Sunday, October 15, 2006

Opening shot

From Neil Steinberg today. This column was titled, Topinka vs. Blagojevich? Or -- the mighty Quinn, though there was only the first two paragraphs talking about the governor's race. And you know what? He says about what I said here. He gets the feeling that there will be a Gov. Pat Quinn in the future. Well I'll let him tell the story...

So when do we start viewing the gubernatorial race as being not so much between Judy Baar Topinka and Gov. Blagojevich as between Topinka and Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who would take over the job should his boss find it necessary to, ah, spend time elsewhere?

Quinn strikes me as an affable goof, a view formed during his grass-roots consumer and environmental activist days. The sort of do-gooder who usually never gets within spitting distance of public office. He might surprise us. I have a good feeling about Quinn. Wouldn't it be ironic if both Judy and Rod end up in history's Dumpster, digging for chicken bones with meat still on them, while Quinn is putting his feet up in the governor's mansion? Stranger things have happened.

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Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Rich Whitney, the Green Party's candidate for Illinois Governor!

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