Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Courtesy of the California Channel

The Terminator gives his state of the state speech in the California Assembly back on January 1st, 2006. They seem to carry on for a long time before they were able to get on with their joint session and they went on and on introducing people before they actually introduced Gov. Schwarzenegger (The Terminator or Governator). His future opponent was also there, Phil Angelides just so happen to be the California Treasurer. The Terminator is running against him for re-election.

Thanks to the fact that other states other than Illinois have dedicated channels or services provided to follow state government (not that much different than that provided by C-Span) I just want to see how other state do it. So here goes.

Governor Schwarzenegger's State of the State Address from California Channel

This is messed up.

Mary Mitchell's column today.

A young man just so happened to be with a group of teens who according to the Chicago Police struck a University of Chicago student in the back of the head for only five dollars. The subject of this column a Jemelle Lloyd is 17 year old senior attending Bronzeville Academy. He has an ailing mother too and calls her twice a day.

How did he get caught up in this. He just so happen to be wearing green and yellow sweats that fellow students who were charged in this incident were wearing. According to Mitchell...

If that's the case, it wouldn't be the first time that a black man has been swept up into a lineup because he "looks like" the suspect.
Here's more...

On Monday, the mother tearfully explained her understanding of what transpired before her son's arrest.

Apparently, three of the teens are childhood friends and members of their high school basketball team. The group hitched a ride with another student from 35th and Giles (where the school is located) to the Hyde Park area because "that's as far as the student was going," Lloyd's mother told me.

"My son started calling me between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m," she said. "We talked and all of a sudden, the phone went dead."

Lloyd was supposed to catch the No. 15 bus to his home in the 6900 block of East End. His mother called his cell phone until a police officer answered.
"He told me my son was being arrested," she said, crying. "I could hear him in the background telling the police officer that I had had a stroke," she said.

Lloyd was eventually taken to 26th and California.

"He called me at 3 a.m. the next morning and said "Mama, I swear to you. I didn't do this," the mother said.

A police spokesman verified that Lloyd has no police record.

Even so, his bond is $50,000, which means his mother has to put up $5,000 to get him out of Cook County Jail.

Parents of the three other teens have already posted bonds.

"I don't have that kind of money," Suzette Lloyd said on Monday. She and other family members are trying to scrape up money to get Jemelle a lawyer.
I hope this kid can beat this because it would be unfortunate that he gets a record not for committing the crime but association and only for wearing the same clothes as the others who were in the group. And assault for five dollars isn't worth it, but it was worth it to someone. It is desperation or just plain immaturity?

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Bears are 7-0 right now...

And guess who they're going to face next. The Miami Dolphins!!!

Back in 1985 in that legendary season when the Bears won the Super Bowl they were going to be undefeated, but then the faced, guess who? The Miami Dolphins who went on to defeat them to retain their record. The 1972 Dolphins were undefeated and still are for the most part.

I might just be adding more drama, but what would be very sweet is that the Bears defeat the Dolphins to keep up their current streak. There is only one way to fing out for sure though. We just gotta tune in and watch the game next week.

Check out the old state capitol in Springfield, Illinois

The Illinois Channel tours the old state capitol building in Springfield. Used between 1839 and 1876, this was first built when the state government moved from Vandalia to Springfield in 1840. A lot of links here to President Abraham Lincoln and his rival Stephen Douglas. This is a great program. I should find my way down to Springfield one of these days. Hopefully soon, never had a visit there.

BTW, when I mentioned Illinois Channel to you earlier this month the executive director Terry Martin stopped by to post a comment. So I'd like to thank him for stopping by. This was in the post where I announced that I'm adding two more links to the sidebar for Illinois Channel and C-Span.

Also check out this website a little more comprehensive history of Illinois government but mainly of the portraits of the Governors of Illinois as well as the state capitols in both Vandalia and Springfield. The Illinois State Capitol website.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Two bizarre crime stories today...

The first story is absolutely outrageous. Why would you stop the car to start another argument with some people you already argued with. I'd have just kept going. Maybe this was immaturity but anyway see where starting another fight got those other people.

One of the women spotted another woman with whom she had quarreled earlier in the evening walking with about five other women.

"They stopped the car and got out and had another verbal altercation," Bright said. The men stayed in the car, he said.

The argument turned physical, and both women who exited the vehicle were stabbed. They were taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital, one in critical condition and the other in serious condition.

The group they allegedly confronted fled on foot after the incident.

Maria Martinez, of the 1600 block of North 15th Avenue, Melrose Park, was pronounced dead at 3:15 a.m., according to a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office.
Now this second story, I really wonder what happened here...

Luther Turner, of the 1100 block of South Richmond Street, was standing on the sidewalk in the 1500 block of South Central Park Avenue at about 12:20 a.m. Saturday when a man approached him on foot and shot him once in the head, said Chicago Police Officer Marcel Bright.

Turner was pronounced dead at 9 a.m. Saturday at Mt. Sinai Hospital, according to a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner's office. Bright said detectives were unable to interview the victimt before he succumbed to his injuries.

Witnesses told police the assailant was a man in his 20s wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. The suspect fled on foot.
Crazy events happening in Chicago.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Legendary Boston Celtics Coach Red Auerbach Dies at 89

I can't let this piece of sports history pass by without mentioning it here. But a legendary NBA coach has passed away.

Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics led his team to nine NBA titles as thier head coach during the 1950s & 60s and seven more in the 1970s & 80s. He was 89 when he passed away and was said to have died of a heart attack according to an NBA official who didn't want to be indentified.

Auerbach was also the winningest coach in the NBA but Lenny Wilkens overtook Auerbach's record of 938 games.

Legendary Boston Celtics Coach Red Auerbach Dies at 89 from FOXNews.com

Homecoming is here...

Here are some pictures from today. A little bit of the tailgate and a little bit from BT Harvey Stadium at Morehouse College...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Crain's Picks: Topinka and Peraica

I don't really follow endorsements. Last week the Sun-Times endorsed the incumbent Governor of Illinois. I don't know why. Today Crain's Chicago Business offers endorsements to Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka and Commissioner Tony Peraica. Both are respectively running for Governor and Cook County Board President.

Hopefully neither was a tough call. I have trouble with the governor's race myself. But the Cook County Board race shouldn't have been. It's easy to see who could be better suited or better qualified in the office of County Board President.

Here's what Crain's said about Topinka...

Ms. Topinka, on the other hand, has managed a long career in state government without acquiring anything like the ethical baggage Gov. Blagojevich has picked up in four years as governor.

As state treasurer, she appears to grasp the seriousness of Illinois’ financial woes and would curb the worst fiscal shenanigans of the Blagojevich era. Her record as treasurer is one of competent—though not spectacular—performance.

If Ms. Topinka isn’t the most inspiring Republican nominee in recent years, that, too, is a consequence of the money-soaked system that spawned Gov. Blagojevich. Few Republicans were willing to go up against his fund-raising machine.

That system must change, and the first step is turning Gov. Blagojevich out of office.
And what about Peraica who seemed to have been out there swinging in this election. You got to like a fighter...

Mr. Peraica understands the need for reform and has a plan to achieve it. Neither can be said of his opponent, Mr. Stroger’s son Todd. The younger Mr. Stroger, who serves as the 8th Ward’s alderman on the City Council, is a product of the very system that made such a mess of county government. He’s not the man to reform it.

Mr. Stroger brings few ideas and even less enthusiasm to his quest for the board presidency. His nomination by the Democratic Party was stage-managed in surpassingly cynical style by the ward heelers who would pull his strings as board president.

Some would argue that control of county government by the 8th Ward crowd preserves some political clout for African-Americans, who have lost power in other branches of local government. But the Stroger machine’s power benefits only those African-Americans lucky enough to have the right connections. A far larger segment of the African-American community depends on the county’s hospitals and other institutions in need of top-to-bottom reform.

Mr. Peraica, a county commissioner since 2003, will push for the kind of changes needed to preserve the health of those institutions. He would merge redundant county agencies, trim excess jobs, centralize hiring and use technology to cut costs. To spur improved care at county hospitals, he’d make county employees use them.

But the Republican nominee must understand that the same independent streak that gives him credibility as a reformer could be his undoing as board president. To succeed, he’ll have to reach out to other county commissioners and build a consensus for change.
This looks good to me. Hopefully the people who read Crain's are impressed.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

7 Days at Minimum Wage

I've been hearing about this on this other blog I like to frequent Chicago Carless. He's involved with a campaign through ACORN that hopes to raise the minimum wage from it's current rate which is $5.15/hr. federally. I saw the first video. Today there are two videos of a woman named Jessica who's talking about raising kids at an "unfair wage". I got a link to this video courtesy of Chicago Carless as well.

Now, I'm kind of torn on this issue. If I consider myself an economic conservative and I believe that a raising a minimum wage could hurt the job market. In other words, cause employers to cut back on hiring, at the same time I understand the need to raising the minimum wage so that these individuals can get paid more.

I'm of the school however that you are not meant to stay at the minimum wage. That you must progress if you want that raise. What this means is that you have to get an education or somehow add to the work you do or find a way to get trained in doing another job. If you're merely stuck at this entry level minimum wage job or indeed any job that pays better than minimum wage, that's not good. You're pretty much stuck in a rut.

I see where the blogmaster of Chicago Carless was coming from talking about this project he's involved with. He had a tough time moving to Chicago trying to find a job in keeping with his educational credentials. But at least he was able to find something comparable to his education and experience instead of staying at the little odd jobs he had to take to make a living.

Tough call either way. What do you people think out there?

Crossposted @ Illinoize

The internet and blogging according to me...

When I flesh this out, I'm probably not going get everything right, but it's something on my mind. At least to get away from politics for a moment. I figure it'll be fun. Besides if it weren't for the internet how could you guys see my work here.

The first time I heard of this thing called the internet when probably when I heard about this new news network, MSNBC. It was a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC. I guess somehow you could get to this internet you could go find stories and features at this place where MSNBC was on the internet.

I barely remember those early days. I'm not totally sure what the programming was like or even how they covered the news back then, and unfortunately I barely even watch the channel today. Though not too long ago I had a reason to watch. But the program I liked to watch the most was this show called The Site.

Hosted by Soledad O'Brien (she moved on to bigger and better things) and virtual reality guy who seems addicted to Starbuck's coffee (he was personable, but seemed very excitable for a guy addicted to Starbuck's coffee). Well we would see the virtual reality guy near the end of the show. Basically this show was about what was happening on the internet. The new sites and the new features. Perhaps it was away to learn more about this place since not many of us were there yet. I was going to be this new thing.

Almost seven years ago we got our first ISP account, through the old Ameritech company. It only lasted six month because my mother got tired of me tying up the phone line. Dial up seemed to be the only game in town in those days and not only that my mother didn't want to pay almost $20 for unlimited access. We had that plan which let us have the internet but for about a flat rate for at least 10 hours then maybe two or three dollars per hour beyond that. Alas I took more of a shine to the internet than she liked and that ended that experiment for a while.

One thing that impressed me was that through Ameritech we could design our own website. I never took advantage of that, but I though it was a cool feature. What would I put out there?

Well I never figured it out. It could have easily been a series of links to my favorite websites and that was all it could have been. Later on I developed better plans for what I would put out there. I figured a website or webpage had to be about me if I was to ever do one.

Either way I liked to surf personal websites over the years and I saw that there were many different types of sites with varying content. Some had pictures, biographies, & stories. Indeed there were some with hopes for the future, that is people with websites about running for president in the future. They started early didn't they.

Now I was trying to look at the history of blogging and I was looking at how it exploded on the scene of the internet. Blogging was around in the 90s, but probably not in the form we know it today. The service I use at this moment Blogger was created in 1999.

Today Blogging is popular. Unlike with websites back in the day with blogging you don't need to know some complicated codes unless you don't like how your blog look. Especially if you're making content, that is you're publishing on the internet your musings. With Blogger at least it doesn't take too much to post a photograph.

Today you can do more with a blog than post a photograph and write an essay of a paragraph or more. You can post some audio and some video. I discovered this not more than a year or so ago. People can do short films, comedy short, or even a serial and distribute them not on TV or in a movie theater, but online. And they can do it in blog form to.

Now that is one reason I'm on blogging today. I've been at this going on two years now and almost a couple of years before that, I saw Brain-Terminal.com post their first video and get some attention for it. The webmaster there Evan Coyne Maloney may not have been the first to do it, but this was the first time I had seen something with a purpose (something of a political documentary about a war protest) and then get some attention, mainly in right wing circles.

I was very impressed and it caused me to believe that this is how we all will take advantage of this new communications form. No longer are we just limited to text. We can create a short documentary and this doesn't have to be seen on TV or a cineplex but in the comfort of your own how all be it a computer screen.

There's more I'd like to write but for now I'll stop, maybe I'll add something extra to this in the future.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mary Mitchell's Crybaby Award from last month

I posted this on September 18, 2006 over at the old It's My Mind in Beta. Thanks to Blogger in Beta I can make it a private blog. Who knows it might be back but for now there's just no need for it. Anyway, this was just too great of a post to not ever see the light of day so I present this to you. Unfortunately there is no link to the original Chicago Sun-Times column.

Yesterday I missed Mary Mitchell's column. She starts off talking about a young coach who lost his job because he awarded a crybaby trophy to a 13 year old boy who wanted so badly to play in a game. On this day she offers a trophy to two Chicago politicians who have proven to be crybabies and especially because they're not really trying to apologize for their actions. Check it out...

The inaugural winners of the Mary Mitchell Crybaby Award are: Ald. Todd Stroger (8th) and Gov. Blagojevich.

Both of these politicians are whining their way through political campaigns that so far have glossed over the tough issues facing the county and state.

And both of these candidates are exploiting sensitive issues to justify their crying.

Last week, the same black ministers who threatened a boycott during the March primary, in response to an opinion column deemed insensitive to ailing retired Cook County Board President John Stroger, held a news conference to blast as "insulting" and "racist" comparisons made on a Web site of Todd Stroger to "Steve Urkel."
She's talking about the Stroger campaign in that last paragraph. Let's see more...

Bishop Larry Trotter and the Rev. Al Sampson blame Todd Stroger's political foe, Tony Peraica, for the site.

"To equate the Democratic candidate for president to Urkel is just insulting," Trotter said.

Sampson went further, accusing Peraica, who is white, of playing the so-called "race card."

At www.votestroger.com, Todd Stroger's head is superimposed on the body of a diaper-wearing toddler, and the site compares him to "Steve Urkel," the fictional nerdy breakout character from the TV show "Family Matters."

A Peraica spokesman denied the campaign has anything to do with the site, calling it "unnecessarily juvenile."

But really, what's wrong with Urkel?

Comparing Todd Stroger to Urkel isn't necessarily an insult.

After all, Urkel may have been socially awkward, but he was endearing. He may have been clumsy, but he was also a brainiac -- something the county board desperately needs.

But more important, Urkel's character was a surprise hit. Although he was supposed to have been a minor player, before long, "Family Matters" essentially became the "Steve Urkel Show."

Todd Stroger had better hope he does as well.
I'll be honest when I say that Mr. Todd Stroger is in over his head. I've always said this. Not only that but I think the only people who care for him are his handlers because no one else seems to. Listening to some people talk it seems he just doesn't have that forceful personality. In fact some would say that he's personally dull. Have you heard Ald. Stroger say anything in defense of himself? So far the only ones doing the talking are his handlers.

Now what about Gov. Blagojevich? Why does he get to co-hold this award...

As for Blagojevich, for a man who danced into office singing an Elvis Presley hit, he's acting like a wimp in his campaign against Judy Baar Topinka.

Last week, in response to what he took as a "joke," he trotted out the real victims of gun violence in an attempt to exploit his opponent's style of shooting from the lip.

Known for her folksy, and often wacky off-the-cuff remarks, Topinka apparently left Blagojevich speechless when she defended her stance on an assault weapons ban by saying the definition is so vague that a "rolling pin could be considered an assault weapon."

"I'm the sword of justice and I'm going to cut him [Blagojevich] to pieces," Topinka reportedly said. "We will take him out with my little rolling pin known as the assault weapon. I will prove to him, indeed, it is an assault weapon."

Instead of a witty come-back, the Blagojevich campaign rounded up Deanna Woods, the aunt of the 10-year-old South Sider, Siretha White, who was killed by stray bullets last March while attending a birthday party at the aunt's house.

"I don't think that's government material, at all," a sobbing, still grief-stricken Woods told reporters at a news conference held by the Blagojevich re-election campaign.

Another victim of gun violence, Stephen Young, whose 19-year-old son was killed by gang members in 1996, and Jennifer Bishop of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, were also brought in to condemn Topinka.

"I know it's a joke. It's just over the top. It's inappropriate. It's unprofessional," said Bishop, who called on Topinka to apologize.

But what Topinka said wasn't a joke, at least it wasn't a joke about the serious nature of gun violence.

It was a rip on Blagojevich.

He should have taken it like a man and saved these heavy hitters for a serious discussion about gun violence and the assault weapons ban.
I've been reading about that in the bloggosphere for a while. I didn't know whether to think this was a joke (to say that he used this poor woman as a campaign tactic and actually coached her to do what she did) or to say this was foreal and she really did feel offended by Topinka's remarks. Either way Mitchell and others in the bloggosphere following the gubernatorial campaign saw this for what it was, an unclassy campaign stunt.

Are You a Socialist or Capitalist?

How about I offer this blogthing for fun. Just as filler. Hopefully there will be some interesting results with this one. The one posted here is mine.

You Are 76% Capitalist, 24% Socialist

In general, you support a free economy and business interests.
You tend to think people should fend for themselves, even when times get tough.
However, do think the government should help those who are truly in need.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Capitol Fax Blog...

Has some video of a show from the Chicago Access Network. The people responsible for the North Town News Magazine have a special 2006 election show which was a live program one morning (probably on the weekend) where all the candidates running for office in Cook County and statewide call into the show for a brief interview. And really pay attention to the discussion afterward. It's pretty good.

Believe it or not Todd Stroger called into the show. They didn't exactly get into him, but they seemed to have better things to say about his opponent for county board president Tony Peraica (the lone Republican who called into the show) than they did for Todd Stroger who they just kept saying he was a nice guy and he's not his father.

Anyway have a look at it. Again courtesy of the Capitol Fax Blog. The duration is about an hour.

A candidate for alderman...

Was in today's Sun-Times who exposed a loophole for the Chicago Board of Elections...

For at least the last six years, a loophole in the Chicago Board of Elections Web site has exposed the Social Security numbers and birth dates of more than 1 million registered voters to anyone with a computer, a Web connection and rudimentary programming knowledge.

Until Saturday, this data -- all that is necessary for an identity thief to apply for a credit card, mortgage or even acquire an arrest record in someone else's name -- has been available through a Web site intended to tell voters their registration status.

The glitch was pointed out to the Sun-Times by Peter Zelchenko, a 43rd Ward aldermanic candidate and computer expert, who also informed the board of the problem Friday.
Zelchenko, who is 44 but got his first job working in computers at age 14, demonstrated the flaw by taking about 30 seconds to bring up a Sun-Times reporter's Social Security number. Zelchenko also obtained the Social Security numbers of the three members of the Chicago Board of Elections, which the Sun-Times was able to confirm were accurate.

"Any bright high school student could figure it out," said Mandeep Khera, vice president of Cenzic, a Santa Clara, Calif., computer security firm. He said such bugs are fairly common, but the potential exposure of so many Social Security numbers is unusual.

Khera said the technique, called SQL injection scripting, can be used to retrieve hidden database information, but also can be used to alter school grades or to change the prices of items on online commerce Web sites.

Using the method, Zelchenko demonstrated, it was possible to change the Chicago Board of Elections online database. However, changes would last only for a short period, since the Web database appears to be updated every 24 hours.

But a malicious hacker could still cause a lot of trouble. Though it wouldn't change the actual polling places, it "could cause a lot of confusion" by misdirecting people who go to the elections Web site to find out where they vote, Zelchenko said.

Zelchenko said it would be short work to write a script, or small program, that could automatically download the entire database.
Leach said such a mass download would be difficult because the Web site has a timer on it that would cut off a query that takes a long time.

Zelchenko first noticed the glitch three years ago, and saw that it could be exploited to bring up name and address information for more than one voter at a time.

Last week, he discovered that Social Security numbers were at risk. Friday, Zelchenko told the Sun-Times and contacted the board.

Leach said the first the board heard of the problem was late last week.
Good job!!! And the Chicago Board of Elections are going to fix the problem. But this is not the only thing I want to mention.

Zelchenko is running for election, as noted in this article, for the 43rd Ward of Chicago. He is running against incumbent Ald. Vi Daley. I just by chance Googled his name and found his website.

His campaign website seems simple compared to what I've seen out there, but this is something I would like to see of all candidates. Especially if they're serious. Even if the website is not seen by those people who they seek to represent, this is surely a way to present yourself to the rest of the world. Especially if you seek a higher office at some point. Of course this is not to say this is what he seeks.

And he has a blog. This seems to be another trend. For the most part I've been seeing a lot of blogs by candidates out there. The man who I would have voted for governor, Bill Brady had a nice blog, too bad he didn't win the primary. I want to see how he's going to do in this election.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I found this article about Sen. Obama...

Over at Illinoize courtesy of John Rueberry who is the blogmaster at Marathon Pundit. It talks about the recent news that Sen. Obama will consider a run for the presidency in 2008.

Rueberry notes this from the article from The American Thinker...
Newsweek, not to be outdone, graces its cover with a picture of Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. now running for the open senate seat being vacated by Bill Frist in Tennessee. Newsweek tells us these Democrats (Ford, as an example) are "not your daddy’s Democrats."

Well, then, what of Republican Michael Steele involved in a close race for the open senate seat in Maryland? Or Lynn Swann, running as a Republican for Governor of Pennsylvania? Or Ken Blackwell, running as a Republican candidate for Governor in Ohio? One might say, if one had any interest in these candidates (or their party), that with three black candidates running statewide, this was not your "daddy’s Republicans" either.

It is far more likely you will see a national news story about the Democratic candidate for Governor in Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, also an African American, than about Blackwell or Swann this year.

Why are the Democratic African American candidates of so much greater interest to the national media than the Republican African American candidates running state wide this year? Silly question, of course.
I've mentioned many times here that there are other blacks running statewide around the country for some important offices such as governor or a senate seat. I've really wanted to cover the campaigns of Lt. Gov. Michael Steele for the Maryland US Senate seat and J. Kenneth Blackwell for governor of Ohio. This could prove to be a historic year for blacks in this country but it may get neglected and the author of this article Richard Baehr says why...

Party label is really all that matters in terms of where to shine the spotlight. And for partisans of the left or the Democratic Party (increasingly the same thing), keeping African American voters on their side of the ledger is of paramount importance. Black voters account for as much as 20% of the national Democratic Party vote. If they started seeing Republican candidates, black or white, as real alternatives, the Democrats’ chance of achieving national majority party status would be doomed. No Democrat has scored above 51% of the popular vote in a Presidential election since1964. And only Jimmy Carter exceeded 50% (barely) in 1976, before registering an all-time low percentage of the popular vote for an incumbent in 1980.
Now the next part of this article talks about Obama's record before he became a US Senator having graduated from the Illinois State Senate. Let me first start by talking about how he got elected in the first place...
In 2004, then-State Senator Obama trailed badly in third place just weeks before the Democratic primary for the open Illinois US Senate seat being vacated by Peter Fitzgerald. The leader was investment banker Blair Hull, who had spent about $40 million on an ad campaign that got him name recognition and a big lead in the polls.

Then the Chicago Tribune peeked into his bedroom, and revealed that he was an alleged wife beater. Hull’s campaign collapsed and most of his support swung to Obama, who was a poorly funded candidate going nowhere until the Tribune story destroyed Hull’s candidacy.

Next, the Tribune released supposedly sealed divorce documents concerning Republican nominee Jack Ryan, revealing he was a bit too kinky in his sexual tastes for his former wife. Ryan pulled out of the race, and the Illinois Republican Party, true to its decade long death wish, nominated Alan Keyes to oppose Obama. Suddenly, the unknown State Senator was now US Senator Obama with a smashing 71% share of the vote.
Now 2004 is a reason why I have trouble with this election. That craziness with Jack Ryan is why I have trouble with Illinois state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka. But telling you why is not why I blog about this article now.

I run into another favorite of mine a black academic who has written a lot of black conservative (I could say that to a point it is common sense) literature...

Of course, Obama also got a boost from the Democratic National Committee which offered him a speech in prime time at the 2004 convention, that left network anchors gushing for this fresh face, and new talent. For the record, Obama is smart, charismatic, personable, and even a decent writer. Affirmative action may get you into Harvard, but will not get you to be an editor of the law review at Harvard Law School. There are many ways in which Obama would be a far more interesting candidate than many of his Senate peers. But as John McWhorter asks, would any of these attributes been enough to have gotten Obama where he is today, were he not
There's one other thing I'd like to pull from this article. It is certainly something to something to consider...

The media’s love affair with Obama has several dimensions. It is, to begin, the predictable white liberal guilt, gushing out to support a black candidate (so long as the candidate is a Democrat) thereby demonstrating one’s “decency” and “humanity”. But in the case of Obama, it might also be pragmatic; he might be the Democrat with the best chance to win.
Hmm, what do you think? Is the push of Barack Obama for the Presidency about white guilt or is he genuinely qualified to run for the presidency?

I'll start by saying that he doesn't have the qualifications. He can speak well for sure but can he lead people. Does he have "executive experience"? Can he make a difference other than speaking to an issue or indeed can he bring about changes or policies?

As far as I'm concerned he hasn't answered those questions. Right now he's just a rock star, but for now not much different than another man without "executive experience", Sen. John Kerry. The only difference between Sen. Kerry and Sen. Obama is that Obama speaks well and can indeed get the crowd's attention. Some will claim (or perhaps have complained) that there isn't much to his record since his state senate days. And I guess if Obama chooses to run for the presidency his opposition will have some digging to do.

They might find something. When Alan Keyes came to Illinois to run for the Senate he used Obama's votes on abortion. One of Keyes' pet issues was abortion as he is very much pro-life. Could someone like Sen. Hillary Clinton use that against her junior colleague from Illinois. She figures in this article too, so please have a read.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I just saw three hours of shows for this Sci-Fi series that airs on NBC. NBC isn't exactly known for sci-fi and it certainly helps if another company under the NBC Universal umbrella is the Sci-Fi Channel. Hopefully this series will be successful because I like this series so far.

BTW, the last sci-fi show I recall seeing on NBC was SeaQuest DSV. I really loved that show at least in it's first season, the second season just lost me (honestly I rarely watched it because my parents just so happened to have other plans for the TV, but when I was able to watch it, I was like WTF), and the third season was getting better but the series was cancelled before it could develop. They should release that series on DVD.

Of course NBC is the network of that great sci-fi classic, Star Trek. It only lasted three seasons as well, but NBC's loss became our gain. Star Trek has become a cultural icon with fans around the world. Not only that the series has spawned 10 movies (an 11th is on the way) and four other TV spinoffs. Now how cool is that.

Oh yeah what was this post about? Heroes, check it out.

Stroger's son says he's his own man

Chicago it seems is a city of political families. First you have the Daleys, they are the best known. With the patriarch (Richard Joseph) and his son (Richard Michael, currently) as mayor, and the current mayor's brothers such Bill was commerce secretary but now is in the business realm and John who is a Cook County Commissioner and Democratic Committeeman for the Daley's neighborhood, Bridgeport in the 11th ward. Then there are the Lipinskis Bill who retired at the end of his term as a member of the US House of Representatives and gave up the nomination (having won the primary before he decided to retire) in favor of his son and current Rep. Dan Lipinski. And still you can consider the Jacksons. Jesse Jackson Sr., is a well known name not just in Chicago, and not just the nation, but around the world too. Except for his two runs for the Presidency in the 1980s, he's never attained higher office. However his son Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is looking to run for mayor of Chicago in either 2007 or sometime down the road beyond that.

Well there's one more family to add to that, the Stroger's. Ald. Todd Stroger, the Democratic nominee for Cook County Board President, who became the nominee after his father fell ill thanks to a stroke and proved unable to serve, was in today's Sun-Times. This was a nice interview. As much as I think he isn't ready for the county, I'll have to admit this is a good article. I didn't know as much about him except the video we may see on TV vs. the coverage of his campaign. Aside from what I believe to be the fact that he's unqualified, if only he had done this earlier, I think many people could have a different view of him. Check this out...

But the quest to fill his father's shoes has shown that Todd Stroger inherited none of his bravado or boasting.

It can seem a bit forced, at times, when Todd Stroger goes on the attack, and he says he has no interest in the rigid form of politics and government his father practiced.

"My father learned his management style in the '50s -- he was a dictator -- you made a decision, everyone fell in line behind you," Todd Stroger said. "I like to talk to people, get both sides of things, work with people."
On the other hand there is a lot in this article that talks about whether Stroger is qualified and how he's been able to get to this point. Which is thanks to his father's "clout". Of course beyond that one could allege that Ald. Stroger hasn't been a leader either in Springfield or on the Chicago City Council. But then again a lot of leader in America become prominent even if they haven't proven themselves to have been leadership material.

Anyway I suggest you check out the the last section which talks about him as a person. Foods he wouldn't eat, movies he wanted to walk out on, a book he thinks people should read, even favorite TV programs (I found out he like Law and Order:CI, I don't know if I should stop watching or continue anyway LOL). So in all not a bad article though not a basis for me to vote for him.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

More about the MLK Jr. is a Republican Story...

It seems that the National Black Republican Association has nothing but paraphernalia on this subject. T-Shirts, buttons, and mousepads. All in pictures on this page. Available at the orginazation's store.

I'm not even gonna dream of offering an opinion of it. I'll just let you guys come to your own conclusions. I think I'm gonna stay out of this one. Just worry about the issues of today.

Yup that works for me.

The Maroon Tiger & Homecoming.

I also Digg'd this but it seems that not only do the Men of Morehouse take their student elections to another level, but they take their student newspaper to another level as well. This paper has been winning award for the work they do. Of course for the purposes of this post I won't be able to document it, let alone is it the point of this post.

After a series of false starts since I've attended this institution they finally have a website to look at the work they're doing. They're probably been online since the academic year started.

The next piece of news coming up is homecoming week. This is when alumni and students really show out for their school. There is a coronation ceremony and ball and some other festive event. Then after that there is the homecoming game but before the Fighting Maroon Tigers take to the field, what would be a homecoming without a parade. After that usually is a greek step show.

Yep the Divine Nine members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council have something of a performance where they step wearing costumes or outfits. I went to it last year it was enjoyable. Now if you're not familiar with it I can link to some examples.

Anyway please have a look at The Maroon Tiger.

Video: Beta Zeta Nupes - Kappa Alpha Psi - StepShow
Video Experiment 3: Omega Psi Phi
A video experiment...-Alpha Phi Alpha stepping on national TV at the NAACP Image Awards on FOX

All links from My Mind's Eye!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Changed the template again

Hopefully this is more suitable to my needs. Not that much different from my recent experiment in Blogger Beta. But since I'm over here at the original Blogger I really have to toy around with HTML code while in Blogger Beta all I have to do is move sections around with the click of a mouse.

Anyway using some nicely designed Blogger Templates were nice but I was thinking about changing for a while, but none of the other templates were doing it for me. On top of that it took too much work. Minima seems to be a very flexible and durable template so I'm going to use that. Maybe I won't stop tinkering with it, but there are some things I'd like to fool with.

I'm just going to have to take this one step at a time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Controversial Ad Links MLK, GOP

I've never knew about this ad airing in Georgia, ad but an Atlanta area pastor and an Altanta area congressman seems to have a problem with it. There is an ad out there talking about how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whould have been a Republican. Some prominent blacks take issues with this ad. Why?

"To suggest that Martin could identify with a party that affirms preemptive, predatory war, and whose religious partners hint that God affirms war and favors the rich at the expense of the poor, is to revile Martin," said the Rev. Joseph Lowery, the former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which the slain civil rights leader helped establish.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who marched with King in the 1960s, called the ads an "insult to the legacy and the memory of Martin Luther King Jr." and "an affront to all that he stood for."
Of course this isn't limited to liberal blacks but black Republicans as well...

Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R), who is running for the U.S. Senate, denounced the King ad, and Donald E. Scoggins, president of Republicans for Black Empowerment and a former member of the association, said it was a terrible idea.

Black Republicans railed against the radio ads, with the sharpest criticism coming from former members of the black Republican association.

"The vast majority of black Republicans I know would not have approved of the ad," Scoggins said.
That is why the ad was "a joke," said Christopher Arps, a former spokesman for Rice and the association. "Anyone with any sense knows that most black people were Republican at one time. But it's a far stretch to think that in the '60s Martin Luther King was a Republican."

Arps and Scoggins resigned from the association board last year when they disagreed with Rice on a separate issue. She wanted to support President Bush when he came under fire for his administration's slow response to Hurricane Katrina.

"In terms of what we're trying to do, encourage more blacks to look at the Republican Party, I didn't think we could do that in an in-your-face-type way," Scoggins said. "There were bodies floating in the street."
And here's the woman responsible for these ads...

When a black conservative group ran a radio ad proclaiming that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, reaction was swift. "We've gotten some e-mails and telephone calls filled with vitriol," said Frances Rice, chairman of the National Black Republican Association. "They've called me Aunt Jemima, a sellout, a traitor to my race."
The backlash was so fierce that Rice stopped answering telephone calls. "We anticipated some controversy, but my goodness, we struck a nerve," she said in an interview from Sarasota, Fla.

"I absolutely do not regret the ads," said Rice, 62, a native of Atlanta, King's hometown. He "absolutely was a Republican," she insisted. "We were all Republicans in those days. The Democrats were training fire hoses on us, siccing dogs on us."
I've provided a link to the actual ad but this Washington Post article gave us a glimpse at what was in this ad...

In the ad, a black woman says, "Dr. King was a real man," and a second one responds, "You know he was a Republican."

"Dr. King, a Republican?"

The women go on to say that Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan, lumping together those in the South with others in the North who reached out to African Americans with New Deal programs and by desegregating the armed forces.
This would prove to be an interesting discussion. But then I have to question if it really mattered. He was fighting the good fight and a very important one. But that time was then perhaps we have to make this relevant to today. Why should blacks go Republican today?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Watch this commercial...

Whether you live in Illinois or anywhere else I guarantee that you will LMAO.

He wants to be Governor of Illinois. He's only a write in. It's easy for this video to be seen as satire but guess what this guy has actually filed paper work. If only he did this a year ago, this election would be more fun than it is now.

You want to help the man go to his CafePress shop. And go see his MySpace page. Get Neiuked!!!

Oh yeah courtesy of The Capitol Fax Blog.

Sen. Joe Lieberman has picked up an enodorsment

From a guy seeking election to the Senate Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D) of Tennessee. I got this piece of news thanks to Pajamas Media and you can read their link to Opinion Journal. I hope this results in good karma for Rep. Ford who is said to be in a neck & neck race with his opponent Bob Corker. Here's list of other congressional endorsements for Liebermann who is running as an independent to remain in the Senate after he lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont in Connecticut.

Tom Carper (Del.)
Mary Landrieu (La.)
Ben Nelson (Neb.)
Mark Pryor (Ark.)
Ken Salazar (Colo.)

Ed Case (Hawaii)
Harold Ford (Tenn.)
Brad Sherman (Calif.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Capitol Fax Blog has a good quote from Tuesday...

From Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr (mayoral contender?) with regards to Gov. Blagojevich and his gubernatorial campaign this year. It's not sounding good for the governor...
U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., a probable candidate for Chicago mayor who has blasted contracting and hiring scandals at City Hall, complained today about alleged corruption surrounding the office of Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

“I have not made an endorsement yet in the governor’s race, and I am very concerned about the example that is being set in that office,” Jackson said at a meeting with the Tribune’s editorial board. […]

“I believe that what is taking place with Mr. Rezko has greatly contributed to lack of voter enthusiasm in the current contest, and that it is very damaging to our democracy,” Jackson said. “Qualified and very capable people…will not win because voters won’t show up because of behavior at the top.

“What implosion at the top of the ticket does for qualified people who are knocking on doors and trying to get signatures and get petitions is devastating,” the congressman asserted. “People at the top of the ticket have an obligation to people at the bottom.”
Also at Illinoize, Bill Barr pulls a comment made from that Capitol Fax post and it's something to consider.

Obama, Jackson, Emmanuel, and Rush are in the process of taking over the Democrat Party in Illinois. Jackson will beat Daley the next time around. None of the four have any use for Blagojevich. This is the first public step in the dumping of Blagojevich by the gang of 4 plus Meeks that will keep the African American vote for Blago at a minimum. The Governor is dead!!! Mayor Daley is on life support and the gang of 4 are looking for the plug to the respirator!!!
I don't know if Daley is on life support, but I have no doubt about Blagojevich. He may not get as much of the black vote as he might have in '02. Still these are interesting days are they not?

I just don't know how this current election is going to turn out though. Statewide or in Cook County.

ADDITION: The quote from Jesse Jackson, Jr was in the Tribune.

The continuing story regarding the girl who died after her visit to the dentist.

I want to start off with the story I'm sure many of you are familiar with. I blogged about this story three times here. The story about the little girl (Diamond Brownridge aged 5) who died after her visit to the dentist. This story from today's Sun-Times makes this case even sadder.

All we know was that the girl was put under sedation and her mother was required to leave the room. Then when the procedure was over and she never came out of sedation then there was problems. This girl didn't want her mommy to leave the room, she was crying, kicking and screaming at which point even a man who was only there to fix a door was enlisted to help restain this 5 year old girl.

This came from the testimony in a license suspension hearing of a worker in dentist Dr. Hicham Riba's practice. Dr. Riba's license was suspended on Sept 29th, two days after Diamond Brownridge died on life support. Here's more...

Dental assistant Maribel Robles said Brownridge's mother told the girl to close her eyes and go to sleep.

But the girl cried, kicked and screamed after her mother left the room, and so was given more anesthetic.
The girl later slipped into a coma after being given four times as much anesthetic as is recommended for a child her size, the state's expert witnesses have said.
On Wednesday the dentist is going to give his side of the story. But I think there is a point to be made here...

Riba's lawyers are expected to argue that suspension of his license is an over-reaction to heavy media coverage of the girl's death.
But this story just got sadder, to say the least.

Oh yeah I've linked to plenty of articles about this story on digg.

Monday, October 16, 2006


The Cubs have hired a new manager, Lou Piniella. The firey manager of such teams as the New York Yankees (why don't I remember that?), Seattle Mariners, Cincinnatti Reds, and Tampa Bay Devil rays is now the manager of the Chicago Cubs. He was currently a commentator for FOX Sport currently covering the baseball playoffs.

Unlike Dusty Baker (who had left his position with the San Francisco Giants after leading them to the 2002 World Series) and unlike even Ozzie Guillen (who after his first two years as a major league manager won a world series). Piniella actually has led a team to the world series and won. He at least has a winning record just like Dusty Baker.

Let's hope this makes a difference. This news comes from the Chicago Tribune. Let me just add that this will be officially announced on Tuesday.

From the Tribune..

The Cubs and Lou Piniella have come to terms on a three-year deal worth an estimated $9 million, major-league sources told the Tribune.
The 63-year-old Piniella was the Cubs' top choice from the beginning of their search, and he got the nod over San Diego manager Bruce Bochy and former Florida manager Joe Girardi.

Piniella will be allowed to bring in his own coaching staff, and is expected to hire his former right-hand man, John McClaren, as his bench coach. Piniella is acknowledged as one of the game's top strategists, and frequently plays hunches over the percentages.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Voters face unhappy choice

Two in one day. This makes up for those last two days that I didn't post at all.

You know I've kind of been saying this on the blog for awhile. This article from the Tribune is just one way for me to just say, "Man I'm not the only one who feels this way."

I've followed the primary and there were some people there I liked better than others. For the last two years conservatives wanted to wrestle the IL GOP away from the "old guard" with seemingly little or no success. My discontent of Topinka stems not from the primary back in the Spring but from her brief term as IL GOP Chair. I'm still a little upset that (although it may not have been her doing she really didn't do much to settle this) they had forced the resignation of the original GOP nominee (Jack Ryan) for the US Senate seat now held by Barack Obama. As for the incumbent all you have to do is watch and read the news.

Here's some interesting information I ran across as far as the political climate of the State of Illinois...
Topinka is also struggling to take advantage of the discontent that independent voters display toward Blagojevich. The backing of independents is a requirement for Republicans in a state that has grown increasingly Democratic.
Blagojevich is viewed unfavorably by 56 percent of independent voters, an increase of 15 percentage points from a similar survey a month ago. While Blagojevich saw a drop in support among independents, Topinka did as well, and third-party candidate Whitney was the beneficiary.
Now the results are from a survey and here's one respondent who has an opinion of Topinka...

Poll respondent Joan MacLennan, 67, of Des Plaines, who calls herself an independent voter, said investigations of alleged corruption involving the current administration have lessened her opinion of the governor, while Topinka's shoot-from-the-hip statements in public have diminished her view of the state treasurer.

"The things she says, they just aren't very gubernatorial," MacLennan said. "And with Blagojevich, you have all these fraud investigations. I just have no idea what to do."
Well not to change the subject but I just want to point this out on another note. Topinka found her way into Glamor magazine as a local rising star. A former Republican governor of New Jersey had this to say about Topinka...

Christine Todd Whitman is quoted as saying this about Judy Baar Topinka, "She doesn't need on-the-job training; she already knows how to get things done."
If only she could get Illinois to feel the same way about her.

Opening shot

From Neil Steinberg today. This column was titled, Topinka vs. Blagojevich? Or -- the mighty Quinn, though there was only the first two paragraphs talking about the governor's race. And you know what? He says about what I said here. He gets the feeling that there will be a Gov. Pat Quinn in the future. Well I'll let him tell the story...

So when do we start viewing the gubernatorial race as being not so much between Judy Baar Topinka and Gov. Blagojevich as between Topinka and Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who would take over the job should his boss find it necessary to, ah, spend time elsewhere?

Quinn strikes me as an affable goof, a view formed during his grass-roots consumer and environmental activist days. The sort of do-gooder who usually never gets within spitting distance of public office. He might surprise us. I have a good feeling about Quinn. Wouldn't it be ironic if both Judy and Rod end up in history's Dumpster, digging for chicken bones with meat still on them, while Quinn is putting his feet up in the governor's mansion? Stranger things have happened.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The David Zucker Albright Ad

Check out this ad, which is said to be politcally incorrect but damned funny by Larry Elder. This is probably one answer to those Republicans who think the the party is unwilling to take the fight to the Democrats as the Democrats are towards Republicans. This ad was made by a producer responsible for Airplane, The Naked Gun and more recently Scary Movie 4.

Check this out too...

Last night...

I saw the press conference the Governor held yesterday after his fund-raiser Tony Rezko was indicted yesterday by federal prosecutors. It was interesting to see Blagojevich saying he feels betrayed and all this good stuff. There were a couple of interesting moments from what I saw from the video at CBS2Chicago.com.

First off a reporter asked about the possibility of Blagojevich getting indicted. Not a question out of left field. This is probably the kind of thing that will upset someone watching a press conference especially to ask a question that was somewhat unnecessary. Then again I' m not a reporter nor do I aspire to be one.

Second, a guy from Englewood who obviously was desperate to get Blagojevich's attention. This man let the governor know how much he admires him, believes in him, and even voted for him. All he wanted was to meet with the governor regarding his education initiatives. At first I was thinking this man was a plant. I don't know, but this was a second interesting event during this press conference.

Tangent: I wonder who winds up at these press conferences? I thought there were all professional reporters. Would they allow a citizen journalist (and I mean a blogger or anyone who owned a newspaper press) in one of these press conference to ask the tough questions? So how did this Englewood guy get in there to get the governor's attention? I wish I knew.

Anyway, it seems like stuff always is happening around him. This is the one thing I don't like about this governor. Even George Ryan seemed relatively quiet, the only thing causing noise was the investigation of his activities in his former position as state secretary of state. I can't say I've seen anything like this, but then I haven't been around a long time.

So what can I say about this press conference except this is another interesting episode coming from this administration.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Governor's race...

I'm looking at the Daily Southtown article on Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka. It lists some of positions on education funding, jobs, and ethics. The governor has been trying to connect her via her party affiliation with the indicted former Gov. George Ryan. Will it work is another question, although I think Gov. Blagojevich hasn't proved his hands are clean.

Which reminds me that The Capital Fax Blog has a question of the day asking a yes or no (or even I don't know) question with regards to the possibility of Gov. Blagojevich getting indicted by the feds. Well I'll let you read my answer, but let me just say after all the stuff coming out of his administration I would be surprised if he didn't get indicted because right now he is being investigated. He's got so many strikes against him right now. He isn't a very good governor but perhaps some of that is because he isn't doing thing ethically.

Honestly I don't care for either candidate right now for governor. I guess what we'll be looking at here is "the lesser of two evils". What would be a shame is that the governor gets reelected.

Anyway I mention in another post about Jesse Ventura who was elected governor of Minnesota and then I connect it to this election. I'd like to add another interesting moment in American politics. The high profile recall election that resulted in Gray Davis losing his job to Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator though Governator is also used around in these parts LOL). A lot of people were saying let Gray Davis keep his just he had just got re-elected but I guess Californians were tired of him even if he did just get re-elected. Or maybe they got caught up in the circus. Who knows?

Anyway to relate this to Illinois. It's just too bad that is something we don't have. Perhaps we should consider the recall initiative for our officials. I remember a few years ago our current Lt. Governor Pat Quinn wanted to recall then Gov. Ryan, but as far as I knew there was no such thing in Illinois. Knowing some of Pat Quinn's history though, right now I'd rather a Gov. Quinn than a Gov. Blagojevich. Maybe Quinn knew what he was doing when he ran with Blagojevich almost four years ago.

Hey check this out...
Blagojevich fundraiser indicted from Chicago Tribune
Blagojevich fund-raiser Rezko indicted from ChicagoBusiness.com

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another rollcall link...

This time going on the vlogroll will be the McVlog. The man who runs it is a soap opera star Dan McVicar from The Bold and The Beautiful. Most of the videos you see are well done and funny I enjoy them and hopefully you will too. It was one of Blogger's Blogs of Note last month. If Blogger cited this blog then Mr. McVicar is doing something right.

I think I added this site sometime last week.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The O'Reilly Factor is live in Chicago...

I chose a bad time to go away and start senior year. My goodness the O'Reilly Factor is in Chicago celebrating the FOX News Channel's 10th anniversary. Just think I didn't start watching The Factor until just 6 or so years ago, but the show has been on longer than that.

I don't know if this is tonight only but I do know that there will be a studion audience for a change. I wonder if there will be plenty of heckling know how much O'Reilly can get a good fight going. A lot of people out there don't like the man for some reason. He IS looking out for us.

Anyway, I hope you watch it because I know I won't be able to. I don't have cable in my dorm. A studio audience? What is he doing turning into Phil Donahue?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

What is up with the Bears???

I've never seem them on a tear like this. It's been years since I've seen this spark. I really don't remember that fabled 1985 season. But I've heard about how they dominated the NFL that year almost going undefeated failing to tie the Miami Dolphins of 1972.

So let's see it's only 5 weeks into the new NFL season and the Bears are doing well. In fact they haven't lost a game yet!!!! Today I find out that they have beaten the Buffalo Bills 40 to 7. Last week they handed the Seattle Seahawks a serious beating last week in prime time on NBC.

Could the Bears make up for the fact that the White Sox aren't going to repeat in the world series. I don't know. I'm not going to make a prediction. But I have a reason to follow the Bears. This year.

Check out this post that I made about last season. Chicago was celebrating the Bears' 1986 Super Bowl victory.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

'Lies' cost ex-wife $9.7 mil.

Oh good lord. This really is a case of beware of a woman scorned. And it cost her almost $10 Million. Look at this story and then hopefully, if possible, you can choose your partners a little better...

But the fairy tale ended when their marriage unraveled, attorneys from both sides said.

The 200 letters Maria George sent -- complete with a glossy 8-by-10 photo of herself -- alleged that Scott George boasted of bribing judges, made plans to have her killed and duped his employers out of money with a lucrative investment scam.

The letter also detailed allegations in the couple's divorce.

Maria George, now living in the Tampa, Fla., area, had used Crain's Chicago Business to help identify top local firms where her ex-husband was likely to seek employment, and then made sure each got her letter, according to court testimony.

Scott George said he found himself demoted soon after the letters were mailed late in 2002. And when his firm was eventually sold, he was the only employee not given a job offer.

Scott George's attorney, Ed Joyce, said his client went from making $1.5 million a year before the letters were sent out to struggling to find a job.
Scott George now makes $160,000 a year with a firm that has no Chicago ties -- which means his employer never saw his ex-wife's letter. But financial experts testified he lost more than $1 million in income so far and will have a net loss of $15 million by the time he retires, as a result of his difficulties.

Maria George, owner of the holistic cosmetic company Laser Garden, accused her ex-husband of abuse and said he harassed her for years, but there was no evidence of the alleged abuse.

Still, one of Maria George's attorneys, Richard DuCote, argued in his closing statements Thursday that she endured "emotional torture" in the marriage and that sending the letters "was the only way to protect" herself from her ex-husband's threats.

Scott George has maintained he'd had no contact with Maria George since they divorced.

Something happened unfortunately we may never know what exactly happened. What caused her to do this other than for revenge of sometime. Or if he really abused her. Either way this is definitely a case of how things can go from bad to worse.

Negro League Baseball Great Buck O'Neil Dies at 94

I'm quite sure that to a certain point that to many of us, the Negro Leagues of baseball were nothing but a footnote. Perhaps many of use thought of these leagues as nothing more than second fiddle to the major leagues who probably since the beginning to about the 1940s wouldn't let blacks play at all.

But I guess they're not a footnote. FOXNews has issued a FOX News alert saying that a former player from the Negro League Buck O'Neil has passed away at age 94. Now let me just say that reading this article that if he only started to decline seriously within the last two months, I'd seriously say that's exactly how I want to age. He seemed relatively active too.

He's been on David Letterman. He really shot to fame on the Ken Burns documentary, Baseball. Oh yeah it seems that early this year he actually played in a Negro League all star game in which he was the oldest person every to play baseball. He also almost made it into Cooperstown but he didn't get in.

Racial attitudes of the past didn't see him in the mainstream but at least on this day. He is covered on FOX News, the Chicago Sun-Times and hopefully other outlets.

Negro League Baseball Great Buck O'Neil Dies at 94 from FOXNews.com
Baseball great Buck O'Neil dies at 94 from Chicago Sun-Times
Negro League great Buck O'Neil, 94, dies from MSNBC.com
O'Neil, Negro Leagues player, dies at 94 from MLB.com

Friday, October 06, 2006

I think it's about time that I add a pair of links to the sidebar here...

It'll be a matter of days but I think that I will add both C-Span and Illinois Channel to the sidebar links. It's about time and there are moments where I enjoy C-Span. I don't enjoy Illinois Channel as much because I rarely get to see it.

It's mainly because in Chicago at least it's only on Saturday mornings for a very brief period on Channel 21 of the Chicago Access Network. At least there's the website because unlike C-Span programming isn't streamed online. You can only get certain segments.

In any event I blogged about C-Span over the summer. They had this program about the US Capitol in June I believe. It was one of the many specials that I have seen on C-Span over time.

BTW, there's a nice blog list over at C-Span.org. I wonder who determines what blog goes there. I see that one of my favorite video blogs, The Steve Garfield Video Blog is over there. So Mr. Garfield is doing something right. Anyway I have a few suggestions of my own to be put up there at C-Span.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I was reading this column from downstate Illinois just now...

And I must say it was an interesting one. I barely remember 1994 with Dawn Clark Netsch proposing a tax increase. I was in grammar school back then and a big issue that came up with my (I believe)union leader teacher was school funding. He often talked about how if those Republicans win, we the students will get screwed. They'll cut funding for schools.

Not only did the Republicans win the governorship (Netsch's proposed tax increases hurt her most likely), but they also won control of the general assemby for the next two years. And that meant that Michael J. Madigan became the Democratic minority leader in the Illinois House. I should mention one other thing with the Republicans in control of Springfield, the Chicago Public School came under the control of Mayor Daley back in 1995.

Well in any event thinking about the current gubernatorial contest got me thinking about another contest in another state, Minnesota. There was a three way race and somehow a man known as Jesse "The Body" Ventura seemed to have had a shot at winning the governor's race. He really stirred the pot in ways his mainstream opponents just couldn't. He won though it helped that he used to be a famous wrestler and radio show host.

I can't say too much about his performance as governor though, since I'm not a resident of Minnesota. However I really liked how he became governor. It was unconvential with the use of action figures, his campaign website was innovative for the times (1998), and he had a really funky campaign commercial. He ultimately won being one of the few independantly affiliated governors in the country.

Right now though we have two people in Illinois seeking to be governor and they only seem to know how to point the finger at their opponent. There doesn't seem to be too much that jumps out at me that say OK I'll vote for you. I mean what can I say?

Governor's race boils down to one name: Ryan from St. Louis Today. com

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Check out this conscious teenager...

On YouTube this young man is making an impassioned plea for voters to elect Judy Baar Topinka governor. It's pretty funny. And check out his website too. I found this on Capitol Fax Blog as well. It's even on the Capital Fax Video Log.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I was surprised to see this in Chicagoist yesterday...

They blogged about Chicago State University (based on an article in the Sun-Times). It seems that high school college counselors from the south and southwest suburbs are taking another look at that school. Chicago State University is even trying to get some of those kids from a suburb such as Oak Lawn to come to school there.

Chicago State lies on a campus lined with trees (it is a very nice campus, BTW) surrounded by King Drive, 95th street, the Illinois Central Railroad and then 99th Street (or the Calument or Bishop Ford Expressway which is parallel to 99th Street). They been building up too with a new convocation center and they're also building a new library as well.

From Oak Lawn to say 95th and King Drive is only a 20 minute drive away. Yet a high school senior from Oak Lawn would know nothing about Chicago State. Another thing that Chicago State is also using as an asset, low tuition....

At the breakfast, CSU President Elnora Daniel delivered the message: We're in your backyard, we offer a large variety of quality programs, and we're affordable. At $6,400, annual tuition is lower than that at all but two of the 11 four-year public schools in the state and far less than at any local private school.

Maloney, who chairs the Senate Higher Education Committee, said CSU shouldn't remain an "untapped resource'' for students from these nearby towns. Although many students would still rather go farther afield to attend college, skyrocketing costs have left many others in need of affordable options closer to home, he said. Some kids from Catholic high schools commute as far away as Loyola --and pay $26,000 in tuition -- instead of going to CSU, which costs less than some are paying for high school.
So why haven't students from say the suburb of Oak Law never went to school at Chicago State...

Part of the reason is race-related, says state Sen. Edward Maloney (D-Chicago), a CSU graduate and former faculty member at Oak Lawn.

CSU's student body is 86 percent African American, while Oak Lawn High School is 84 percent white, a makeup similar to that of other area suburban schools.

CSU admits it didn't recruit heavily in those suburbs, while high school counselors acknowledge they didn't encourage students to go to CSU.
While I can agree it's race related. I can probably say that when I was looking for colleges Chicago State wasn't seen as a good school. Indeed amongst my senior classmates many years ago, it could be seen as a school of last resort. Perhaps the current administration is trying to change that now.

And I hope so too. Why shouldn't this be a place where students want to come and learn? This school doesn't have to be nor should it remain a school of last resort.

So what did area counselors have to say about this school...

Counselors interviewed after the meeting said they were impressed with many things about CSU, including its small class sizes, Division I sports programs and new pharmacy program. And they were wowed by its facilities, including a sparkling new library.

The result? "I can't wait to get back and recommend [CSU] to my students,'' said Gina O'Brien, counselor at Shepard High School in Palos Heights. Others agreed.
Oh yeah, so let's dispell one myth right now...

Another counselor, Sharon Geinosky of Queen of Peace High School in Burbank, said some students had the "perception that the neighborhood is not safe.'' But at the meeting, counselors learned that the campus, in fact, is one of the safest in the state.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

I've gotta find this movie...

I've heard a lot about this movie. This movie was mentioned in another politcal type movie, The American President. This part of the synopsis I read really made me say, "Oh please"...
Although all hope seemed lost in his home state, the senators begin to pay attention despite Smith's utter exhaustion and the hoarseness of his voice. Paine has one more card up his sleeve. He brings in bins of letters and telegrams from Smith's home state from people demanding his expulsion. Nearly broken by the news, he finds a small ray of hope in a friendly smile from the President of the Senate (Harry Carey). He vows to press on until people believe him, but he immediately collapses. Senator Paine leaves the Senate chamber and, overcome with guilt, attempts to kill himself. When he is stopped, he bursts back into the Senate chamber, loudly confesses to the whole scheme and confirms Smith's innocence.
OK this has really peaked my curiosity, now I just need to find this movie and I haven't started seriously looking either. When I have, I didn't find it. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet. Maybe I can find it.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jesse Jackson Jr. launches ballot access drive for Mayor

There's have been rumbles of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. running for Mayor of Chicago for the better part of a year or more now. There are some things I disagree with him on, but there is a need for change in Chicago. Do you think there needs to be a change you decide. Otherwise have a look at this video from the Capitol Fax Video Log.

During a meeting at Operation PUSH on Saturday, 9/30/06, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. announced that he is seeking volunteers to circulate petitions that could place him on the ballot in the race for Mayor of Chicago