Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2010 primary kudos

Yesterday Illinois had their primaries for such positions as Governor, Senator, and locally Cook County Board President.

First let's talk about the Governor's race.

Dan Hynes I will give him a lot of credit for making the Democratic primary more of a horse race than it was already. That was a good ad and although many people may have had a problem with it, it almost certainly made this race a close race. What Mayor Harold Washington said over 20 years ago was almost as prescient about Quinn's current situation as it was then.

Dan Proft Well I won't hold my breath over what I wish would happen. I think what he had said during the course of this campaign was spot-on. Hopefully he will continue to push for a policy revolution and the creation of unconventional coalitions to make needed changes in our state. Hopefully this race for Governor won't be his only foray as a candidate.

Mark Kirk I really never liked the term RINO. I can understand that we know that there are those who will sacrifice their principals or their party's principals for whatever. It's just that such a label can be easily used frivolously especially if say a Republican may generally agree with fellow Republicans on such and such issues. Let's say someone out there may want to call Ron Paul a RINO, although his views on the issues may bring needed energy to the Republican Party in general.

Kirk Dillard Basically one could write for him almost the same statement as above for Mark Kirk. Honestly I may trust Mr. Dillard (who also cut an ad for President Obama in 2008) with the state's governorship more than I would trust either of the Democrats vying for their party's nomination for Governor or most of Dillard's fellow Republicans. I think while I may have liked Proft's aggressiveness and confrontational style in addressed the issues of Illinois, I think compromise and consensus is what Illinois needs right now. It's unclear if probable GOP nominee Bill Brady would provide that.

Toni Preckwinkle Crain's political columnist Greg Hinz was happy to know that voters didn't merely vote race. It was feared that with three black would split the vote and help elect a white Irishman into the office of Cook County Board President. Not that I follow polls but those who do will have found that the numbers just weren't going in that direction. In the primaries Preckwinkle still won the election even if she had to face not only the Circuit Court Clerk, but the incumbent County Board President who was largely politically wounded since he ever entered into the race to claim the position of his dad who was also County Board President. That being said I really would like to see Ald. Preckwinkle's vision for how SHE would like to run county government, because Todd Stroger's vision was very much lacking. Even without charges of political patronage or the attempt at desperation by claiming that without Stroger county health care may be cut!

Not a kudos but an observation. I listened to Pat Quinn's comments last night on the radio. He really danced around it and I almost thought he was conceding, he said in his comments that the time is now to support the Democratic nominee. Of course the team on the radio also noted that in a way the Governor declared victory for the people. It was a good speech, but also an indication what politicians do in situations like this. They dance! Until the race is officially determined, all we might see is dancing.

Hopefully there WILL be no more dancing!

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