Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gov. Huntsman says that the President is beatable...

[VIDEO] In this video we hear from former Utah Governor John Huntsman discuss his potential bid for President of the United States. It's that time again to talk about who might be in the running against President Obama. Alas I see no one standing out this time around, but there's some time yet to emerge.

I wonder about why he thinks China can beat America as far as economic output, but that's it's unlikely they can beat this nation economically per capita. If anyone can explain I would appreciate it. BTW, Huntsman under Obama was the Ambassador to China.

Huntsman thinks Obama can be beaten based upon the economy right now. There isn't a lot of traction with regards to growth and Huntsman said there is no plan. Let's hope that he can come up with one and other GOP candidates who want to run against Obama.

What do you think about Huntsman?

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