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Sunday, August 01, 2021

O'Reilly: 12 American cities ruined by progressive leadership


[VIDEO] Twelve American cities ruined by P.L.L. Democrat leadership. A leadership promoting policies that prove destructive for quality of life in their cities. Many of those policies are well intended perhaps righting historic wrongs for minorities, making a criminal justice system more equitable, creating policies for the environment, trying to slow down climate change, perhaps even a more equitable economic policy, on & on.

Cities like Chicago, Washington, New York, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc. All of those cities have P.L.L leadership and all of those cities and then some named by Bill O'Reilly in thee above video have been suffering from increased crime, homelessness, even economic issues due to those policies I named above.

I suppose we can link this to Larry Elder and his run in the recall for Governor of California. California as a whole is a progressive paradise that really needs to reverse course and soon. Perhaps someone in California needs to be the alternative to those in power who swear by progressivism.

If that's true in California it's true in other states and certainly in cities in the rest of the nation outside of California.

I wonder how many in Chicago is craving common sense at city hall right now! 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Larry Elder on Black families angry with public education


[VIDEO] As you know Larry Elder is running in the recall election for Governor of California. If Golden State voters recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, there is a strong possibility that Elder would be voted to replace Newsom.

As Elder rolls out his campaign for Governor, one issue he has discussed is public education. He discusses the systemic racism of public education in Los Angeles. The systemic racism being schools in low-income communities have the least qualified teachers. And the schools may have staff that look like the community - i.e. Black teachers and administrators - however that doesn't help the schools continue to perform.

Another focus of this video released after Elder declared his candidacy for Governor is that California plans to phase out a basic skills test that will help teachers attain their credentials. What is addressed here is racism - and the ones who like to talk about systemic racism is unable to adequately define it in their own words. You've heard the argument that the SAT is culturally biased, are the the tests that California teachers are expected to take for their credentials culturally biased?

Is the Golden State willfully setting the bar lower for aspiring teachers only to set them up to fail? We hear of teachers who can't spell or even seemingly confused at simple math problems. Meanwhile we hear 75% of Black boys are unable to read at their grade level. And there are frustrated parents out there who don't like what they see with their children and the people who are charged with educating them.

Can Larry Elder fix an education system that seems very set in its ways?

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Yeah it's not looking good for Madame Vice President


[VIDEO] Liberal Hivemind is saying what I have been thinking for the last month or so. Vice President Kamala Harris is just unpopular and ever since she was bequeathed the job of border czar it just hasn't gone very well for her. Even if Joe Biden somehow leaves office within the next year she just won't be effective at all as President in her own right. It's just my gut feeling....

As as for President Biden well there is talk among some commentators and buoyed by the opinions of former White House doctors that his mental capacity continues to diminish and he has no choice. The only reason why we're talking about this now after only 6 months into a new administration is that when he took over the nation it's been a very rough go indeed.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Dave Rubin's first interview with Larry Elder


[VIDEO] In 2016 this hour long discussion between Rubin and Larry Elder was posted to YouTube before Rubin became less of a progressive liberal leftist (PLL for short) and more of a classical liberal. Larry Elder is a well known conservative radio talk show host who has often described himself as a small L libertarian. Rubin himself admitted that this interview was a red pill moment and with facts Elder just demolished his progressive arguments on racial issues.

Elder also admitted in a later interview with Rubin - actually after he announced he was running for Governor of California in the coming recall election - that this interview got him more attention than ever before. It got him noticed by a whole new audience.

I've yet to see this interview in full, hopefully we can watch it all together and then I will have more comments. I share this with you so that you can think. I see the comments to this video and many revisited it after the craziness in the wake of George Floyd's death. There isn't a lot of thinking right now just knee jerk reactions of people who are unable or unwilling to view the issues of race in America objectively.

Another point to be made is that you don't stay a hardcore leftist, liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican. Over time your political views will evolve just as easily as your religious views might evolve for example. I would have a hard time with being handed my ass on my own show although in Rubin's case this interview helped evolve further his views.

Friday, July 23, 2021

I'll eat my words, Larry Elder was on #Tucker


[VIDEO] The above video was posted on July 20, and Elder was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss being kicked off the ballot. As we know though Elder won a ruling that negated the reason why he was removed from the ballot and he will be on the recall ballot to replace California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

I'm eating my words because a few days ago I wrote a tweet in response to seeing former Detroit Police Chief James Craig announcing his run for Governor of Michigan against incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. She hasn't announced if she will run for re-election however.

Jim Zim's brush with coronavirus


[VIDEO] This video was published three days ago and I've been following Jim Zim for many years. Usually I pay attention when he's showing off his G-scale model trains, on this occasion he's talking about his brush with coronavirus on a cruise ship.

The extensive testing, contact tracing, and even the overreation by another foreign gov't. This video just lets you know that coronavirus is still around. And he doesn't directly mention the Delta-variant, however, that's out there too so we know what the next panic will be.

BTW, what about those British and South African variants?

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Talking about the President's deficiencies


[VIDEO] Well from the time he won the election last year to now the discussion among some in the right-wing media has been whether or not Joe Biden was up to being President. So I'll let you be the judge and you see some clips from a recent townhall with Pres. Biden on CNN.

There are clips out there with the President seemingly struggling with what he was saying about the pandemic and the vaccines. You have CNN's Don Lemon coming in for the save reminding the President of the FDA.

However, it's from whether or not Pres. Biden's inarticulate responses - basically an inability to form a coherent thought - at his townhall should worry Americans. Or whether or not hes fully thought through his policy proposals. For example as mentioned in the Bill O'Reilly clip the President's proposal to have mandatory rehap for those caught in drug offenses - presumably addicts.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Larry Elder is on California recall ballot


[VIDEO] A few posts ago I shared that Larry Elder is running to replace Gavin Newsom in a recall election to take place in September. California voters will decide whether or not to retain Newsom in his role. If they choose not to retain Gov. Newsome then voters in California will choose who'll replace him.

Larry Elder was briefly kicked off the ballot however as you see this report from a San Diego FOX TV station a judge has ruled in Elder's favor. It seems Elder's tax returns were the sticking point in a judgement by California's secretary of state.

Adapted from Elder's catchphrase from some of his own YouTube videos, "we've got a country to save". Now in Elder's campaign to ultimately run California "we've got a state to save". He's one tough man, I think he can handle the heat the progressive liberal left will throw at him! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

John Stossel on "Newspeak"


[VIDEO] The progressive liberal left seeking to remake language in their own language. Do those who are of "Latin" descent prefer to be called Latinx? Who created today's newspeak? What is the outcome of creating this new language?

To be offended gives you a sense of belonging. A certain segment is trying to decide how to refer to an entire ethnic group they know nothing about. And a language is being created to keep up from thinking or even speaking very bad things.

Bad things that perhaps a governmental authority may not want us to express. Not being woke means if you go against the approved truth you're going to get attacked until you fall in line. You're going to get attacked until you're silences.

However, as the attack commences the offended gets to remake society in their image and that remaking isn't for everyone's benefit.

Meanwhile I need to go either read the book or watch the movie 1984.

Perhaps that man just hates police


[VIDEO] You might remember John Thompson who is a duly elected state representative to the Minnesota legislature. Last year after the George Floyd riots in Minneapolis he went up to a Minneapolis police union official in a Twin Cities suburb and went on a very disgusting rant. It got attention video of his speech went viral you might have seen it on right wing media outlets. I'm sure the folks up in Minnesota heard about it on their local news.

Well more recently John Thompson got more attention claiming he's being racially profiled. He got stopped by police primarily for missing a license plate on the front of his vehicle. Police in St. Paul, Minnesota released footage from the officer's bodycam. The officer handled this as professionally as he could while Thompson seems to lose his cool claiming he's being profiled. I'm glad this officer didn't match Thompson's anger.

As this video goes further we also find out that is Thompson a resident in his Minnesota legislative district. The officer noted that Thompson presented a Wisconsin driver's license. We see on a document that Thompson has a Wisconsin address and his campaign address is in fact a P.O. Box in Minnesota. As far as his license presumably in Minnesota though perhaps in Wisconsin was suspended. So as he claims he's being racially profiled he's actually driving around on a suspended license....

It seems even the Gov. of Minnesota - yeah I hope that guy Walz gets voted out - realize that Thompson is unfit to serve. Thompson also has domestic violence charges to his record. I wonder if we can start the clock on Thompson's resignation from the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Larry Elder for Governor...or not?


[VIDEO] I've wanted to share this with you for a while with one catch well it seems California is leaving longtime right wing radio personality Larry Elder off the recall ballot. First Californians have to decide whether or not they want to recall sitting Gov. Gavin Newsom. When they say yes they want to recall him then they decide who replaces him.

The last time this happened was in 2003 in California. Californians recalled Gov. Gray Davis and elected in his place the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's almost a pro-wrestling name isn't it?

Anyway, also in this race is Kaitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner and of course as in 2003 a number of candidates though no one famous or of note outside of the Golden State. Since Larry Elder has thrown his hat in the ring I am hoping he goes forward, if he's successfully kept off the ballot then hopefully he runs next year as that is the regular gubernatorial election.

While in the above video Larry Elder discusses what happened, let's follow his thoughts on Twitter shall we?

I'll continue to follow this. And hopefully whatever challenges Larry Elder engages in, will result in his candidacy going forward. 

Meanwhile in the Land of Lincoln, Gov. Pritzker announced he will be running for re-election next year.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Bush is sad about American withdrawal from Afghanistan


[VIDEO] Bill O'Reilly discusses an interview from the 43rd POTUS George W. Bush who presided over a nation hit by Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. He presided over two wars and two nation building exercises in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So on this day he expresses his thoughts on what U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is. He thinks that the women of Afghanistan will be severely hurt if a resurgent Taliban regains control of that nation

The Taliban was an Islamic fundamentalist regime whom was in league with Usama bin Laden and al-Qaida which was our pretext for going into Afghanistan. Since 1996 the Taliban had effective control of a significant amount of territory there. They destroyed ancient Buddhist statues even after international pressure because they weren't Islamic. They tried to run Afghanistan as a very strict Islamic theocracy.

There here comes 9/11 we send in our force in about a month or so we take the nation and the Taliban never really went away which is amazing. They were around causing as much trouble as possible and with American withdrawal by the Biden administration the threat is now that the Taliban could be poised to take back Afghanistan if our installed regime isn't willing to fight to maintain control.

Some of Bill O'Reilly's analysis is shocking. We've been there almost 20 years and spend trillions in support of the Afghans. We lost thousands of troops and hundreds horribly wounded. And we have an administration in Washington under Biden-Harris who O'Reilly is certain aren't that mindful of the long term consequences of the American withdrawal.