Friday, October 06, 2006

I think it's about time that I add a pair of links to the sidebar here...

It'll be a matter of days but I think that I will add both C-Span and Illinois Channel to the sidebar links. It's about time and there are moments where I enjoy C-Span. I don't enjoy Illinois Channel as much because I rarely get to see it.

It's mainly because in Chicago at least it's only on Saturday mornings for a very brief period on Channel 21 of the Chicago Access Network. At least there's the website because unlike C-Span programming isn't streamed online. You can only get certain segments.

In any event I blogged about C-Span over the summer. They had this program about the US Capitol in June I believe. It was one of the many specials that I have seen on C-Span over time.

BTW, there's a nice blog list over at I wonder who determines what blog goes there. I see that one of my favorite video blogs, The Steve Garfield Video Blog is over there. So Mr. Garfield is doing something right. Anyway I have a few suggestions of my own to be put up there at C-Span.

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illinoischannel said...

Regarding the Illinois Channel, we would welcome your linking to our site. As to our air times, in Chicago we are seen Saturday mornings on CAN-TV, Ch 21 from 9 am to 11 am. On Sunday, we are seen on CAN's Ch 19, from 8:30am to 10:30.

Our programming IS video-streamed on our website and has been since Feb. 2003. By going to our website: viewers can just click on the photo on the front page that concerns the story they wish to see.

For a more complete list of where our programs are aired, click on the DISTRIBUTION page of our website, which gives channels and air times in communities across the state.

Thank you for the opportunity to let your readers know this, and for linking to the Illinois Channel.

Terry Martin
Illinois Channel Executive Director

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