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Friday, March 27, 2015

Morris Brown College emerges from bankruptcy

Morris Brown is one of the schools located in the cluster of institutions known as the Atlanta University Center. Sometime in the last decade that school's administration had engaged in some corrupt practices that resulted in losing their accreditation and began a long road back to viability. Thanks to an e-mail going around on social media - from 6th District African Methodist Episcopal Church with whom the school has been affiliated during the course of its history - Morris Brown College emerges from bankruptcy and hopefully regain it's accreditation.

This is certainly good news and hopefully we will see Morris Brown regain it's rightful place amongst the nation's historically Black institutions of higher learning.

BTW, I have followed some of the news regarding this school over the years and here's one of them. I was a fan of My Urban Report unfortunately posting has slowed down over the years, but the blogmaster there had shared a video he did in connection with Morris Brown. Primarily to help the school raise the necessary funds to get the school back on its feet.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Root: "Little White Lie"

[VIDEO] I'm sorry that this documentary - Little While Lie - was missed. This was something of interest and the article about this was right in front of me and still didn't think about it. I'm glad that at some point in the future it will be available through iTunes.

Basically a young woman has to come to terms with not only her mother's infidelity, but her racial identity. See this woman's mother had an affair with a Black man and she came from a Jewish family. While it seems the family attempted to avoid the truth, the world didn't seem able to do so.
But when Schwartz was a child, her light-brown skin and curly hair elicited comments from people outside her immediate family circle: At her bat mitzvah, a woman from the synagogue mistook Lacey for an Ethiopian Jew.
When Schwartz questioned her parents, her father showed her a portrait of her Sicilian great-grandfather, whose darker skin seemingly provided an explanation for her own. Schwartz, like everyone around her, bought this story.
That denial allowed her parents to convince themselves that the great-grandfather story was true. Still, Schwartz couldn’t shake that feeling of otherness. When she began attending a more diverse high school, she would get stares from black girls and didn’t understand why. Her parent’s divorce, right before she turned 16, only led to more unanswered questions.
So I shall find this film on iTunes starting March 31st. The video you see above is the trailer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What makes a natural born citizen?

Since first term US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz has thrown his had into the 2016 presidential race, I found this WaPo article interesting. I wanted to know if Sen. Cruz who had been born in Canada was a natural-born citizen.

I knew he was born in Canada but were his parents US Citizens. There seems to be a serious debate about this.

There was a debate on a web-forum far far away over Cruz' US Senate colleague Marco Rubio. I believe the issue there was the immigrant status of his parents although Rubio was actually born in Miami, Florida to naturalized American citzens. Which adds another wrinkle to this debate over whether or not a person born in US territory is a natural born citizen.

Even mentioned in the aforementioned article the President. Although in the President's case it was less over being a natural born citizen as it was truth over some crucial birth documents.

In my personal most humble opinion if you're an American citizen born to an American citizen you're a citizen. I don't totally understand the debate between citizen vs. natural born citizen. My understanding has always been if you were born to an American citizen parent then you are a citizen and that makes you a natural born citizen.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I know, know enough blogs already....

Basically it's wonder that I still post here anymore. This blog is the one that started me off on blogging, however, it seems at times I've posted on several blogs over the years.

Briefly I posted at Zack's TV most recently. Then for a good period of time I posted at Illinoize and Gaper's Block. That in addition to the other blogs I've started over the years but currently there's My Mind's Eye, The Sixth Ward (or, and now the Shedd School blog.

At times these blogs get neglected although at times there can be a flurry of activity especially at Shedd School blog currently. My Mind's Eye barely gets posts and of course thanks to its importance The Sixth Ward gets more activity period.

Most of the other blogs are at times more focused on a variety of issues such as local politics, education, or just taking photographs. So what is the purpose of this blog.

Over the years this blog's decided focus is on conservative issues. I do consider myself a small C conservative. There are issues on that realm with which I do sympathize. And besides on many issues it pays not to be closed minded to consider different sides of the issue.

And that's where the focus for this blog shall remain. To be honest my ideology at times seems all over the place. I have identified myself as a small L libertarian and there are some issues I sympathize with there as well.

So either way I have outlets for other issues that are important to me. And perhaps I need to remain focus on more national or international issues.

BTW, I provided an explanation to the issues with Israel months ago that impressed even myself. I may not have gotten it entirely right, but hopefully there's someone out there who reads this blog who'd be willing to correct me. At least on some of the points I would seek to make.

Monday, March 16, 2015

So the wrestler who shows up in the WWE finally speaks...

[VIDEO] On a previous edition of Monday Night Raw the vigilante Sting made his comments to the WWE Universe. He set up his match with Triple H in terms of what he saw happened in WCW and how that promotion ultimately died.

Well Sting was referring to the authority in WCW - which included one Eric Bischoff - who aligned themselves with the nWo or the new world order. The nWo consisted of such former WWE superstars at least back then as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and even Hulk Hogan. The new world order was the dominate story line in WCW for most of the late 1990s.

Of course Sting was speaking in terms of storyline. What happened with WCW and it's ultimate purchase by WWE and it's closure was a lot more than we saw on our TV screens. At some point I stopped watching  because it attempted to imitate the competition and I could watch the real deal. So perhaps one issue back then was the creative team.

Beyond the reality I did like how Sting set up his Wrestlemania match with the WWE's new authority with Triple H and his wife who just so happens to be the daughter of one Vince McMahon who basically establishes that universe. BTW, Sting already had run-ins with H as on two occasions matches had been interfered with which resulted in the authority being removed from power and resulted in returning three other wrestlers back to the WWE roster.

But then when you consider Sting in his current gimmick where he resembles that dark superhero the Crow, he always was a vigilante. He had to face the nWo as the franchise player of WCW and even had to change his persona from more of a surfer Sting to a much more darker character. The character who challenged the nWo and the decline of WCW.

How will that storyline finally unfold...

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Old TV nostalgia...

[VIDEO] Last night before I went to bed for some reason my interest led to me the old sitcom Roseanne. Then it hits me how much TV I watched with my mother. Roseanne was one of her favorite programs.

Then I remembered other series that she liked such as Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Cagney & Lacey, Simon & Simon, Golden Girls or even M*A*S*H. SO basically TV series of the 1980s and early 1990s. Well by the time I became aware of M*A*S*H it was the 1990s and in reruns.

Ah, M*A*S*H...well some of the series listed above I'm not sure you can count me as a fan. Been years since I've ever seen Roseanne aside from the intro you see above. Also been years since I've seen M*A*S*H, and that's a show that over the years I've often seen in reruns over and over again.

Funny thing is that I've essentially became a fan of the movie MASH which in some respects the TV series of the same name was based - actually both were based on a novel. My mother unfortunately would say she hasn't been able to get into the movie and likely remains a fan of the series.

Either way this posting is one of nostalgia. The shows of the past that we now see in reruns were once popular and enjoyed long runs when they originally aired. Now it's like where has these shows been?

Early in the last decade some of these shows I became a fan of because they were rerun on some of these cable networks especially LA Law. Dallas - another of my mother's favorites programs - I became a fan of because reruns once aired on the network that ultimately became Spike.

Even though there's some good TV on today - save at least for any "reality" based programming. Now I miss the shows that sort of made up my childhood and at least before I started taking command of the remote. Although some of those shows were very adult for me it hits me that it's been years since I've actually seen them on TV.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MARK CUBAN: This is just the start of the college implosion

So Cuban editorialized the closure of a small all-female liberal arts college in Virginia:
One person not surprised by Sweet Briar's news was Mark Cuban, the entrepreneur and billionaire investor. For years, Cuban has been warning of a "student loan bubble," which he says will soon burst and leave many schools suffering.

On Tuesday, after Sweet Briar made its announcement, Cuban tweeted "This is just the beginning of the college implosion."

"As this little college saw, there will be other students that get their heart set on one college, and it won't be there when they graduate," Cuban said in an interview with Business Insider.

There's a growing education bubble, with rising tuition and students taking out loans they might not be able to pay back, according to Cuban. "At some point," he added, "it's going to pop."
It's all about the student loans and the student's ability to repay. Something I'm facing myself.

So the next question Cuban seems to run into:
This debt ultimately will outweigh most of the potential benefit you're getting from the college education, Cuban said. "What you thought you were going to get in quality of life by going to that college, you've just undermined with the amount of debt you're taking on," Cuban said.
My two cents is that getting a bachelor's is expected almost akin to getting another high school diploma only that it truly costs money and you'd have to take out loans. We hear about how those with a bachelor's make more money than those with a high school diploma but only matters if you're free and clear when you graduate. Now what I hope future high school juniors & seniors in addition to college students is consider what they expect to do with a college degree.

I wonder what was expected of someone with a college degree during the era where it wasn't expected as opposed to an era as today where it's not merely expected but it's entitled. Another conclusion I've come to about college with the government offering financial aid such as student loans it's more of an entitlement.

Of course this is not to say hey everyone shouldn't attend a higher education institution, however, what I want are those who are serious to go to school and be successful. Not for those who were pushed into such an undertaking and they weren't very serious especially with study or finances.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Out of hibernation...

[VIDEO] Well we finally have our warm temps here in Chicago and artistmac talks about that. The snow that fell on Super Bowl Sunday this year is finally melting. Hopefully the cold temps that kept our young people out of school for at least 4 days within the past two months are nothing more than a memory.

Even better daylight savings time has passed as of this Saturday and then in the next week or so the first day of spring. It seems we've had a miserable winter this year and the end is only around the corner!

Monday, March 09, 2015

#Selma 50 years later

Over the weekend there was a lot of news out of Selma, Alabama commemorating a famous civil rights march that started in that town (which also spawned a major motion picture based on those events 50 years ago). The bridge that was largely a symbolic epicenter of that event was host to a 50 year anniversary march which featured two Presidents of the United States.

I got to find out why former President George W. Bush decided to make his way to Selma with his wife Laura Bush. It certainly was a cool gesture as I truly believe the fight for civil rights back in the 1960s or even today is a just bipartisan cause.

Partisanship with civil rights in my mind has no standing in the demonstrations of 50 to 60 years ago. A segment of the population back then were being denied their rights and it was unacceptable. Most people who saw how civil rights activists were treated on their TV screens back then realized the same thing, hopefully.

So I've been seeing complaints that President Bush had been cropped out of the pic with President Obama. The uncropped pic you see above and the cropped pic you may have seen via the NY Times.

Now I'm not going to add onto the speculation to why this occurred. The question is was it partisan. If it was then I would say petty because I truly believe civil rights was right regardless of any political leanings. So if this was merely partisan then the cropping was certainly petty. Although the photograph claims this hadn't been intentional at all.

I recognize that many may not like President Bush whose administration lasted from 2001 to 2009 mainly because of his execution of the War on Terror. At the same time a Republican former president and a sitting Democrat president - who also happens to be Black - marching at a commemoration of a 50 year old event should be good press. It only shows that no one party or ideology can say they are the party of civil rights.

Friday, March 06, 2015

WaPo: Starting over in Dearborn, Michigan: The Arab capital of North America

The Washington Post documents the Arab community in Dearborn, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit. Nice pictures and the story was much more compelling. Many of these individuals came from nations in conflict or change. And the conflicts happened decades ago and it seems never stopped.