Saturday, November 08, 2008

Get your vote on!!!!

One of the poll workers had a nice bedside manner. His delivery certainly wasn't dry as he seemed have this great ability to rhyme his words. Especially in giving instructions to voters who dropped on by to get their vote on.

When we arrived at this polling place he told us his personal history. His mother wanted him to go to Morehouse, but he didn't want to. In telling us his story he almost flubbed by saying that he wanted to go party, er, Tennessee State Universtiy. That lets us know what he went to Tennessee State and he said he spend plenty of time there in his youth.

It was fun watching that guy using his beside manner in getting these voters ready for their time at the polls, especially if the wait was better than maybe one or two hours in the morning.

An incident happened as me and a partner were at the polls on Election Day. Some election officials from Fulton County dropped by to tell us, even though we weren't campaigning or other wise connected to any political candidates that we were too close to the polls. To be on the safe side we were told to move away at least 125 ft. That put a dent in the original plans which were to get every third black voter to take this survey.

The poll worker with the beside manner and drove an old VW Beatle told us that those individuals from Fulton County were just busy bodies trying to justify their jobs. He told a story how they actually measure the distance from the polling place to whatever place campaign signs were supposed to be.

Another guy was a black radical from way back. He said he used to be a Black Panther, these days he's a member of the NAACP. He talked about how no one messed with them because back in the 1960s and 70s blacks were more organized while blacks aren't much organized now. He helped us out immensly as we continued our exit polling work.

He gave us another story in this lil incident. He said it was politics with Atlanta being a city in Georgia and Georgia not being a home rule state, meaning that Atlanta isn't totally free to govern its own affairs. Thus Fulton County can intervene or even the State of Georgia can interfer. Indeed this man said that Georgia is under both a Republican Governor and a Secretary of State who sent in people from Fulton County to make trouble for Atlanta election officials.

Indeed the man said the Secretary of State also was a commissioner in Fulton County and this person may certainly still have some contacts in the County to be able to make trouble for city election officials especially in the precincts. He gave us a brief run down especially with the lady in charge in this precinct saying that voter knows who she is, but it might serve someone to cause some trouble and find a way to get the workers in the precinct in trouble even if it's relatively minor.

This guy may not have looked educated but he's had masters and law degrees. He often referred to the institute we were doing these surveys for. He knows the man who it was named for, a former Morehouse College Political Science professor. He never indicated that he went to Morehouse however.

We did meet two Morehouse alum one of whom was an actual student of this professor. He was class of 1970 and a minister at a church in Atlanta. I almost talked to him like he was young, but he let me know that we're peers. Well that felt great, perhaps that's the brotherhood that Morehouse is advertised as having.

Later this day I had switched partners and met another graduate. He and his wife were handing out snacks to voters at this precinct. I asked if he was from any political organization and he said that he works for another Morehouse alum who has a seat on the Atlanta City Council. They come by with snacks for "moral support" of the people who came by this precinct to vote.

There was another guy who dropped by to talk to us. I thought he was especially nosey and he was in the mood to talk about people and he especially homed in on me. The other young man I was with at this time has a much more fresher and cleaner look than I did at the moment. He easily deduced that I was a senior and he is correct about that, but all that other stuff he was talking about well, I could say he was full of it.

TMI, on some of the young ladies who dropped by. He liked eye candy he said and said that one young lady who walked into the polling place was too old but she was f*ckable. He also mentioned that he was working on getting his stimulus money. He also said he was a computer science major, but currently unemployed and he was 49. He still goes to his mom's home to pick the refrigerator.

It took awhile for him to just leave the polling place, but needless to say although he might have homed in on me and negatively me and my partner found ourselves talkin about him ourselves. With us agreeing that he's 49 years old and a computer science major, but has little to show for it. I also deduced that I know why, his mouth's too big!

Anyway this guy was a big character on this day. Although who knows his ability at being a character probably might have hurt him with me and perhaps with my "friend" for the day as well. Still this was an interesting day I had on a very history Election Day.

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knowitall said...

People should have kept their stories to themselves, because it could change the minds of unsure voters. That is not the case here, the media was the factor, and they clearly showed a bias for the liberal illuminati.

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