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Saturday, May 30, 2015


[AUDIO] Tonight the Chicago Black Hawks have returned to the Stanley Cup finals with their game seven victory over the Anaheim Mighty Ducks winning 5-3. In honor of this victory I share the Chicago Black Hawks fight song that had been shared here back in 2010.

In 2010 the Hawks won their first Stanley Cup in almost 50 years defeating the Philadelphia Flyers and in 2013 the Hawks won another cup against the Boston Bruins!

Dennis Hastert...

The former Speaker of the House and Illinois congressman had recently been indicted by the feds for structured cash withdrawals. It has been further revealed that these withdrawals were allegedly connected with payments to victims of "sexual misconduct". WOW!!!

These days if you're making relatively large cash withdrawals from a bank the feds want to look at it. Especially now that we're in an era of terrorism and we must find ways to defeat them - that is keep them from using cash for their activities. Perhaps these laws have only made it much easier to track anyone with suspicious financial activity.

In the Speaker's case, the IRS caught wind of these withdrawals that apparently began in 2010 and only continuned. Tribune columnist John Kass has opined that he could've found someone perhaps a lawyer who could keep this quiet.

Well...I found this story to be weird thanks to the nature of it. Alleged sexual misconduct presumably of minors is a real no-no these days. It always has been to be sure so even if it's in the past this is without a doubt awful news to come out about anyone's reputation.

All the same perhaps someone was all too successful with their attempts at blackmail.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Random fact for the evening...

[VIDEO] Now that Letterman is off the air after almost 33 years it's time to find another show to watch at least after 10:30 PM Chicago time. I mean hey after the main sketches on Conan is usually turn away from him anyway.

When you think about it Jimmy Fallon was about to overtake Dave anyway since Fallon in the new hipster late night talk show host in recent years. Is Fallon a worthy successor?

Since Dave no longer has his longtime gig there's no one on late night TV for FOX News host Bill O'Reilly to really spar with. Not that he sparred with Fallon on this one appearance where he offers this random fact about the true "Lone Ranger" who he says was a Black man - Bass Reeves.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts on the last program with #Letterman

[VIDEO] I saw David Letterman's final program as host of CBS' The Late Show. It was a great ending and lots of trips through memory lane. Even showed some scenes from his time as host of NBC's Late Night program. We saw a day of production of the show before Letterman signed off for good before The Foo Fighters played one last song during a montage of clips and photos.

As stated last year I've been a fan for years even during those times I had no business watching such shows. Of course I say this discussing how young I was when I became aware of him. Letterman's humor little did I know was so adult it was funny but now that I am grown it occurs to me more an more now.

Since he announced his retired it was my goal to watch his show more. Unfortunately I failed thanks to work, but last night's program was the first time in a long time that I watched the whole show from beginning to end. Indeed it was quite cool that Conan O'Brien on his show let his audience know it's OK to turn to Letterman. Conan credits Letterman for visiting his show when he had been struggling as the then new host of NBC's Late Night.

I see this column via Instapundit today with the main conclusion that "He was the cool guy who became Mr. Big-Time Showbiz Personality. Letterman shouldn’t retire. He should just continue doing his shtick. In Vegas."

To be sure just like that columnist - Kyle Smith - I had also lost interest in Letterman at some point. I blame primarily on other distractions such as school, internet, etc. Also the humor hadn't been what it once was although there were still some things that cracked me up in his later years. Yeah Dave went much more political in later years even had FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly on his show and had a nice spat with him. O'Reilly incidentally was part of the montage that ended Letterman's run on The Late Show.

I'm not in the position to say whether or not Letterman overstayed his welcome. The late night talk hosts who have come after him and ultimately succeded him have a lot to owe to him. Just as much as Letterman had a lot to owe to Johnny Carson for getting him started with Late Night. Now we're living with Letterman's influence on this genre of TV and in the future hopefully someone will have the same influence.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This man helped Chicago become easier to navigate

Every once in a while I've heard stories about how in some parts of the city some buildings have several numbers. It denoted different addresses over the years at least until the street numbering system had been standardized early in the 20th century. It didn't take a city planner to make this change but a grassroots person who was frustrated by this chaos.

Imagine what one person can do, although in his case he had family connections. You will see if you read this WBEZ article.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Been years since I even cared about the Bulls
Chicago Bulls ig
I'm not at all an NBA fan and haven't been since the Bulls won their final NBA title. In recents years the Bulls have made appearances in the playoffs only to be eliminated by at least the conference semi-finals.

The new face of the team is Englewood's Derrick Rose who has had some bad season ending injuries in recent years. To be honest I made some cheap shots on him at least to those I consider friends of mine. Of course the recently concluded series caused me to change my mind about Rose.

To start a lot of people buzzed about the game winning shot that Rose nailed at the buzzer. Unfortunately that proved to be the last game the Bulls won in the series against LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers. DRAT! I really wanted to see a game seven too.

All that shot by Rose in game four did was to really bring some excitement to Bulls basketball although the playoffs ended for them prematurely. I still wouldn't mind seeing another NBA title come to Chicago. In the meanwhile here's hoping the Black Hawks will get something going in their Stanley Cup conference finals!

You know remind me to tell you why I stopped watching the NBA. The Bulls' suckitude after the breakup of the final championship team wasn't the only reaso.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

LA Times: S.F. police scandal focuses attention on dwindling number of blacks

Well it's noted that Blacks are leaving some of America's major cities. They may not remain the force in our cities as they used to be especially San Francisco:
In the wake of a police scandal involving racist text messages,some black leaders are again lamenting the shrinking size of the city's black community. They have questioned whether a mass exodus of African Americans in recent decades have been driven as much by subtle forms of racism as by the city's high cost of housing.

In 1970, blacks made up 13.4% of the city's population. Today they account for less than 6%. City leaders have commissioned studies and task forces to reverse the trend, but to little avail.

Among the biggest 14 cities in the nation, San Francisco is near the bottom in the share of black residents. African Americans make up 25% of the population in New York City, 9.4% in Los Angeles, and 27% in Indianapolis. The only city in the group with a smaller percentage is San Jose, with 3%.

"Vigilante groups aren't chasing blacks out, but there are factors that are making other places more desirable," Simon said.

Civil rights leaders here attribute the exodus not just to the high cost of living, but to policies that have favored independent retailers over chains, urban renewal that tore down the housing where many African Americans lived, redlining by banks and high crime concentrated in neighborhoods where blacks lived.
Via Newsalert

Saturday, May 09, 2015

57 nerdy things about the original 6 "Star Trek" movies

From the first Star Trek movie in 1979 to the last film featuring the cast from the original series in 1991 we see a list of trivia from those original series films.

I found this bullet point to be the funniest one. It involved a certain computer seen in 1986's Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - yes the one with the whales...
31. Hello computer?!? The Apple Mac wasn't supposed to be in the factory, and the original Commodore Amiga model was originally supposed to be in its place. Commodore Business Machines refused to send a sample machine for filming and simply told the film crew that they had to buy one. Apple just sent a machine and a member of staff to help out.

Commodore also stated it didn't want to be associated with Star Trek. Facepalm...
Excuse me what's a Commodore?

BTW, here's the scene in question Scotty is trying to use a 1980s Apple Macintosh machine but speaking through its mouse. Well it was an hilarious scene and even better while Scotty may not know how to use a mouse he typed the hell out of that keyboard! [VIDEO]
Not bad for a guy who seemed to have started off only with two index fingers at first!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Sometimes when you hear a song...

[VIDEO] I worked at a place for a brief time where it seemed this song was playing almost every second. Yes that is something of an exaggeration as surely it didn't play that often. Still it played often enough where after I left it stayed in my ear until my next opportunity.

At the same time, it never reached the level of irritation that Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" had gotten as it seems to be overplayed in my opinion. I blame the film Bodyguard in addition to Houston's untimely death (that song was played even more when she died).

As stated now that I left that other place and found my next opportunity I heard it recently. Not a bad song quite catchy, but the downside is that it still reminds me of that other place...

Saturday, May 02, 2015

ABC 7 asks if guns with a silencer are a threat to safety....

Now if you believe this story from Chicago's ABC affiliate, then we know now that silencers aren't the devices we're familiar with from Hollywood. The way Hollywood portrays silencers you might hear a quick sound and probably wouldn't think much of it unless you were close to the target. If someone was to use one in real life you probably could hear a gunshot.

While of course law enforcement is treating this issue as if a dumb criminal could use these to commit crime advocates are emphasizing the safety aspects. If you're shooting a gun for the first time a silencer - or they can also be called suppressors - could help a person with their confidence. A person firing a gun for the first time could find themselves flinching. In another case if you fire a gun that's not suppressed - or "silenced" - you may experience ringing in the ears because of noise.

Regardless, there is a debate in Springfield over this as we learned here is being pushed through by a downstate Democrat. See even in this state is there a divide among Democrats the downstaters have a different agenda than us slicksters from the Chicagoland area.

To be honest I've never fired a gun in my life, however, it had been on my mind to get a conceal carry license. This can be legally done in Illinois even against *SURPRISE* ardent opposition so why not take advantage.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Time for some more inventory...

Late last year after seemingly taking to this blog to whine and complain about going on interviews with no new job in site I finally found not just one but two new jobs. Even better I finally got a full-time job which was a long-time in coming and happened at least two months into my new job. It's definitely something I'm very stoked about!

Regardless sometimes I tend to over analyze things and now it's time to consider what my future goals are. Me I've often noted my future goals during some of my interviews and one of those goals are breaking into a leadership role in whatever organizations I work. Then another goal that may or may not happen more than being a manager may be going back to school.

And at that go back to school for what. I've had a long desire to do graduate studies in political science but a friend asked if I had any experience. Aside from doing blogs that often deal with politics I have no real world experience. This blog and The Sixth Ward are just one of many blogs that talks politics whether locally or federally. So it's time to figure that out.

I've thought about law or business school. There are quite a few cases of interested such as one out of Chicago that I got tuned into recently that requires the touch of a lawyer. And of course business granted you don't need to go to school to become an entrepreneur but I've often lamented the fact that in all the years in school I never took any classes in business skills. Meaning no marketing, book keeping or accounting courses. There is this one lone business law class at Morehouse.

Regardless another issue is to figure out how to pay for it. Loans at least until I pay my current students loans off are out of the question for the moment. Hopefully in the future I can make good money and afford tuition.

Other than that time to start thinking about these goals and plan to make them.