Saturday, February 19, 2005

Exercising free speech

Last month Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown wrote a column about Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. The simple premise is that there are timese where you need to speak up and express some opposition to what's going on. That's what Jesse Jackson Jr. did.

Now to start Brown asks the question if you can imagine a world where a person spoke up against the policies of President Bush, Governor Blagojevich, and Mayor Daley and their their opposition roused speculation. That's what happened to Jesse Jackson Jr. To be sure there have always been persistent rumors that he may run for mayor of Chicago someday. But this opposition sparked more rumors. Brown talks to Jackson about this new controversy. According to Brown Jackson sounds like someone interested in running for Chicago's mayoralty.

Now the current city council or perhaps any city council in Chicago during the mayorship of Daley has been considered the most rubber stamped council in city history. Most of the Alderman either support Daley without question or they own Daley for the careers. That is either Daley helped them become alderman or Daley keep them as alderman.

I can't say I'm a fan of Jesse Jr. thanks to his family ties. He is the son of the "great" civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, but I would hope that this spurs serious opposition against how Daley runs Chicago. On top of that Daley thanks to the many scandal and stories that have broken out on his watch during this current term starting in 2003. Daley has some serious housecleaning. If he's not successful then Daley needs to watch out for Jesse Jr.

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