Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Capitol Fax Blog...

Has some video of a show from the Chicago Access Network. The people responsible for the North Town News Magazine have a special 2006 election show which was a live program one morning (probably on the weekend) where all the candidates running for office in Cook County and statewide call into the show for a brief interview. And really pay attention to the discussion afterward. It's pretty good.

Believe it or not Todd Stroger called into the show. They didn't exactly get into him, but they seemed to have better things to say about his opponent for county board president Tony Peraica (the lone Republican who called into the show) than they did for Todd Stroger who they just kept saying he was a nice guy and he's not his father.

Anyway have a look at it. Again courtesy of the Capitol Fax Blog. The duration is about an hour.

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