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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tiny houses for the homeless

[VIDEO] The video I'm sharing with you was shown over at E.M. It showed one man's attempt at alleviating the homeless problem in Los Angeles. He calls them houses I call them sheds and these are structures which often are on the sidewalk or on a street. Well there isn't a private property to places these structures on.

Let me level with you, I have the absolute worst expectations of homeless people. My current job has odd hours that includes being on the CTA L in the early morning hours and often - especially during winter - the homeless are stretched out on the train sleeping. I don't like it, but how much resources are going to be dedicated towards keeping them off of CTA trains?

So this struggling musician you see here being interviewed, I support his own grassroots efforts to help the homeless of LA. For those who appreciate these small houses it gave them something. Problem is the city officials wanted to rebuff this solution to the point where the personal effects of these individuals were seized with these houses and no opportunity to collect them.

Last summer one part of my vacation was spent in this area known as Skid Row. I even have a picture of it and will show you below. I was at an Los Limousines bus station waiting to ride to Las Vegas. It was a patently unpleasant experience with the smell of urine in the air. On the other hand really sad to see so many people out on the streets in such a prosperous city as Los Angeles
What I will say regarding this issue is that if I could, my goal would be the provide resources so that we can provide these houses for homeless people in any city. Preferably on vacant lots not on streets and sidewalks. Hopefully we can provide those individuals with the services they need to improve their lot.

Monday, April 17, 2017

How much money have you saved?

Posted this earlier today and shared the wrong ig post from CNBC. My apologies, didn't catch onto this sooner.

I've been doing much better saving money over the last four years and hopefully I'll look much better over the next four years. At least you couldn't coun't me in the 35% with less than $1k in savings or the 34% who has ZERO.

It takes some discipline to put some money away at least every pay period. Then scrimp and scrape as you spend money. Though as far as spending I'm still learning. A never ending process.

Funny thing, I used to complain about how my mother didn't want to spend money on things. Now I've acquired some of those habits.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I consider myself a casual sports fan, and yet it was great to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series after 108 years. It was not something that was on the horizon for many Cubs fans and yet it happened. I didn't see this coming especially.

As a casual sports fan, I usually miss the start of any sports season. Hell, most of the season breezes by before I start to pay attention.

This baseball season was no different in spite of the Cubs being the defending champions. It really feels strange typing this. It did feel great to tweet this the night the North Siders won it all!
So between November 2nd to April 10th it's time for a championship banner raising. [VIDEO]

I am however very glad that the Cubs didn't take to this idea of utilizing world champs uniforms for the 2017 MLB season. It would've been very tacky even after 108 years. Even worse it's already difficult to repeat as world series champs, although here's hope it doesn't take another century for the Cubs to do it one more time and then some!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

War at Morehouse pt 2

Omar Bustamante/The Root
Morehouse Alumni Samuel L. Jackson - who's latest release is Kong: Skull Island, filmmaker Spike Lee, and former Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson have penned a letter. This letter is certainly critizing the action of the Morehouse College Board of Trustees and the Chairman of the Board. Here's hoping someone is paying attention to this.
Here's a little background here.

And I missed this, more background.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The "war" at Morehouse?

Graves Hall Morehouse College
I did a quick blurb today at Electric Moleskine blog about the conflict at Morehouse College. There I boiled this situation down to this. However I recommend you read the articles that I have posted there about it.
So let me see packing the board of trustees, keeping student leaders off the college board of trustees, chairman of the board of trustees isn't getting along with the college president, and the board of trustees effectively fired the college president. I wish I knew the nature of this drama.
In that post the article I linked to was from The Root. It's quite a long piece to read to discuss this issue I won't even attempt to except much of it. I do however want to give you a flavor
Over the past few weeks, The Root has spoken with 13 members of Morehouse’s staff, alumni, faculty and students, reviewing several documents—including emails and court documents—accounting for much of the conflict at the institution. What we discovered beneath the polite smiles and aged artifices was an institution teetering on the edge of an outright melee, rife with seething resentment cloaked in academic protocol.

Morehouse College is on the brink of a crisis, and almost no one knows it. Not the students who were so upset with the institution’s hierarchy, they took the college to court; not the faculty members who desperately reached out to The Root because they were so concerned with the situation at the school; not the board of trustees that stiff-armed every other source of input, and not even its president who—after possibly rescuing it from the brink of insolvency—was unceremoniously shown Morehouse’s front door and instructed to not let the doorknob hit him on the way out.

This war has two fronts: On one side, is the faculty of the college. They are the dedicated scholars who understand the day-to-day struggles the school faces. They occupy the offices, hallways, laboratories and classrooms that give Morehouse its stellar reputation.

The only entity more invested in the success of Morehouse is the student body—the soldiers on the ground. No one else spends more time in the hallowed halls of Morehouse; they are the lifeblood of the institution and it is their money that pays the bills. When anyone speaks of the legacy of Morehouse, they are talking about the former and current students. They are Morehouse.

The college is run by a combination of the president of Morehouse and its 40-members-strong board of trustees. (Most college boards average around 11.8 trustees.) The boundaries and responsibilities for each are spelled out in the school’s bylaws. The board appoints the president, who manages the college. At the top of Morehouse’s board of trustees sits its chairman—Robert C. Davidson.

Davidson graduated from Morehouse 50 years ago, but according to interviews, statements and pages of emails and other documents obtained by The Root—he is accused of running the college like a dictator, unwilling to yield or compromise with any outside voices. Faculty, students, a consulting firm, an accreditation committee and an independent analyst have all warned Davidson that the board of trustees’ actions were hurting Morehouse, to no avail.

In response, the board of trustees stacked its roster with cronies, often using undemocratic tactics to silence the faculty, students and even the school’s president. The faculty and students instead, as primary stakeholders in the institution, demanded their voices be heard, but Davidson and the trustees would not budge.
OK that was more than a flavor but enough. On top of that whether or not Dr. Wilson was let go by the college or otherwise he's on his way out of the door. It doesn't matter how it came about.

This article shows that the Chairman of the Morehouse board of trustees doesn't like the President of the College, question is what is the genesis of that conflict. Why is this becoming the big drama when there are other issues at play here? Even though enrollment has been improving and perhaps financially Morehouse is doing better why are we hearing about conflict between board of trustees, president, faculty and students?

Over at E.M. I've posted a number of stories about Morehouse especially since Trump became President. Dr. Wilson was the forefront of disappointment over Trump's plan for America's HBCUs. I even noted Wilson's future departure from Morehouse - fired or at his own free will.

Still what's going on at "Dear old Morehouse"?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Questions to avoid asking at end of job interivew

Most of these I already know for the most part and in some cases I broke some of these rules. I have asked a couple of managers how much is the pay. Certainly asking such a questions before getting the job is in bad taste.

Certainly however, many of these questions are unreal. It's within the realm of possibility that may of these questions are asked by a lot of job seekers. Hopefully they see this list and recognize that this may be a reason they failed to get the position.

Via Newsalert!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why does this guy stay in New Jersey?

[VIDEO] I decided to look up the various aspects of the Free State Project which is largely based in New Hampshire. The video you see above courtesy of is one of those many elements of the "free staters" who have taken up residence in the "live free or die" state.

FSP basically seeks a political migration to a state such as New Hampshire to create this libertarian society. It's been a number of years since I followed the New Hampshire free staters with their many videos to share their attempts at creating a libertarian society.

One thing I wanted to address here is the comments at the start of this video with Patrick McKnight who did a road trip from New Jersey to visit with his fellow Libertarians in New Hampshire. He's the northeastern representative for the Libertarian National Committee and he pays a visit to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire to give a quick speech.

Now it was noted at the speech how the mc who introduced McKnight chided him that he should stay up there instead of going back to New Jersey and then McKnight himself finds himself wondering why he stays. He even notes how people leave New Jersey in droves due to big government and taxes.

Certain this matches with some of the reasons why many have left Chicago and Illinois over the years. There isn't much opportunity here, the taxes are going up, and perhaps still there's no desire to limit the expansion of government.

I'm sure there are no shortage of people who at least in Chicago wishes that there was no bag tax - which is to encourage consumers to purchase and bring their own bags to grocery shop. Illinois hasn't created a budget in two years as the powerful politicians of this state haven't been able to come to an agreement on some reforms.

My point in this is that does why have to leave a state to create this ideal society? Perhaps New Jersey is where McKnight for now needs to be. Perhaps Chicago, Illinois is where I need to be for now although I'm not as active as McKnight.

Point is perhaps no matter how dire the situation a state might be whether New Jersey, Illinois or I can throw out there California there is certainly a need for someone out there to call for all the necessary changes. In 2014, Illinois elected for a change in the governor's mansion. A necessary change, but this state hasn't seen much for it unfortunately.

In saying this, I can only wish that this state could get an influx of people who advocate for this idea Libertarian society. Perhaps ask for some substantial changes that one can only hope will benefit this state or better yet benefit Chicago. Do this hopefully before some unfortunate harm to a formerly great state.

In the meanwhile, people will do what you expect when they're not happy with where they are - vote with their feet & leave.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jerry Krause

The former Chicago Bulls General Manager - Krause's title was actually executive vice president for basketball operations - has gotten a bad rap over the years. He gets credit for helping to build Bulls teams to 6 NBA titles in the 1990s. He definitely however gets a bad rap for breaking up the last Bulls championship team.

It's in the news that he died today at 77. What got me to pay attention to his death. This tweet from the Tribune.
Also the Bulls took to twitter to mark Krause's death

Monday, March 20, 2017

Americans growing less religious

I'm not a very religious man, in spite of the sub-header for the blog. This scripture you see up top was found during a bible study and to be honest I haven't picked up a bible again since. Of course this isn't to say I don't believe in a God at all.

In spite of this I truly believe Americans should be able to practice the religion of their choice. That is one of the many things this country is all about right.

However, I understand via recent column that American's attendance at church is going downward. We're not attending church like we used to. Perhaps the activism of the faithful have turned off so many. Unfortunately another argument could be made here:
It’s important. It’s a confirmation of a line Ross Douthat had a year or so ago, telling the left that if they didn’t like the Religious Right, just wait until the see the Post-Religious Right. I’m getting anecdotal reports from readers and from acquaintances that young people with smartphones are not only streaming pornography, but also getting massive doses of political extremism on their devices. One source who sees the boys in his conservative Christian high school embracing white nationalism speculates that the megachurch Christianity of these high school seniors is not facing the reality of the world around us. If true, then the pastors and other religious authorities in these kids’ lives are simply not forming them as Christians to live in the post-Christian world that we have.
I don't consider myself a fan of the religious right. I accept their right to advocate for issues that are very important to them, however as time has gone on they are on the wrong side of these issues. In some respects I agreed with them, though never entirely lifted a find to forward their agenda. Although it seems there may be some progress on the issue of abortion for example.

As you will see in the piece linked above an increasing secularism is contributing to the ferocity of political battles in this nation. That is religion is seen as black & white, but the same could apply to politics. Various political issues could be seen in black and white.

Issues of civil rights, gay rights, abortion, universal healthcare, even immigration could be seen by either side in terms of black & white. No need to really consider the other side, this is the right thing no matter what and anyone against it is evil.

This may well be an ongoing on issue in years to come!

Via Instapundit!

Sunday, March 12, 2017