Thursday, October 06, 2011

AP: Will Apple Continue to Thrive?

[VIDEO] I found out just yesterday that Apple Inc. founder and former CEO Steve Jobs had passed away. At that time I was no where near a PC or a TV when the news broke. In fact, I found out through an IM courtesy of my non-iPhone :P

This video looks at the future of Apple without their visionary founder and leader. In August he stepped down from his CEO position at Apple Inc. He had been fighting cancer and already had a leave of absense since January, but returned to the public eye to unveil the iPad2.

There was another unveiling of products at least a day before his death when Apple had revealed the newest version of the iPhone. I understand that he wasn't there to even show support.

As you see in this video people are talking about him. In the beginning he had a rough start. He may well have revolutionized the personal computer, but before the 80s was over he was out of the company he formed building computers in his parent's garage. Then he came back by the late 1990s and then a string of products with the iPod, iPhone and then the iPad. Of course let's not forget about those Macs.

As was the quote in that AP video, there is hope that Jobs' vision will continue even though he has passed away. Perhaps we'll continue to deal with the Macs, iPods, iPhones & iPads for the foreseeable future!

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