Monday, October 22, 2007

Home games in Hawks TV future

I understand that maybe the late William Wirtz was old school and I can even respect in some respect why he decided to take Blackhawks home games off TV. What I don't understand is why he countinued this policy when it was turning in a disastrous one. As I hope under a new stewart that policy is gonna change. From the Tribune...
The Chicago Blackhawks are in talks with Comcast SportsNet to begin televising home games, perhaps as early as this season.

In a memo to the Blackhawks staff, new chairman Rocky Wirtz said that the Blackhawks met with Comcast SportsNet executives last week "to begin discussions about getting some home games back on television this hockey season.''

"It's important to understand that CSN's current schedule was developed well over a year ago, so fitting the Hawks into that schedule can't be done overnight,'' Wirtz wrote in the memo. "But it can be done, and, while no definitive agreements have been reached, we are convinced that it is the appropriate next step to re-energizing Chicago hockey fans, and creating new fans. We are also working on a long-term strategy for televising additional home games in the future.''

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