Monday, October 02, 2006

I've gotta find this movie...

I've heard a lot about this movie. This movie was mentioned in another politcal type movie, The American President. This part of the synopsis I read really made me say, "Oh please"...
Although all hope seemed lost in his home state, the senators begin to pay attention despite Smith's utter exhaustion and the hoarseness of his voice. Paine has one more card up his sleeve. He brings in bins of letters and telegrams from Smith's home state from people demanding his expulsion. Nearly broken by the news, he finds a small ray of hope in a friendly smile from the President of the Senate (Harry Carey). He vows to press on until people believe him, but he immediately collapses. Senator Paine leaves the Senate chamber and, overcome with guilt, attempts to kill himself. When he is stopped, he bursts back into the Senate chamber, loudly confesses to the whole scheme and confirms Smith's innocence.
OK this has really peaked my curiosity, now I just need to find this movie and I haven't started seriously looking either. When I have, I didn't find it. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet. Maybe I can find it.

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