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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Legal Eagles Trump prosecution


[VIDEO] Alvin Bragg is the "Soros" funded District Attorney of Manhattan - just think who does the prosecution for Law & Order TV series. Anyway what's been discussed in the news and I mostly follow this from the perspective of conservative media is the politically charged prosecution of the 45th POTUS Donald Trump.

We hear about this woman Stormy Daniels who claims to have had an affair with Trump and thus hush money was paid to her. Bragg wants to lift this from a misdemeanor to a felony - which according to Legal Eagles you have to prove there was an intent to do this to commit another crime. And also could this involve campaign funds?

Meanwhile there is a serious crime problem in New York beyond the affairs of a former President for whom this occurred before he became POTUS and thus why is Bragg soft on crime?

Is gold and silver a bad investment?


[VIDEO] And this is a question I hope Dave Ramsey had actually discussed. Is it a bad idea, Ramsey would say yes. 

If you ask me, precious metals are a better investment than bitcoin. However as you can physically possess gold and silver, like bitcoin which is Ramsey's point there is no guarantee that it can't be taken from you in some way.

So you don't have to take investment advice from me. And perhaps you don't have to take investment advice from Ramsey. You can continue to follow Dave Ramsey for insuring that you still have money in your bank account. If you hate credit cards which is more debt, then listen to him for paying them off and eventually cutting them up.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Timcast: Women REFUSE to answer what is a woman


[VIDEO] This video from Tim Pool was published yesterday which takes a clip from a podcast from and showed a group of women - save for one - unwilling to answer the simple question, What is a woman?

Some stated they were confused. Some stated that they weren't comfortable. Some expressed sympathy for those who are transgendered. Only one was willing answer this question directly as a woman is an adult human female with XX chromosomes.

Why were the other ladies so unwilling to answer that question? Pool would state that these ladies fear being cancelled, they don't want to rock the boat. They don't want to be ostracized for taking a contrarian position. And these days define what a man or a woman is has proven to be controversial.

Another point to be made is that it just shows how divided America has become socially. One segment can't define a gender beyond not biology, but by how you identify. Perhaps Tim Pool is right something is broken here.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Why is there hate towards Mr. Beast


[VIDEO] This is really old news, but worth sharing since I do consider myself a fan of Mr. Beast. Recently this video showed Mr. Beast - who's known for giving away lots of money in crazy challenges - giving away shoes to school children in Africa. It's hard to believe that some people children or not go without essential things that many of us here in America take for grant.

It's hard for me to believe there are people out there who live without shoes and open themselves up to some dangerous conditions as you see Mr. Beast discuss here.

However, the flip side of this is that he's been taking heat for it. I haven't seen enough of the criticism, however, he's been getting some attention for it in conservative circles. Now knowing something about Mr. Beast I think he probably does want to stay out of the political fray, beside in this current environment taking sides in that might hurt you.

I mention the conservative side in that many of the personalities of the Daily Wire had chimed in on what he's been doing. He did another video where he helped people get cataract surgery. That's the video where he claimed he cured people of blindness.

I could hit him on this misnomer but I do like that he's not just giving away money to people who may well need it. He's doing also helping people and I don't understand why people would have an issue with him allowing school children to have a pair of shoes. Why would you have an issue with him helping people be able to see better.

Have people become so callous that now helping people in ways such as this is not valued anymore? Hell I wish I could start a food pantry because I can't believe anyone out there has issue with hunger. That's how Mr. Beast started doing his philanthropy he wanted to start a food pantry.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Ben Shapiro explains failure of SVB


[VIDEO] If Dave Ramsey wasn't that clear about what happened other than trying to state that what happened to Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank isn't likely to happen at a bank near you. I think there were some points in this discussion without bringing up politics or the culture war about where these banks went wrong. There were some mismanagement and perhaps the expectation that the Federal gov't will swoop in and save the day. So perhaps mismanagement because Uncle Sam got you! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Dave Ramsey on the collapse of SVB


[VIDEO] I haven't read too much on this particular issue. What I know about this is that the mgmt at Silicon Valley Bank seemed to have done a bad job of insuring they had enough money on hand to stay afloat. They also put a lot of money into investments that don't mature until years later, which also means well they still don't have enough money on hand for lending and deposits.

Of course if you follow Tucker or Glenn Beck they make this about the economy under Joe Biden. They make this about the wokeness that pervades the work culture at these banks. And of course back to the starting point that I made, the bank was mismanaged especially the money was mismanaged.

I think Dave Ramsey calls it down the middle. If you're worried about the banking system don't worry about it. It wasn't just Silicon Valley that failed it's also Signature Bank. He mainly puts the crisis in terms of both of these banks that what allowed them to collapse and be taken over by the Federal Gov't isn't very pervasive in other banks such as Chase. According to him so far the public still has faith in Chase and hopefully other banks. 

Also I understand both of those banks I mentioned that failed mostly catered to tech industry startups. Alas another contribution to these failures may have been the cyclical nature of the tech industry. It seems solid but let's not forget they're prone to layoff and downturns also.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Glenn Beck speaks with FL Gov Ron DeSantis


[VIDEO] This man I think is a future President he's doing such a bang up job down there in the Sunshine State. He might be the man who can beat Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. He is on the front lines fighting the wokeness in the gov't and education.

This is a very interesting one-hour discussion. How did DeSantis fight Disney? See DeSantis discuss a university down there in Florida that he helped to revamp into an effective school? Also DeSantis talks about revamping the Florida Supreme Court?

And when you think about that last question, it seems to mirror what Conservatives want to do with the US Supreme Court. Although state supreme courts are a bit different from the US Supreme Court. I presume in Florida they're generally elected that's not to say in mandatory retirements the Governor there can't appoint justices.

And Florida historically fell in line with other southern states that used to vote heavily Democratic. I suppose I never thought of that state as purple. Perhaps not a solid red state, but certainly not a blue state - unlike Georgia right now. 

Ehh who am I kidding with that shot, I don't even think Georgia is a blue state, 2020 and 2022 is a fluke with those two US Senate seats.

Anyway, I should look at how Florida voted in Presidential races. Did they vote for Obama in 2008 & 2012? And I can say since Jeb Bush became governor in the late 1990s, a Republican have lead the state ever since.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Matt Walsh: Should I move to another country for a girl


[VIDEO] Well I had an answer before I watched this video. But then I watched the video, Walsh goes through a number of other questions such as for example how does a boyfriend take control of the remote and watch what both he and his girlfriend enjoys. And of course not just let the girlfriend take command of the remote leaving her boyfriend frustrated.

Now, while I would in fact state that whether or not a person moves for their "significant other" is really up to them the question noted in the title comes from an 18 year old male. He met his girl "friend" online and he's already thinking about moving from Australia to the US for her. He also knows she has a boyfriend and picked up that this relationship might not work out for them.

*ahem* "STALKER" *ahem*

I think Walsh gave a wise answer. If she had a boyfriend and is talking other boys then what makes him think she won't do the same thing to him if she's not happy. He's right and I would've never considered that.

Besides to move in this young man's case halfway across the world for a young woman is a very risky endeavor and perhaps should be very sure this is the right move. However, is he rejecting an available woman who might be far more faithful to him than this long distance internet relationship that he believes he's in now.

Just wanted to share just found this interesting.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

#Tucker: Talking about the Jan 6 footage the public hadn't seen

 [VIDEO] As you might have seen on Glenn Beck the video before, Tucker Carlson has discussed this on his program this week. And as you may also know you get Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) denouncing what Tucker has been doing. Indeed Schumer has gone further calling for Tucker to be deplatformed, taken off the air.

Basically releasing more footage from January 6, 2021 is proving to be dangerous for them. Again are we being manipulated?

Glenn Beck: Proof Jan. 6 committee lied to us


[VIDEO] That whole situation on January 6, 2021 when Donald Trump before he left office rallied his supporters and urged them to peacefully protest at the US Capitol as the US Congress counted all the electoral vote has become the "insurrection". 

If you watch people like Glenn Beck or even Tucker Carlson and others you see that it became a reason to hold a number of people for months without a trial. It became a means to try to impeach a President who left office. It became another means to further demolish political opposition as so-called insurrectionists.

However, as you might have seen from Tucker Carlson or as you see from Beck now we see that the public has been manipulated. That was a scary day and it's shocking to see American citizens forcibly enter the US Capitol breaking windows and what not. And then we see that perhaps what might've been reported on CNN or any other liberal news network isn't what we thought it was.

Believe me, I supported Trumps efforts to challenge the 2020 election but then there was hardly anything that could reasonably be done to change the results of that election. Unfortunately the former President wasn't able to flip those disputed electoral votes from states such as Georgia & Arizona especially.

Still January 6th was a scary day, it seemed Americans lost control in a year of a pandemic or even horrible rioting during a pandemic. I hope we don't see that again. At the same time, Americans doesn't deserve propaganda, but the truth and true justice.

Friday, March 03, 2023

WSJ: Apple's iPhone passcode problem


[VIDEO] I thought this was interesting and gives me some pointers as far as my own iPhone. I know people just can't keep their phones in their pockets when their out. For me personally let's say I'm on the L, my phone will come out. 

Check out social media, emails, perhaps watch YouTube. If you're not aware of your surroundings someone might snatch that phone out your hand as it had the young lady. You can be locked out of your Apple ID forever though somehow I can't believe that.

Anyway here are three tips until Apple further secures their own ecosystem for users.

  1. Make a stronger passcode - make it six digits and consider using Face ID or Touch ID. One thing to consider when you're and about is that you have to treat your passcode as your debit PIN. Don't let anyone see it.
  2. Rethink your password manager - don't let your iPhone store your passwords. Use a third-party password manager
  3. Delete photos with sensitive info - delete any photos with for example a social security number or even a state ID for example. If you do have photos of them store them somewhere else with a password.
You know this video gives me another idea but that'll be for a later time.

Thursday, March 02, 2023

Ben Shapiro: Exclusive Fireside chat with Ron DeSantis


[VIDEO] Wow! Some things I agree with from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis - hopefully the future President of the United States.

He talked a lot about his policies during the pandemic. He believed as I do, that we wouldn't have seen the unrest we did in 2020 if we had never locked people down. And that people going outside is not a bad thing.

Hmmm, on second thought I wish I could tell that to an older woman who stopped and turned away on a sidewalk as I had walked past with my facemask off. 🤷

Anyway he's showing in his chat with Ben Shapiro why Donald Trump be damned, he needs to succeed Joe Biden in 2025. DeSantis '24!