human interaction. Not that this is a huge issue anyway the interaction is pretty quick anyway at least speaking for myself.

I've thought about this if having machines do menial jobs is increasingly the trend in the 21st century then here's an opportunity, someone has to maintain the machines. Being a fast food cashier is a job that allows anyone to make money and pay bills, it's not at all a reliable career. And this means one who is in such a role should be looking into future opportunities.

Just because you're a fast food cashier doesn't mean this is where you will remain until retirement!