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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Liberal Hivemind: The "anti-racist" attack Black Republican


[VIDEO] No huge surprise to know that former Detroit Police Chief James Craig is running for governor against the incumbent Gretchen Whitmer. I know that she's taken some heat for her pandemic policies in the state of Michigan. I think anywhere there were any shelter in place orders, economic shutdowns, etc those elected officials who enacted them took some heat.

And Chief Craig is known for keeping the peace in Detroit as other major cities around the nation were burning during a pandemic. I would expect that he would make an excellent Governor of Michigan if he were to decisively beat Gov. Whitmer next year. The polls right now indicated that if he was the Republican nominee he's win too bad this isn't anywhere near Nov. 2022.

The clips you see in this Hivemind video just shows who the true white supremacists or privileged or raged. The white folks who were just as easily screaming in the face of Craig and anyone in his entourage. The typical narrative a Black person is a Republican and here comes the vile.

The question that comes out in this case is probably why. Why is Craig a Republican? Why does he want to be with the enemy of equality and tolerance? And then we see how tolerant these so-called anti-racists are. They aren't, they don't want to see a Black man have self-determination as far as his own political aligned.

There was a sign in this video, I should screencap it. 

Racist ass republican Craig is in bed with Mayor Dugan and City Council. And I didn't even see the green sign directly behind James Craig I see mostly James Craig gives nazis....I can't make out the rest of it. I just thought that sign was calling Craig a Nazi when we know full well Nazis probably don't like Craig.

Anyway we're in for trouble ahead. You want to be on the side of common sense you will be attacked by those who throw it in the wind.

If you see the comments to this video Craig has already got a few new voters because of this video. However we have another year before we can vote for real. Time will tell how successful Craig will be in becoming Michigan's first Black governor.

O'Reilly: Three reasons to FIRE Gen. Milley


[VIDEO] The controversy over Gen. Mark Milley - chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff the top military advisor to the POTUS - has gone on over a week or longer. Gen. Milley should've raised my eyebrow when he apologizes for being with then President Trump last year as he held up a bible outside of an historic church near the White House. He was uncomfortable with that evidently.

He proclaimed in uniform at a Congressional hearing that he wants to understand "white rage". And I can surmise that white rage is code for domestic extremists I'm sure. Not racists just Trump supporters, just my opinion not fact. We've been obsessed with white rage, whiteness, white supremacy, white privilege, etc for over a year now.

Now we hear that he may have been on a phone call with the Chinese Communists bad mouthing then Pres. Trump. He's proclaiming that he's in actual control of the military instead of that unstable madman - hey I don't know about the guy in there now! These are actually allegations that are in a book and have yet to be from what I can tell substantiated. However a military leader going against civilian authority - a general and his commander-in-chief is clearly a problem.

And on that I would say it also came out earlier this year once Biden became President that Gen. Milley was ready to orchestrate a "coup d'etat" against then Pres. Trump if he doesn't step aside as he contested the 2020 race. I'd say any alleged statements from that time was really a problem although it gave what quite a few angry anti-Trumpers reality to what they can only dream of - forcefully pulling Trump from the White House.

Of course I say all this to show the main issue with Gen. Milley which is the debacle in Afghanistan. A lot of heads should've rolled for that. From cabinet secretaries to military leadership, however, so far that hasn't happened yet.

O'Reilly is probably right. No one wants to embarrass the U.S. military, however, when there is a massive and public failure as we've seen in Afghanistan the past month or so what do you do. If Trump was in there and this happened heads would roll!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Mark Dice: Democrats reveal plan for America's future


[VIDEO] One of Dice's phony petition drives to remove the border wall that was largely former president Donald Trump's primary project from his term. Quite a few people were willing to sign that petition including one Black guy who declared say no more when he signed it.

A lot of these people were short-sighted in signing this. The Black guy seemed to hate Trump more than he cared about illegal immigration. A lot of people just had very little thought about it and signed the petition.

The thought process isn't much different than college students thinking that the U.S. Constitution is outdated because it was written by a bunch of dead old white men.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Constitution Day

 Sadly this is not one of those holidays where we could expect a day off, yet that's not to say this day isn't an important one to mark one of America's important documents the U.S. Constitution. Sadly we mark this day for the beating it has been taking as of late during a worldwide pandemic. 

See the Constitution has been taking a beating from day one of its enactment. Today during a worldwide pandemic the issues of public health and individual freedom and the role of gov't are performing a very difficult balancing act.

We want to get out of this pandemic and it's a crime to either fail at social distancing or wearing a mask or currently to go unvaccinated. I saw a story about a hostess at a NYC restaurant assaulted by a patron over a vaccination card. Some places around the country including sports arenas such as Chicago's own United Center you can't attend games unless you have proof of vaccination.

See what I mean about this precarious balancing act. We want to prevent the spread of this virus but we're adding conditions to being able to go about our daily lives as if there is no pandemic. 

We also have a President who's willing to bend the constitution to either maintain a national eviction  moratorium and wants to mandate employers of a certain size that their employees must be vaccinated. Expect a court challenge to that also and the administration will just ignore it also.

Yes the constitution is a framework for how our gov't is supposed to operate. It provides for checks against the different branches of gov't. It also legally provides for our God-given rights and understand what I'm saying with this. These rights aren't just give to us by a document they're given to us by our creator. The right to free speech to worship as we choose to bear arms to have a trial by jury to due process are important rights we either take for granted or unfortunately people are willing to take away just because.

We're losing sight of what makes America an exceptional land and how we became this great nation. And if you see these college students, we should be ashamed that they're ignorant of the U.S. Constitution. [VIDEO]

A lot of those students just believe it's outdated because it's old. I'll bet they don't know what parts are outdated. I'm sure for some they might respond to the fact that white men wrote it. They might respond to the three-fifths compromise which really doesn't matter anymore anyway. Those students have no idea what they're willing to abolish! 

BTW, if you've never seen the constitution see it here

George W. Bush's comments on the 20th anniversary of 9/11


[VIDEO] Ben Shapiro discusses the 43rd POTUS' comments at a memorial for the victims of 9/11 at Shanksville, Penn. On 9/11/2001, United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near that borough in Pennsylvania due to the courageous actions of passengers onboard the plane realizing what happened to the other three flights on that day.

Either way I have heard some of President Bush's comments from that day. He believes homegrown violent extremists are the same as violent extremists from overseas - especially from Islamic fundamentalists the type he engaged in military operations against after the 9/11 terrorism.

I voted for President Bush twice and do consider him a decent President, but I no longer kid myself on one thing. Some have considered his dig against "homegrown violent extremists" were considered a dig against the so-called Insurrection of January 6, 2021. Of course if those are considered violent extremists what about groups like "Antifa".

One could say Bush was taking a dig against Trump supporters. My conclusion is that President Bush represents the establishment and probably always has while Trump represents "populism". I'm not saying populism is dangerous exactly I'm saying that it upsets the establishment.

Think about this one of the people Trump defeated in his successful campaign for POTUS in 2016 was Jeb Bush (George W. Bush's younger brother) who could've been seen as a shoo-in. However the now former President basically destroyed the former Gov. of Florida and other candidates in his way. I'm willing to bet the whole family has an issue with Trump.

Well I think the whole establishment vs populism argument is far more valid as far as Bush's recent 9/11 comments.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

California recall fails


[VIDEO] As you see in this clip from Bill O'Reilly the Golden State voted for its own continued decline and not a course correction. Keep in mind next year California has a gubernatorial election and Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to run again.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Tomorrow is the recall in California

 Here's a cartoon that I just find horrible. It makes reference to an incident where an unhinged person wearing a gorilla mask attempted to throw an egg at Larry Elder. BTW, that person missed their target.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

9/11 - 20 years

 For many people directly affected by this day it still hurts. Especially for the loved ones who perished in this unreal episode. I often avoid any coverage of anniversary activities it seems wherever the planes crashed and people died we go over the names of all - over 3,000 victims - so that they won't ever be forgotten. I think this is one day for everyone to reflect and sadly we're living in very polarizing times with Americans especially divided over political lines.

I want you to see this video about 9/11 from one of my favorite YouTubers Mr. Beat. Go over to my other blog at Shedd School to check it out and let me know what you think of it. Over the last two or so years I've been sharing a lot of videos from him.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Reason: What fear does to our freedom


[VIDEO] 20 years ago 9/11 did for our liberties as coronavirus is doing now. For the past year we had to deal with mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, closing of businesses deemed non-essential, and now President Joe Biden is creating a vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees.

It's a shame that we've arrived in the space where I see people online complaining that they're not social distancing or some people aren't wearing masks or even making wild statements that people who aren't vaccinated doesn't deserve health care. The way things seem to be going perhaps one day the threat of coronavirus will go away but the fear of it and usage of that fear by authorities won't.

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Liberal Hivemind: Sen. Cruz triggers progressives by saying 'Get a job'


[VIDEO] This video is funny and shows the hilarity sometimes on Twitter. While often I use twitter to comment on what I see on wrestling it's not often that there are any comments on politics aside from sharing posts from this blog.

But it's hilarious that someone is debate the "lack of options" as far as unemployment benefits ending and then Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) makes an obvious point. Lack of options? Find a job, there are plenty of small businesses looking for workers. I work somewhere that could use some help and nationwide the news has been that many businesses large & small have been struggling to hire more workers.

And you got people out there thoughtlessly discussing lack of options because unemployment is ending. It's even ending here in Illinois and those who were in no rush to find a job hoping that they can continue to receiving "free money" might have to start scrambling. To expect money to flow in without doing much work as if money grows on trees is unrealistic.

It's amazing that you inject logic into a simple discussion and then the whole debate derails. Finding a job is a logical answer to having a "lack of options". Well whoever responded to Sen. Cruz' retort found that response offensive although hopefully Cruz is probably having himself a laugh at the meltdown.

You know I knew a Republican substitute teacher in high school once. I generally heard what he said while a few louder classmates just didn't agree with him not matter what he said. One thing that I was at odds with was his position that people need to go to work. We're talking the 1990s - oh where did the 90s go - the issue of that time was welfare to work.

In Chicago the city was a few years away from ultimately demolishing the public housing that have become havens for crime and poverty. What that ultimately meant was that you couldn't just live somewhere rent free. And also you just can't expect any gov't to just give you money for rent & food that trough of free money was ending.

Sadly that mentality isn't dying. The entitlement mentality is still around. And while I expect many Americans doesn't want people left behind unable to provide for themselves at the same time many Americans also don't want to be taken advantage of by the entitled.

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Reason: California’s Recall Is a Revolt Against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Progressive Agenda


[VIDEO] This video is a few days old and feel it's worth sharing now as we're in the month of that recall election. Sept. 14th it's real and Californians will decided if Gov. Gavin Newsom needs to go and California can get its course correction. If Californians vote that Newsome must go, then they get to vote on who will replace him until the end of that term in 2023 - as 2022 is the regular gubernatorial election there and a number of other states around the nation.

So whoever wins in California (I hope it's Larry Elder) they'll have to turn right around and run for re-election next year if they want a full four years.

Regardless this video by Reason goes over the scene in California. Why is there a recall election? I mean we know why Gov. Newsom just isn't that good, and people are fed up with his actions during the pandemic. And then what those candidates who actually did talk to reason hope to do to change California for the better.

Issues include the pandemic, the economy, energy, the homeless, and crime. It's a shame that for such a wealthy and beautiful state - Newsom states in this video that the Golden State is the 5th largest economy - that it seems California has become a state with a horrible standard of living. It's not the model that Gov. Newsom wants his state to be.

Stossel: Toxic victimhood


[VIDEO] John Stossel discusses "Woke Racism" with author and academic John McWhorter who wrote a book called Woke Racism. The work of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi are considered toxic and much worse for Black Americans in the long run. 

Painting one group as irredeemable racist and the other Blacks as victims. Having whites get on their knees and apologize for generations of racism. Even insisting that no matter where you look there's racism such as academic tests. Oh yeah Black students don't need to test better we just need to eliminate test because they're racist.

As far as criminal justice. Well the criminal justice system is racist, it's racist to keep Black boys from bullying other Black boys because Black boys are disproportionately affected by in school suspensions. Therefore the most aggressive Black boys must not be held accountable for their actions.

There is some light under the tunnel, Stossel argues that the so-called "anti-racists" like DiAngelo and Kendi seem to be winning. I personally think the "race riots" after the death of George Floyd was heavily affected by the pandemic related lockdowns and economic inactivity. McWhorter believes that as we start to get back to some form of normal and become less anxious that there will be pushback against "toxic anti-racism".

Friday, September 03, 2021

Biden's job approval in dangerous territory

 I wish I had the foresight to follow polls more closely. Via Real Clear Politics:

What we see from this is that the decline in President Bidens’ job approval from around 52% to 46% is consistent with a loss of an additional 5% of the Democrats’ caucus, or an additional 11 seats. If we put them altogether into a single regression analysis, we explain about two-thirds of the overall variation. This isn’t so bad, given the amount of randomness we have to explain here. The model suggests overall that the decline in Biden’s job approval will probably cost Democrats about eight seats.

Some of this is likely blowback to the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which may recede over the coming months. It may also be the case that there is some reluctance on the part of Democrats to respond to surveys right now, which artificially deflates his job approval.

Regardless, the decline in Biden’s job approval is consequential. Right now, he is probably sitting just below the “Mendoza line” that would represent a “normal” midterm, with perhaps no Senate losses and low double-digit House losses. If the president rebounds, Democrats will have a successful 2022, even if they narrowly lose the House. If he declines much further, however, it could turn into an ugly rout.
The article looks at the history of elections in America and ultimately lookings at polling in general and attempting to gauge where President Joe Biden will be during the midterms next year in 2022.

FOX News: This liberal city wants to replace police with 'peace officers'


[VIDEO] On FOX & Friends this morning two Minneapolis resident actually one of them Don Samuels (on TV with is wife Sondra) is a former member of the Minneapolis City Council are against a proposal on the ballot there to replace the Minneapolis Police Dept. with a Dept of Public Safety. This Public Safety will be staffed by so-called "peace officers" and are not only responsible to the Mayor of Minneapolis as M.P.D. currently is but would be responsible to the Mayor and the 13 members of the city council.

Samuels and his wife sees this as a bad plan that could cause other problems on top of rising crime due to the heightened scrutiny placed on police and very lax pursuit of a variety of violent crime cases by prosecutors in cities around the country. And furthermore attempting to essentially abolish M.P.D. will prove to be adverse to Black Americans who unfortunately are disproportionately affected by crime.

Rightfully Sondra Samuels recognizes that this move is more of a national campaign and isn't supported by Minneapolis citizens. They recognize this would likely eliminate their homegrown Black police chief in addition to mandated language with regards to M.P.D. in the Minneapolis City Charter especially as far as how many police officers per 1000 residents of the city.

There is no plan, the funding for police goes away and as mention the control of the peace officers is under so many people. I'm glad to hear that the progressive champion Mayor Jacob Frey is opposed to this issue to the point where last year he wouldn't agree to abolishing police and got chased away by activist who are dead set on abolishing police.

I see that in spite of an increase in crime up there in the Twin Cities - even with a shooting caught on camera near where George Floyd died - there are still those there even if this is a nat'l campaign who still think abolishing police is a genius idea. Let's keep an eye on this.