Monday, February 01, 2010

This is what I plan to do tommorrow

This may be a crucial primary. In Illinois we will vote in our respective primaries for our choice to run for Governor in November. Of course that's not the only position up for grabs. We'll vote for the next county board president as well.

The rhetoric I hear is that there is a wish for change in the important positions in not only state government but county government as well. Not only that, there is a need for change in the federal government as well.

Well we won't vote for President until 2012, but this year we can elect Senators or Representatives to Congress. Therefore we can send the people in the US Congress a message in 2010. We can send President Obama a message that we don't like the direction of the nation.

I'm not going to say what Illinois will say. What can be said is that the situation here isn't satisfactory and a shake-up would do this state a lot of good. That I can get with, we can't keep the same people in power anymore!

Whatever you do tomorrow, VOTE! And also use that vote wisely, PLEASE! Thanks.

I will visit my polling place for the first time in years! Hopefully I can post that adventure when I do tomorrow!

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