Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Maroon Tiger & Homecoming.

I also Digg'd this but it seems that not only do the Men of Morehouse take their student elections to another level, but they take their student newspaper to another level as well. This paper has been winning award for the work they do. Of course for the purposes of this post I won't be able to document it, let alone is it the point of this post.

After a series of false starts since I've attended this institution they finally have a website to look at the work they're doing. They're probably been online since the academic year started.

The next piece of news coming up is homecoming week. This is when alumni and students really show out for their school. There is a coronation ceremony and ball and some other festive event. Then after that there is the homecoming game but before the Fighting Maroon Tigers take to the field, what would be a homecoming without a parade. After that usually is a greek step show.

Yep the Divine Nine members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council have something of a performance where they step wearing costumes or outfits. I went to it last year it was enjoyable. Now if you're not familiar with it I can link to some examples.

Anyway please have a look at The Maroon Tiger.

Video: Beta Zeta Nupes - Kappa Alpha Psi - StepShow
Video Experiment 3: Omega Psi Phi
A video experiment...-Alpha Phi Alpha stepping on national TV at the NAACP Image Awards on FOX

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Citizen j said...

Nice! It's funny how the tiger is such a natural icon for a certain type of network...

Liked your MLK as a Republican coverage, too...

Vote Citizen j in 2008.

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