Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking at the BlackBerry Bold 9900

[VIDEO] Already it's time to start thinking new phone. My BlackBerry is a good device, however, there are some limitations. Especially as far as what I currently use it for which is to surf the web and check e-mail. So it's time to find a new device more to my liking.

I've even considerd an *gulp* iPhone. I hear the iPhone is a better device to surf the web, but  I don't want to fall into that iPhone craze. Who knows by the time the next version is available for consumption the iPhone 4 would be a much cheaper option than the "iPhone 5". :P

So this upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 has just kept BlackBerry in the game right now. A touch screen and much thinner this phone appeals not only to my own technical aspects but for style. I just as easily like a phone for what I want it for, just as much as how it looks.

The video above takes a look at the 9900 and compares it to a phone similar to mine the Bold 9780. It's a little wider and yet much thinner than the 9780. Hopefully this phone will get a trial in my hands at an AT&T store near me!

Well thankfully that decision won't be made for another year at least. That gives me time to evaluate not only the type of phone that I'd like, but also to determine the right price for the device.

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