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Monday, October 17, 2016

Speaker Madigan's rep

I'll have to admit I've never worked with or even gotten near the speaker of our state house he's a smart man. Rich Miller writes about his well deserved reputation and the limitations - even if they have been self-imposed. It's a fascinating look at Illinois' powerful legislator. Let Miller know what you think of this post at his blog.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Sexual assault and sexual harassment used for mudslinging is truly disgusting. It's a serious issue worth talking about outside of politics and we have. This is a necessary discussion as anyone involved with this have their lives in turmoil after the incident.

I'm truly disgusted by Hillary Clinton taking advantage of this hot mic tape that came out with Donald Trump talking about the women he's run into and a man's wife he tried to make moves on. I'm also disgusted by Trump trotting around women who claimed that the former Secretary of State's husband - Pres. Bill Clinton - either harassed or assaulted them.

I wrote earlier that this has quickly become the race to the gutter. At this point with all this talk of indecent activity towards the opposite gender it's gotten significantly worse. :(

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#Cubs win

I barely paid attention to this baseball season, but have heard how well the Cubs this year winning over 100 games. Never had the opportunity to see most of those wins, but elated to see them edge the San Francisco Giants in the NLDS this year.

Having lost game three in San Francisco in extra innings the Cubs came back to beat the Giants tonight. Having seen the score at 5-2, Giants I decided it wasn't looking too good. Then later learned that the Cubs won game four in San Francisco.

I think about 1989 when the Cubs was blanked by the Giants in the NLCS - back in 1989 there were two divisions per league and whoever won their respective divisions played in the NLCS. Regardless I had that in mind during the recent playoffs. I'm ecstatic to learn that the Cubs didn't repeat that performance.

Now the next question is who will we play for the National League pennant.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

A race to the gutter...

As I began to write this my tv is tuned to the debates in St. Louis and this is the most irritating political event I have watched so far. The mud (or worse) that I've ever seen. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton throwing mud at each other and it's terrible!

Donald has to answer questions about an 11 year old video clip that has surfaced where he had a lewd convo regarding how he made moves on another man's wife. It may well have cost another media personality his job because that's who he had the convo with. It seems to have gotten the media's attention and the GOP establishment who may have been lukewarm in their support anyway.

Hillary Clinton - former US Senator and former Secretary of State - I don't know what to say. While she may have stumped Trump in their first debate I don't think she performs much better. She's as much in the gutter and I believe he is there. I have my own questions about her own ethical lapses with the e-mails. To be honest I was never a fan and this was long before Benghazi.

Either way, the people in the primaries earlier this year chose who they choose. We did a terrible job of choosing our leaders in this country. We got Trump and Clinton. We're seeing the results.

I'm a long way of determining who'll win this race. Who ever wins will only have one-term. I will be absolutely amazed if it turns out that I am right. It will all depend upon how either Trump or Clinton performs once they're inaugurated.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Recently marked the 56th anniversary of the first televised presidential debate in 1960 between then Vice President Richard Nixon and then US Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Both of those men became president, however, it was Kennedy who got elected President in that cycle.

I watched the video taped broadcast of Beyond the Beltway for the first time in years. Host Bruce Dumont suggested that with the help at least of the University of Chicago perhaps it's time to host a presidential debate in the windy city again and in time for the 60th anniversary of that debate.

Now as for Monday's debate and granted it has been two days since I saw most of it as my TV remote saw great use it seems like a win for Hillary Clinton and Trump stumbled badly. It seemed for most of the month Trump was gaining on Clinton although we have almost another month until the elections in November. Time will tell if Secretary of State Clinton is able to clinch the White House and there are two more debates to go.

Now to be honest I never seen Trump debate his Republican opponents during the primaries earlier this year. He shut them down for the most part and whatever they tried to do on him during that period only served to make him stronger with Republican primary voters. Perhaps he tried his same tactics with Hillary and it didn't seem to work on her.

Regardless, time will tell if Trump will add or Clinton will add support. Conventional wisdom suggests that in this first debate neither side really gained support that whoever was already for them will remain for them. Perhaps Trump needs to change strategy and that means he can't speak over moderator.

I must admit though I thought Trump would have trouble if his general election opponent is a woman. Mrs. Clinton isn't the most ideal candidate she has no charisma and I'm concerned about her health and the continuing scandal over email doesn't help either.

This election is going to be interesting and here's hoping Trump learns something from the first one. Hopefully he'll have an answer for this idea for not paying taxes makes him smart. Perhaps he needs an answer for Clinton's proposal to tax the wealthy.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sept. 11th

Another 9/11 anniversary.

As per usual I spend the day avoiding any archival footage of what happened that day. The attack on the World Trade Center in New York in 2001 was played live on TV. It was a truly tragic day and a lot of people lost their lives whether in New York, the Pentagon, or even in a farm somewhere in Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately we're still fighting some form of Islamic fundamentalist terror today. From 2001 onwards we had been fighting Islamic fundamentalism in the form of Al Qaida. Today Al Qaida isn't the main enemy but there are other groups out there asserting themselves around the work. We may have heard about them in Iraq, Syria, or even Libya. We still have a long way to go to finally defeat this emerging enemy.

This has been a day to remember the lives lost. Those who have lost someone hopefully they're remembering this day in their own way. Hopefully we'll never see carnage likes that again.

I want to offer a movie recommendation at some point this week. Go see Sully - the title character was the captain of a commercial airliner ditched in the Hudson River of New York. You will see imagery that could match 9/11 except that well it didn't happen. The fear that an out of control plan suffering mechanical problems and crashing into a populated area is truly a scary thought especially in the waning years after 9/11.

Thankfully for Capt. Sully he did what he had to to save the lives of everyone on that jet that day in 2009. Good news is truly a blessing!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


A series of links found on Instapundit. Different philosophies of Star Trek. Particularly political & legal philosophies. Questions about the Prime Directive, especially.

Better yet the philosophy of American when Star Trek premiered 50+ years ago. How did America go from a robust pro-liberal philosophy to a more UN-centric "moral relativism".

Then what if Star Trek was written by libertarians.

I can only image a different vision for Star Trek and different drama if someone decided to reboot the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Check this video from reason which is what you see on Instapundit.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Controversy around Nate Parker

I've struck out some factual mistakes and made some corrections on August 29, 2016. My apologies for them. - Levois
I've been hearing about this for a while now. Nate Parker who has a movie coming out in October - The Birth of a Nation. Lately he's been mired in bad press over a past rape charge for which he had been tried and convicted acquitted.

At Instapundit we see a rebuttal to this. Basically it's that men unfortunately have often been unable to shake any charge of rape even after they were found innocent or acquitted. The rebuttal is basally we believe the victim over the accused even if it turns out the accused may not have committed the crime after all.

This is what happened to Mr. Parker and is what's happening. Unfortunately the victim is not with us to tell us her side of the story, she killed herself in 2012. Her family continues to speak for her however and seems to still believe Parker and another young man assaulted the victim.

All the same the story behind the alleged rape is as controversial as the subject of the movie. The film essentially is about a slave rebellion led by one Nat Turner.

In the comments about this I find on social media it's always emphasized that being acquitted doesn't mean it didn't happen. Which is technically true and we have one case of that look at OJ Simpson and he's in prison right now. Not for killing his ex-wife and her male friend, but for something completely different. It's an example how his life unraveled after he himself was accused of a major crime and also acquitted. He later lost a judgement in a wrongful death civil suit.

But then having to say acquitted doesn't mean it didn't happen also bothers me. Because in our system we're innocent until proven guilty. For that trial Parker wasn't proven guilty and now this case is coming back out. Someone out there isn't going to let him shake it and will believe he did something. It won't even matter if he stayed on the straight and narrow after his release acquittal.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A rare Chicago tornado

Found out Chicago had its last tornado in 2006. Why do I know about this now because on Tuesday with no rain or storms in the area a tornado touched down on Chicago's southwest side near Midway Airport. It stayed in one place and remained stationary according to reports but it's still what they call a landspout tornado.

WGN has some pictures from their camera at the Sears Willis Tower
This piece of trivia I found very fascinating and to recall I used to be terrified of tornadoes until I learned how rare these storms are especially in our city. Not sure I'd want to experience this in the sticks. All the same I'm sure there are media reports of this 2006 tornado.

I could still look but then I found this 2006 video of a tornado near Loyola University Chicago. So when this video was uploaded to YouTube I had been at Morehouse for a month already.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

CHICAGO ARGUS:What constitutes a “real” American? That’s the question we must answer

Gregory Tejada writes this post to take on the Trump phenomenon. He even mentions the whole attack on the parents of a Muslim solider who had been killed in Iraq.

BTW, I read that the father who spoke at the Democratic Convention last month had business ties to the Clintons. So Trump's volley towards him seem appropriate. Seems like a mess all the way around though.