Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here are some sites of interest.

You know I'll be honest some of the ideas for my posts here takes a little time and I tend to be impatient. That being said what I'd like to do will take me more time than I'd like, however, they will be material to be used in this blog. It is my hope that this blog exposes thing to those who read it. Today I'd like to expose everyone to some sites that I've ran into overtime. These are mainly black conservative/Republican websites.

First off this website wasn't even online until this morning. The Conspiracy one of many sites that I discovered when I first found ProtestWarrior.com and Brain-Terminal.com.

Second, The Currington Perspective. You see him start to ask questions about those who supposedly represent him.

Third, the South Central Los Angeles Republican Club. He was on the Jesse Lee Peterson radio program and I thought that this guy had a hell of a battle to fight. He still does, but at least he's putting the GOP where they should really be.

Finally, I should mention Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Bond. You'll see what it's about but ultimately they seek to address the problems that these established black leaders fail to address. What is wrong with rolling up your sleeves and getting into the muck. Rev. Peterson is dangerous because he may not share the same views or is the same party as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and company.

More than everyone of those guys he may need support, but at least we now know that there is a different view other than what we see in Congress, in City Hall, on the county boards, and even in the state legislatures. We can at least see what those who don't have access to power really think.

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