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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Subject of Roe v. Wade dies

Going through posts at Instapundit - which has been more of a routine as of late - i saw this WP article clicked the link and read into it. The Roe of Roe v. Wade wanted her right to privacy to include abortions and was successful. Then it turns out she went from supporting a woman's right to choose to being pro-life. As it turns out after shedding her precedent setting psedonym she shared the true story of this case. This landmark piece of jurisprudence that everyone is fighting over could be based on a lie. She lied about why she wanted to terminate a pregnancy.

Now that I know this as someone who considers himself profile, this changes things. Or at least my view of this story. Perhaps this precedent can't stand any longer...

#IAmNotYourNegro - A review

[VIDEO] It seems often when I go to the movies the thing to see are some low-brow comedies such as the often maligned Bad Santa 2, Office Christmas Party or more recently Fist Fight. Those movies would give a great tickle but these aren't films that would place in the Oscars. Nor do they have to they're just entertainment that could be forgotten about later.

Before viewing Fist Fight on Saturday, I also viewed I Am Not Your Negro. It's a documentary based on an unpublished manuscript by the late author James Baldwin. It offers his thoughts on American culture, race relations, and the civil rights movement. It's pretty powerful and Baldwin's voice is provided by one Samuel L. Jackson and you couldn't recognize him if you tried. Jackson's voice was so unusually subdued.

We see this film has not only scenes shot in the present day at various locales such as New York or taking an interstate going somewhere. We also see a lot of archival news footage some of which I suspect was colorized for the film. Also we see this interspersed with footage from past films which were shown during Baldwin's lifetime.

Films are apart of American culture and Baldwin attacks it. For example using John Wayne who we know generally is a star of the Western genre. So the attack on America's culture begins with the idea of cowboys fighting Indians with the cowboys always the good guys. And then the portrayal of the weak Black man and a very unsexualized Black man - feel some would disagree with that characterization.

It seems Baldwin had been a figure in the civil rights movement. We see footage of him giving lectures or indeed him on a TV program addressing people who may not clearly see the racial angle to American issues of his day. Baldwin as an author who just so happens to be Black is quite eloquent and I understood his points even if my views on race doesn't share the same passion or experience his does.

I have to say, the only time I knew Baldwin existed was his brief appearance as a vampire during Arsenio Hall's tenure on FOX's The Late Show. Also I'm sure there was a biography I found of him long before the creation of Wikipedia or perhaps a quick introduction to him in a textbook on African-American literature. Regardless this gave me a greater appreciation for him as an author.

Perhaps someone will be seen as the voice of this generation with some of the troubles Black-America is facing. Baldwin's generation faced outright racism which was at best legal or at worst outright homicidal. By legal I mean to say to legally treat Blacks differently than the more favored portion of the population. Blacks having to ride the back of the bus or Blacks having to enter a business through a separate entrance. For a period of time in this country something such as that was legal.

Today's generation faces different obstacles of which racism could be one, but I may state that it's not as big as others. It's not as obvious as it once was. One could argue if it's an issue it's an issue in the criminal justice system. Perhaps even though we no longer have "separate but equal" it still might be an issue in public education.

When I saw the movie on Saturday, it's message resonated and the patrons in the auditorium gave the film a round of applause when it was over. Great film and if you see it, hopefully it will resonate with you as well.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Does America need a new political party?

Perhaps our own version of the "liberal party"?
America needs a new political party, one opposed to isolationism, protectionism, nativism, authoritarianism, and ecologism, and which supports free enterprise, Constitutional government, human equality, liberty, and dignity, and the defensive alliance of all nations committed to such ideals.

Some might call such a party “conservative,” and indeed, many of those who call themselves conservatives today would find themselves in agreement with its tenets. But these are the ideas of classical liberalism; they are the ideas that made the free world free, in as much as it is free. They have been misbranded by their “progressive” opponents as “conservative,” — a word associated with “servility” and the service of privilege — in order to make them seem reactionary. It’s time for the true defenders of real liberalism to take their proud title back.

America needs a new Liberal Party because both major parties have abandoned liberalism. Neither adequately supports international free trade or the defense of the West — the two pillars of the liberal world order since 1945. Both lack commitment to constitutionally limited government, separation of powers, free enterprise, and human equality and liberty under law. Each supports its own Malthusian antihuman collectivist ideology: for Democrats, it is ecologism, for Republicans, it is nativism.
Who knows? I've considered myself something of a classical liberal since reading Locke's 2nd Treatise of Government and it's time to read that again.

Regardless with the behavior of both parties during and since the 2016 elections perhaps it's time for an insurgent movement. It doesn't look as if the movement will ever be led by libertarians.

Hat-tip Instapundit!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Old TV against stereotypes

[VIDEO] Wednesday I was watching the classic western programs you would find on Me-TV. Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and The Rifleman. On this particular afternoon an episode of The Rifleman caught my eye.

The episode is question is entitled "The Indian" and features Michael Ansara - who played a Klingon in Star Trek -  as an Apache US Marshal who as the story progresses arouses the suspicion of the people in North Folk. Ansara's character Sam Buckhart was about to be the subject of a lynch mob if it wasn't for the quick action of the title character Chuck Connors' Lucas McCain.

We see the issue of racism or prejudice as shared in the context of a western show. Westerns weren't always about the cavalry chasing the Indians or cowboys/ranchers fighting the Indians. In that 1959 episode of The Rifleman a minority in the fictional town of North Folk was able to convince most of this lynch mob that it wasn't worth it to go up against some of their own people and an Apache US Marshal.

It lead me to a conclusion about so-called Hollywood activism. It seemed at one point the liberals of the 1950s and 1960s were on the right side of history. For example even though I may know Charlton Heston as a leader of the National Rifle Association - and may well consider him a right-winger - he was at the March on Washington.

The Civil Rights movement, was truly a necessary movement in the history of a country. Unless you accepted some of the injustices that lead to the boycotts and the marching how could anyone be opposed to any American seeking equal rights or even equal opportunity?

How can anyone be opposed to insuring that everyone has equal opportunity to a good education in a public or private school? How can anyone accept that a certain segment of the population had to be subjugated to a more favored segment of the population? If all men - well all people - are created equal how can we accept this?

Perhaps now the issues aren't much different. The issue may be less race/ethnicity than perhaps income. I hope I can be a rich man one day, but at this point that ship seems to have sailed. I'd be more than satisfied to at least eke out a middle-class lifestyle and I believe that should be relatively easy to attain.

Either way I can't say how this episode was received in the late 1950s other than perhaps most TV viewers of that time saw it as just another western TV episode. Westerns often did involve interactions between for example American Indians - or if you prefer Native Americans - and their interactions with European Americans. So who knows if episodes such as this made an impacts on their audiences.

Unfortunately the pendulum has swung directly in the opposite direction. My only concept of 21st Century Hollywood liberal activism is seen on FOX News. Perhaps today it's hard to do an episode about being fair to a person of a different ethnicity to whoever is the prevailing majority. Just as easily as we want to talk about fair play perhaps today's Hollywood activists are shoving their own agenda down the throats of the public.

I could ask if middle America thinks that Hollywood is out of touch with regular everyday Americans? As a person far removed from Hollywood and maybe even middle America I'm a long way from answering this question.

It just recently occurred to me that Hollywood has always had activists in some form whether they're the actors, directors, producers, or even writers. They created works of art perhaps showing how we can be fair to be people of different ethnicities. How it's certainly wrong to treat different people with outright scorn and disrespect.

Perhaps one day Hollywood will be on the same side of the issue of the day with most Americans. Perhaps one day taking a stand will not be equated with badmouthing other Americans - especially the ones that patronize your products.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Newsalert: Leftists finally figuring out Trump's troll game 18 months too late.

If I may refer you to this post I did last year however the video contained is no longer available. It proclaimed Trump as the world's greatest troll and it was published before the election last year. I did however find a version of it on YouTube and will share it gratuitously here.

Hat-tip Newsalert!

Monday, February 06, 2017

Sometimes I should cover other subjects

There had been a lot of news in the past week that gets me down. To start Chicago lost the nation's largest Black-owned bank with Seaway Bank. The name remains but now it's under Indian-American ownership as of late last month. What a crappy way to start off Black history month, but that's business for you.

At my other blog, I've been all over this development. In fact so far since Trump was inaugurated last month the posts have largely traded between Trump stories - especially his responses to news about Chicago gun violence - and any news or opinion about Seaway Bank.

This is what I tweeted over the weekend that if blogged again I need a mental [health] break. Time to find other things to post about. There are other interests to discuss here on this blog and on the other blogs I operate.

The communites I hoped to cover at has many things to be proud of, especially in the Chatham neighborhood with a strong history of the Black middle class and great architecture. Also a history of entrepreneurship as that was how Seaway was created.

Perhaps here I should find an excuse to take random pictures. Don't know what though I certainly like to take random pics with my iPhone and the olloclip lens.

There's lots of not very good news right now. The nation almost seems like it's tearing itself apart especially with last year's election. Now is the time we can at least take a look at other subjects of great interest and not just political.

This is why I did a post promoting McMansion Hell or the Super Bowl - which the New England Patriots won last night - or even a wrestling match that took place in Japan that could blow out of the water anything you can find in North America. Perhaps I need to take a time out every now and then to explore the best there is out there in the world.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Before you watch today's Super Bowl

[VIDEO] This is one of the few times you may see something other than WWF wrestling here on this blog. This is out of New Japan Pro Wrestling a long match between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega. Here you see moves you haven't seen in either WWF or TNA in years.

It has moments of fast paced action and slow moments, but it keeps you interested. It seems once the match gets going it's very theatrical. You hear them move around the ring, you hear every blow or kick, you hear them land on the mat in the ring, and of course the great charm of pro-wrestling you get the audience invested in the action.

I've considered myself a long time fan of WWF (or I mean WWE) there are some aspects of them that I do like. It's truly a show and besides they do refer to themselves as "sports entertainment". Sometimes what's seen here with Okada and Omega is missing with WWF these days.

BTW, the last post about the Super Bowl and this one are the mental [health] break that I had referred to in a recent tweet. I'll go back to politics soon unfortunately the state of American politics so far just means sometimes there needs to be other subjects beyond politics. Not that I've never explored other subjects on this blog.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Super Bowl 51 tommorrow
I rarely talk football on this blog, it doesn't help that for roughly the past decade the Bears have been lousy, aside from one Super Bowl appearance back in 2007. During that period I posted a Bears championship history and then a history of the Super Bowl itself.

This year the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots tomorrow. The Falcons are making only their second appearance in a Super Bowl and of course we already know the success of the Patriots in the NFL Super Bowl.

Since I generally don't follow the NFL I'm a long way from making any predictions. On that other hand let's see how hungry the Falcons are to bringing the first Vince Lombardi Trophy to A-Town! We already know how many New England has brought up to Boston.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Trumponomics explained???

Ahhhh Trump's economic policies have a name now. All the same here's one quote worth noting:
As a libertarian-leaning economist, I don’t favor either of those changes, or their combination, but still there is a logic here worth considering. Think of this policy as taxing the consumption of elites and throwing that money, and more, at job creation, in this case through corporate subsidies. It’s a bigger and bolder gamble than just making some marginal adjustments in current transfer payments. In essence Trump has outflanked the left by packaging plans for redistribution of wealth with a revamped mercantilism, combined with a macho mood, media-baiting and incendiary rhetoric about who deserves what. It is an underlying fear of the left that a right-wing-flavored redistribution might prove more popular with voters than the left’s preferred egalitarianism and identity politics.
It's not difficult to articulate his economic policies even if you're not sure how he's going to insure fair trade between America and the rest of the world. Which makes sense, get American workers working while still getting those foreign or even often domestic goods that American's crave.

However outflanking the left as he has done since last November and winning the Presidential race this is just another front and there there's this from Instapundit (who provided this link): "Well, the priorities of the Gentry Liberals are not the priorities of mainstream America, as we’ve seen."


You should head over the Bloomberg to read the whole piece.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NBC News the new FOX News....don't do it!!!!

A laudable goal, however, I would rather NBC News becomes an objective news organization. There is room in the marketplace for either a conservative news/commentary outlet or a liberal news/commentary outlet. It's time to get back to this idea of objectivity in the news to steal a tagline from FOX News "fair & balanced".

I've watched MSNBC from the beginning in 1995 and I had been a long way from noting a liberal/conservative bias at the time. Then learned as time went on how much further leftward that network began to turn and even without watching any programming from that network.

I at one point watched CNN and could say roughly the same thing. There may not have been a real leftward slant there, but certainly they have been accused of such as time has gone on.

So perhaps since the turn of the century if I watch any 24/7 cable news it has been FOX News because at one point I have percieved it as a lot more objective. Or I believed the ads and the marketing although I accept it as a right-leaning outlet.

So with all this opinion along different ideological lines, would simple objectivity and good reporting be what it takes for NBC News and MSNBC to change their fortunes? There ought to be a network that has room for conservative, liberal, or even libertarian viewpoints while still showing objective stories with no ideological slant.

Hat-tip Newsalert!