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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Bill O'Reilly: California considers full-blown socialism


[VIDEO] O'Reilly discusses a bill going through the California legislature on January 6th called Cal-Care that prososes that the Golden State will take over all healthcare in the state. Now how in the world will they pay for this?

Saturday, January 15, 2022

I'm glad that Texas hostage standoff is over...

 It's not often I discuss a current event as it happens on a given day. After spending most of my day watching YouTube videos I switch on the news and find out about this hostage situation in Colleyville, Texas. Thankfully by the end of Saturday evening it's over a hostages at a synagogue down there are safe.

Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted about 9:35 p.m. that all hostages are safe and out of a Colleyville synagogue after a loud bang and gunfire were heard.

U.S. Rep. Beth Van Duyne told a Star-Telegram reporter in a text that the hostage-taker is dead.

A loud bang followed by what sounded like gunfire was heard about 9:12 p.m. Saturday outside the Colleyville synagogue where a hostage situation has been ongoing for hours.

Here's the tweet from TX Gov. Abbott. I'm glad that all individuals who were taken as hostages are safe.


Attorneys want out of R. Kelly's federal case


[VIDEO] I haven't really been following this on a consistent basis but I do have my thoughts on this.

In about 2002 when I first went away to college the students I met at Morehouse were talking about a video - which I never saw - of R. Kelly engaging in sex acts with a minor. My defense of R. Kelly was usually perhaps it just looks like him, most would say "No it's HIM". Well I don't know I never saw it to say whether or not it was or wasn't him.

Regardless I hold strictly to the idea of innocent until proven guilty. He was charged and put on trial in Illinois with regards to that very video. He was found not guilty and certainly expected that this would be the end of it until fairly recent. 

As noted in the short story above from my local CBS affiliate here in Chicago, he was convicted last year on sex crimes charges in New York. He's under the gun for similar charges in federal court here in Chicago. So whatever is going on in the bedroom with R. Kelly well it exploded more.

Plenty have expressed their opinion of him and may condemn him as a pedophile because it seems he just loves underaged girls. Many probably have been affected by such individuals and our society certainly condemns pedophiles in the worst way. Children are vulnerable, and certainly teenaged young people are vulnerable although certainly they're at an age where they can take care of themselves. At the same time to get the attention of a famous entertainer as R. Kelly that could lead to some issues that no one wants to think about.

Yes I know I'm putting this simply, there's a lot going on here that I have no idea how to address them. One thing to be said is that it seems to me R. Kelly has self-destructed. Even I no longer believe he's innocent and it didn't have to take that one guilty verdict for me to recognize this. Once the public kept finding out things about his private life even I had to say something is wrong here.

I could compare it to O.J. Simpson although he was found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife and her companion, I accepted that he was acquitted although so many believed he did it. He was even found liable in a civil trial determining wrongful death. And worse still he was sent to prison for many years on unrelated charges. For me it just showed many years after he beat the rap in 1995 that he was affected by this murder trial in some way. It causes me to wonder if he actually did the murder.

Well Simpson won't be charged with it now, and R. Kelly currently is undergoing the same legal issues. He already got convicted in New York. And we see his responses to the latest scrutinies especially blowing up at Gayle King. At this point because of what's come up I just have some issues even believing that he hasn't done at least some of the things he's being accused of.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Larry Elder: Will Twitter Cancel the First Amendment?

[VIDEO] Add Larry Elder who ran for Governor of California last year and a long time radio personality has a complaint about the censorship at the popular social media site Twitter.

UPDATE: Click video link within brackets since the embed doesn't appear to be working for the moment. A message states live event is over, however, I assure you if you click the link there is a video for you to watch here. Thanks and my apologies if you were thrown off when you saw nothing to play...


[VIDEO] Red Eagle Politics discusses the 33% approval rating of one President Br.....Joe Biden. The man who was supposed to kill the coronavirus and unify a very fractured nation has had a very rough first year in office. The economy, inflation and rising gas prices and the Brandon administration's handling of those issues haven't been very popular.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Timcast IRL: Journalist blows whistle on how media got WOKE


[VIDEO] The journalist in question is Batya Ungar-Sargon who is an opinion editor at Newsweek discussing how media such as for example the N.Y. Times has become so woke and corrupt. Of course let's not forget the debate over how George Floyd died.

Timcast: Neary 3000 doctors DEMAND spotify CANCEL Joe Rogan


[VIDEO] Why is this the case? Because of his interview with a Dr.  Robert Malone who discusses the mass formation psychosis theory which many seem to consider anti-vax misinformation. 

You can see that discussion that Tim Pool notes in the video below. I already posted it here earlier this month. [VIDEO]

Just to clear the air. I'm not anti-vax, however, there is plenty of dis-information going on with both sides as far as this pandemic. The worst part of this misinformation is that one side seems hell-bent on burying any information that they don't like or contradicts their own notions of this pandemic.

Why not share the information from Rogan on mass formation psychosis. I do think the misinformation that's out there is designed to freak out the public. That not only goes for the "virtual-signalers" who are all about masking up, social distancing, or even those who on social media like to advertise that they're vaxed. I would also throw in those people who are anti-vax.

A lot of info on both sides and only sharing info that supports their own agenda. I want to get out of this pandemic, however, I think both sides are making this crisis worse.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Clinton 2024???


[VIDEO] Ben Shapiro talks about this recently and the rumblings were out there for the last few weeks the Brando....Biden/Harris administration has been going so swimmingly lately to the point where we're already talking about who could follow-up from him when 2024 comes around. Most importantly who can beat the resurgent Donald Trump who wants to avenge "the big steal" in 2020.

Hmmm and one of those people who want to follow-up with Bra.....Biden is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But then oh wait didn't she try in 2008? Yes. Wasn't she actually the Democrat nominee who lost to Trump in 2016? You better believe that's a yes.

But then again even though 2016 was quite a shellacking I didn't think she'd try again. Hell I would say she took that race for granted. Think about it how many voters who weren't going to vote for Trump anyway believed that he would become the 46th POTUS? So Hillary Clinton didn't think she had to campaign in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. Well at least Brand.....Joe Biden somewhat learned that lesson he could've lost those states and a few others in 2020.

Anyway I shouldn't be too surprised that Mrs. Clinton would try again. I'm led to believe this is her lifelong dream to be America's first president she got very close in 2016 and she lost. At least we have this classic tweet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

O'Reilly: More opinions than facts in today's media


[VIDEO] Bill O'Reilly is old school and worked for legacy media such as ABC News which used to have tight control over their content. They opted not to stray too far into opinion and just state facts, however, he highlights cable news such as MSNBC with a White House correspondent stating opinion. And then of course another White House correspondent currently working with ABC News doing the same thing. Both are commenting on the one-year anniversary of the US Capitol Insurrection.

One thing you will find from O'Reilly and others on the right is that they will claim "corporate media" owned by Disney (ABC News), Comcast (NBC News) or AT&T (CNN) for example are corrupt. They're not doing a great service to the public and they only report those facts that suit their agenda.

I wanted to write my thoughts about the pandemic just about two years in. While I don't consume much news/opinion other than for example FOX News I have more trust in them than perhaps a number of other outlets out there. I feel as if with this pandemic has caused a lot of people to freak out over something that is very survivable for those without underlying conditions.

I've always said from the outset that the responses by not only public sector (whether public health, public administrators, or even public policy) also the media as well. And it's disheartening that various media outlets have gotten extremely tribalistic to the point where I hope some of us are thinking who can we trust to give us the facts straight.

I'm not going offer an answer, I told you who I do have trust in. However the fact that perhaps it's out there than corporate media is corrupt should tell you the state of our mass communications sector.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Michael Franzese on 2021


[VIDEO] The former mobster discusses a number of things that happened last year, however, he starts off with the IRS wanting you to report your illegal income or even stolen property. That's been getting around as of late and that's strange isn't it. Basically providing evidence of illegal activity because the IRS wants those taxes. 

Of course he doesn't stop there, however, with a new Brandon administration the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, or even the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan 2021 was a very rough year to say the least. And before the new year there were already memes about 2020 too or two...

Friday, January 07, 2022

Tim Pool was 'swatted'


[VIDEO] I occasionally watch the Cast Castle videoblogs which features the inner circle of Tim Pool's operation. While Pool is from Chicago I do know that he's living in New York and New Jersey and now living in rural West Virginia. Pool has often stated that after the unrest in 2020 he felt compelled to move as far away from any city or suburbs as possible

I got wind of this last nite when Pool noted on twitter that he was "swatted" during a livestream. You hear some I presume dispatch noting some form of political broadcast going on.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Glenn Beck speaks with former Pres. Trump


[VIDEO] They discuss a number of things including that horrible withdrawal from Afghanistan the Bran....Biden administration's handling of the pandemic and even the economic issues of inflation and rising gas prices. It sounds like Donald Trump wants to run again promoting that his administration handled a lot of these issues the best. However, we won't know if he'll run for President again until after the 2022 midterms which Beck refers to as something of a course correction.

And let's not forget we're now at one whole year since the "insurrection".

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Timcast IRL: Trump approval is even higher that Biden's even after insurrection narrative


[VIDEO] Talk about the "insurrection" of January 6, 2021 has been revived as a talking point. That whole unfortunate event was used to attempt to pre-empt former President Trump from running for office ever again. That meant even though he was leaving office on January 20, 2021 they wanted to go through impeachment which ultimately failed thankfully.

And amazing we've had just about a whole year of President Joe Bra.....Biden and we're looking much more favorably of Donald Trump than we are of our current President which is amazing. This is probably one of those issues that the public yawns at right now.