Friday, January 18, 2019

Virtual Railfan cam of the week San Juan Capistrano, California

[VIDEO] You will once again be able to see both Amtrak and commuter trains from San Juan Capistrano, California for at least the next week. It was a demo live cam sometime last year and wrote about it back then. It's cool to see train come through at a nice train station and under that wonderful California sun especially during the day.

Enjoy it while it lasts or do what I should've done purchase a subscription to Virtual Railfan. Who says that their YouTube channel offers the only action as far as live webcam trains running through?

BTW, feel free to enjoy my railcam page which now includes a webcam at the Amtrak station in Barstow, California. All of the webcams represents different legs of the journey between Chicago and Los Angeles on Amtrak's Southwest Chief train.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Check out this odd exchange between Areva Martin & David Webb...

[VIDEO] Of all places, I found out about this via the Washington Post or as Mark Dice refers to them "Washington Compost".
CNN legal analyst Areva Martin thought she was talking to a white man Tuesday while appearing as a guest on David Webb’s SiriusXM radio show.

When Webb, a Fox Nation host and frequent Fox News contributor, said he considered his qualifications more important than his skin color when applying to media jobs, Martin accused him of exercising white privilege.

But there was a problem with that, as Webb quickly pointed out:

“Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped,” he responded. “I’m black.”
I had assumed this was on TV, but this was on radio. Then again you can hear the exchange from the Dice video about.

And be careful Mr. David Webb you could be accused of being the "white people of Black people". :P

Monday, January 14, 2019

Piko Clean Machine G-Scale Track Cleaning Locomotive

[VIDEO] Jim Zimmerlin's latest video talking about his new track cleaning locomotive for his G-scale tracks. And he notes the nice letter from the owners of and of course the fact that he uses that site to get most of his G-scale products. Now I know where to go for more model trains, and without having to wait for Menard's to have any on sale in their stores during the holiday season. 😛

Saturday, January 12, 2019

#Pandemonium #NXTUKTakeOver

As the WWE's NXT UK brand has their first "TakeOver" program akin to the original NXT brand who normally have their "TakeOver" events before major WWE PPVs, I find this article about a biopic of Vince McMahon. McMahon is the founder of the WWE as we know it today and I never thought in a millennium that he would be the subject of a movie...

The article I found is about a rewrite to the script. Now I wonder who are the principals in the film Pandemonium. Now that I found out more info I wish Adam McKay from Vice could eventually do his own take. I just hope he's a wrestling fan but anything involving Vince McMahon should have a humorous tongue-in-cheek take.

And just for the hell of it, the pre-show for NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool. Alas I'll have to watch this event later on... [VIDEO]

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Star Trek 4 cancelled?

[VIDEO] Time to return to the Star Trek beat for a moment, and if you believe John Campea I would hate that the latest installment of JJ Abrams' Kelvin universe is shelved. Why is this going on with the fourth installment of the new film series? A contract dispute...

It's time, but at least Trekkies can look forward to a new Capt. Picard series and of course episodes of Star Trek Discovery as well.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

'Mean' Gene Okerlund R.I.P.

Sorry to hear about the untimely passing of longtime pro-wrestling personality "Mean" Gene Okerlund. He was one of the faces of the then World Wrestling Federation in the early 1990s and could never imagine him going too far away from the wrestling scene.

Eventually he moved on to World Championship Wrestling and once his time ended there he moved back to the WWE (former WWF) and hosted some programs that aired on TV and on their emerging streaming network before the WWE Network. He became a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and was signed to a lifetime contract with WWE.

Like I said I could never imagine him too far away from the business and he seemed so different from his moniker. In the often emotionally charged world of "sports entertainment" he often seemed very mild mannered. He was often a welcomed and respected presence!

I wish we had more time with you "Mean" Gene!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Sears is saved for now...

Glad to see that Sears has bought a little time with a last minute bid. Who knows if it's ultimately too little, too late:
Department store chain Sears won a reprieve from liquidating Friday after its chairman, Eddie Lampert, submitted a bid in an effort to buy the retailer and keep it alive, people familiar with the situation tell CNBC.

Lampert's hedge fund ESL Investments put forward his tentative proposal for Sears earlier this month with his formal submission due today.

The people requested anonymity because the information is confidential.

A bid could help divert liquidation, but may not necessarily. Sears' advisors have until Jan. 4 to decide whether ESL is a "qualified bidder." Only then could ESL take part in an auction against liquidation bids on Jan. 14. They will weigh the value of Lampert's bid against offers to liquidate the company.

The terms or structure of Lampert's bid could not immediately be determined. If it is similar to the $4.6 billion proposal Lampert outlined earlier this month, it is likely to face pushback from the company's unsecured creditors. As part of the initial bid, which regulators required Lampert to make public, financing would in part stem from $1.8 billion in debt that Lampert would forgive through a so-called "credit bid."
 Well I don't want Sears to be in a list of long-time local business that went defunct such as Montgomery Wards, Marshall Fields (even if they survive as Macy's), or even Dominick's. However, I still view Sears, Roebuck, & Company as a dying company. It's likely all a matter of time. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

2006: Two state capitols!!! revisited

I'm just going to share the link to this 12 year old post here. Took an Amtrak train from Dallas, Texas during roughly this time back them and when through two state capital cities Little Rock, Arkansas & of course Springfield, Illinois.

Despite having an interest I've never actually been there. It's time to put some plans into motion as far as that. This is what I saw about that back then:
BTW, I would like to do a special field trip to Springfield, Illinois at some point. I don't know when but I would like to do something when I do for this blog. Hopefully do a little bit more than my vacation last summer in Washington, DC. It'll be fun and I'll be sure to work on it.
Make it happen Levois! 
2006 - Springfield, Illinois

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Kevin Spacey is back...

[VIDEO] I think I actually saw his video shown on TV one the morning of Xmas Eve. Didn't quite get the context and I thought he was largely blackballed after allegations of sexual harrassment. Remember he was even edited out of a Hollywood release All the Money in the World where he played J. Paul Getty. He was replaced by Christopher Plummer and select scenes reshot.

With this article from the Daily Mail there's some more context to this video.
Wearing a Santa Claus apron, he is seen preparing Christmas dinner in a smart kitchen.

'They're going to say I'm being disrespectful, not playing by the rules. Like I ever played by anyone's rules before. I never did. And you loved it.'

His monologue is delivered straight to the camera, just like his character famously does in House Of Cards to make viewers complicit in his immorality. 'They're just dying to have me declare that everything said is true and that I got what I deserved.'

He goes on in Frank's unmistakable Southern states drawl: 'You wouldn't believe the worst without evidence would you? You wouldn't rush to judgments without facts would you? Did you? No, not you, you are smarter than that. I can promise you this… I'm certainly not going to pay the price for the things I didn't do.'

With a final glower followed by dramatic music, he asks: 'Miss me?' It was classic Frank Underwood — menacing, malevolent and creepy — all the more so when it became clear that Spacey wasn't talking as his fictional character but as himself, and that the footage appears to be an aggressive riposte to news of an impending court appearance.

The Oscar-winning star played Underwood, a conniving schemer who resorts to murder on his path to the U.S. presidency, in five seasons of the award-winning Netflix thriller (based on the 1990 BBC adaptation of Michael Dobbs' novel) before he was embroiled in sexual scandal in October last year.
Without this context, I was believing that he was portraying a character. He was not being himself. Although I wonder if what happened to his career last year is what inspired this most recent video.

And looking through to his YouTube channel, this is his first video in a year. I'm guessing if he used this to publicize his work, he took a year break after some long ago sexual harrasment allegations come to light which you will read from the Daily Mail.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Jointed rails

[VIDEO] I had to share this video of a model train running over simulated jointed rails. It's a cool effect and just shows how I'm still learning about different aspects of railroading.

I didn't realize that during the course of the past decade, I've been through an area that still has jointed rails. That among other antiquated aspects of railroad technology. Like I said I'm still learning and as you see in the above video you might see some aspects of this along the Raton/Glorieta pass which is the route of Amtrak's Southwest Chief. [VIDEO]
I just feel the need to share the more common video of an Amtrak train doing through New Mexico on jointed rail and this time from the inside. [VIDEO]
Finally, here's a video about jointed rails vs. welded rails. As I figured would be the difference a quieter and smoother ride. I would imagine welded rails are what CTA uses for the L especially when there are opportunities to rehab the infrastructure. [VIDEO]