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Sunday, April 14, 2024

O.J. Simpson

 Earlier in the past week, the public found out that former football legend & accused double murderer O.J. Simpson had passed away from cancer. The first time I heard about it, I was watching the PBD Podcast while he was speaking with former ESPN personality Sage Steele.

In posts like this it's customary for me to at R.I.P. however in light of his infamy I'm avoiding that. For me, I'm taking no position on whether or not he committed the murder. In my own head a jury of his peers judged him to be not guilty in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her buddy Ron Goldman.

We could debate - well if it really is a "debate" - whether or not O.J. was guilty of this gruesome murder. IMHO, if he did commit the murder I feel as if his life had unravelled in ways that may signal that perhaps he was part of that. I look at his most recent conviction where he had been sent to prison for robbery in Nevada between 2007 and 2013 when he was released.

On Ben Shapiro they showed clips of him from an interview that never aired on FOX. He discusses in some real detail the murder - I see it was involving his book If I Did It - and his detail seemed too real even if he did call it hypothetical. I see a man who really has difficulty processing what he had done. Another clip showed him joking using a banana like a knife stabbing into the air and mocking the music to the classic film Psycho. Again this just seems like a man unraveling.

Everyone is different for sure, however, killing another human being should take it's toll on anyone. My hope is that if he truly did the crime that at the time of his death he prayed for forgiveness. And however his life unravelled I just hope the first thing that weighed on him was guilt!

When this whole story took place I was still in grade school and making the transition to my high school years. The trial finally concluded during my high school years when my French teacher rolled a TV into the classroom so that we could watch the reading of the verdict. I probably cheered though the case is known for its division along racial lines.

For me in my young head I probably didn't pay much attention to that. It was difficult for me to recognize how someone who was as well-known as O.J. could effectively throw his life away like this. In California, murder either gets you sent to prison for life or they can execute you (California hasn't executed anyone in years, however, they still have the death penalty). 

One of his attorney's on the so-called "dream team" the late Johnnie Cochrane said it best himself years later, Blacks probably cheered because they saw a Black man with money beat the rap. He also stated he'd be sick to his stomach if he learned O.J. had done it. Of course with attorney client privilege I can only wonder if Mr. Cochrane knows the truth himself anyway.

Also I was aware of the racial division of this case. They got the bogey man in former LAPD police detective Mark Fuhrman.  This was at least three years after the L.A. Riots which was the result of a brutal police beating of Rodney King. Perhaps while one segment of the population saw this case for what it was, another seemed to have wanted the "racist" justice system to take a hit by getting O.J. acquitted.

For me, yes I wanted justice to prevail however I wanted O.J. to be innocent. Again I didn't want to believe he'd thrown his life away by doing this. Of course in later years we see how his life had turned out.

In recent years he's shown himself on what he calls "Xworld" formerly Twitter where he rants on things such as sports. He event commented on his health which was one of the last rants he had before his demise was announced on Twitter.

I would say another thing he just failed to avoid or attract was the spotlight. For me, knowing how this "debate" was still going on after his acquittal I've always wondered why he never could stay low?

In his case I'm most certainly fine with the idea that he asked for forgiveness when the inevitable happens. Who wants to think about that part of life? However again I hope he feels guilt over what happened, I suppose we'll never really know how that whole event went down.

One sad chapter is over now!  

Monday, March 25, 2024

Tucker: The real reason the 'establishment" loves BLM


[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson interviews Omali Yeshitela of the African People's Socialist Party. Tucker would say in his full interview with Mr. Yeshitela is that what he says isn't crazy. As you see here he starts off with discussing how the 2nd Amendment was never meant for him or people like him (Black people as it were).

What if BLM rests on the idea of fear? Yeshitela discusses the idea that fear ties Black voters to the Democratic Party. That fear of Trump, Republicans in general, or fascism leads to the promise of protection from those same forces. In other words Yeshitela will claim Biden and the Dems hasn't promised Black people anything.

Feel free to watch Yeshitela's whole interview here

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Stossel: Covid - don't let them (politicians, bureaucrats, mainstream media, etc.) off the hook


[VIDEO] Believe it or not it's been four years since the world shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. It started with two weeks to bend the curve to now we're still talking about it's impact. Just as you see John Stossel discussing here.

The lockdowns, the social distancing, the extreme measures just as attempting to determine what a consumer can or can't buy because of coronavirus, deeming protest as "non-essential". Oh, wait I almost forgot before these vaccines there was discussing of "herd immunity" and that was dismissed by the media. And yet the one nation who made that gambit seen less death - that's Sweden they didn't lockdown at all! 

 I might share some more thoughts about this later.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Prager U: The Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic


[VIDEO] Robert George from Princeton University discusses how America is actually more of a Republican than a Democracy in this six minute video.

May share my own thoughts on that another time. Got to beat the midnite deadline right now! 

Monday, February 26, 2024

Well this has become a Tucker blog has it.

 The last video on this blog was from Tucker Carlson who spoke with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

Recently Tucker speaks with Chinese ex-pat (actually is she an ex-patriate) Xi Van Fleet. She left China when she was younger to come to America. She witnessed the cultural revolution in Chicago which proved to be a very bloody social upheaval and she fears something similar is happening in these United States. Give it a watch! [VIDEO]

Friday, February 09, 2024

Tucker's interview with Vladimir Putin


[VIDEO] Tucker Carlson interviews the Dictator...President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Putin basically justifies his invasion of Ukraine basically using historical documents spending most of the time talking about history. This was a pretty long interview about two or so hours.

Another discussion that was interesting was Russia's relationship with the west with the United States and NATO and how he wanted to negotiate the end of the Ukraine war and it was scuttled by a British PM.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Donald Trump wins Iowa Caucuses

And one victim of that is Vivek Ramaswamy who dropped out this past evening. It will be onto the very important New Hampshire primary we'll see how that goes next week.

The 45th POTUS was always a strong front runner and while the 46th POTUS is currently showing that he's mentally shot. This is his momentum, and I hope he doesn't beat us over the head about the "stolen" 2020 race.

He'd do well to remind all Americans that this nation hadn't done well since "let's go Brandon" assumed the Presidency.

Friday, January 05, 2024

'Epstein didn't kill himself'

 Well I'm not very invested in this case, however, he still has family and while his brother chooses not to appear on camera with Tucker Carlson he does discuss his doubts about Jeffrey Epstein's suicide. Too many questions there.

Allow me to share with you the video from X/Twitter

As I said I'm not that invested in this case, however, there is some corruption here. Epstein seems to have connections with a number of powerful people which includes former presidents such as Bill Clinton and even royalty with English Prince Andrew - brother to King Charles III. I'm hearing about the late physicist Stephen Hawking even associated with him.

Donald Trump is mentioned but I'm seeing there's no allegation of wrongdoing. In fact it was on his watch that Jeffrey Epstein was killed in a federal holding cell in NYC. Allegedly the Attorney General of the United States was part of a coverup. That would probably be either Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr.

Anyway, let's be clear there are allegations of sex trafficking and paedophilia here. One prominent victim a Virginia Giuffre, I'd be concerned with how she wound up being trafficked to where she would allegedly have sexual encounters with a member of the British Royal Family (I already mentioned him).

For this to occur you would have to find someone who is in some ways vulnerable, a teenaged girl would foot that bill. Perhaps I don't know enough about her story to say how vulnerable she was aside from her age of course. However, this should be concerning that minor girls (that is those under the age of 18 at least) were being trafficked and traded.

Now that's the crime in and of itself, however, some powerful people are bound to be implicated and now the question becomes who wanted to take Jeff Epstein out? His brother wants to know also! 

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Did you know it's currently Kwanzaa


[VIDEO] Mark Dice refers to this period as a cultural appropriation of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. I'll leave it up to you if you think it's phony or something created out of nowhere by a criminal back during the 1960s. I'll also leave it up to you if we do have a fake president who is outright observing Kwanzaa via social media.

This in addition to talking about the next wave of people crossing the southern US border....

Monday, December 11, 2023

Why would you burn down MLK Jr.'s childhood home


[VIDEO] ABL Discusses what happened recently in Atlanta, this woman who is said to be a Navy veteran and reportedly suffers from PTSD attempted to burn a Federal landmark, the childhood home of Martin Luther King Jr. She was stopped by bystanders which included two retired NYPD officers. Wow!

When I first saw this story, I wondered if she even knew or cared about what she was doing. Perhaps it was a mental break of some sort, however, what drove her to do something like this. What led her to MLK's home?

Now I want to visit even more. If I had been able to come to SpelHouse homecoming if I had the time, this is one place that was worth visiting and sharing on my YouTube channel :P