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Sunday, August 02, 2015

A CEO raised his company's minimum wage to $70,000 a year, and some employees quit because of it

Well, I suppose he meant well and is paying the price for it. At the same time I'd rather a business decides to raise wages voluntarily than to just depend on government to raise the minimum wage.
The New York Times reports that two of Gravity Payments' "most valued" members have left the company, "spurred in part by their view that it was unfair to double the pay of some new hires while the longest-serving staff members got small or no raises."

Maisey McMaster — once a big supporter of the plan — is one of the employees that quit. McMaster, 26, joined the company five years ago, eventually working her way up to financial manager. She put in long hours that "left little time for her husband and extended family," The Times says, but she loved the "special culture" of the place.

But while she was initially on board, helping to calculate whether the company could afford to raise salaries so drastically (the plan is a minimum of $70,000 over the course of three years), McMaster later began to have doubts.

"He gave raises to people who have the least skills and are the least equipped to do the job, and the ones who were taking on the most didn’t get much of a bump," she told The Times. A fairer plan, she told the paper, would give newer employees smaller increases, along with the chance to earn a more substantial raise with more experience.
Probably a small part of the story but an important one. Another part of this story indicated that his salary was public because he worked at this company and was concerned he may not be able to move on. He probably was concerned about another company's salary expectations.

Either way, this is the action I could support more than increasing the minimum wage which has been popular around the country. But of both we're seeing some effects of attempting to address "income inequality".

Do you offer a blanket raise voluntarily to everyone in a company? Does a business wait for the minimum wage to go up? And at that what effects would either have for either the business or the labor force itself?

UPDATE 12:08 PM - I forgot to note that the owner of this company Dan Price reportedly has to resort to renting out his home to meet payroll.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

"Body Slam" #RIPRoddyPiper

Roddy Piper
One day I had been driving myself crazy thinking about the name of this movie. Body Slam starred "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Sam Fatu and Dirk Benedict who was on the TV series The A-Team. The first two are actual pro wrestlers in fact Piper - who died Friday aged 61 - is a legend in his own right who had been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.

One time I had been thinking about wrestling movies and thought of Ready to Rumble and I had even forgotten about the more recent film The Wrestler. Also there had been this film starring Hulk Hogan called No Holds Barred. Most of those films other than Wrestler I'm sure no one takes seriously. No Holds was a bad movie and there are those who might consider the storylines to promote Rumble helped cause the untimely demise of World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Regardless the death of the "Hot Rod" as Piper was also called during his legendary career forced me to look up this film. It was something I saw in the early 1990s on one of those cable movie channels either HBO or Showtime. It was something to watch and when you think about it quite cool to see other wrestling legends other than Piper. Nature Boy Ric Flair & Classy Freddie Blassie was also shown in the film even if in cameos.

Well, as a wrestling fan anyway this was certainly a movie to consider watching. It probably told a story about wrestling as they probably only could have in the late 1980s. Wrestler told a much different story about pro wrestling having been released in 2008.

Since it has been years since I have seen that film, it's time to be on the lookout and check it out. It's a great way to remember the legendary Roddy Piper as surely many of his fans are reminiscing about his time in the public spotlight. He wasn't just a wrestling who fans either loved or loved to hate, he was also an actor who made other movies in addition to Body Slam.

When you think about it, it's hard for me to think of any classic matches he had. Probably because I missed them for the most part. He had an angle fighting Hogan's nWo in the 1990s and I vaguely remember his return to the WWE universe not long after Vince McMahon purchased WCW. Perhaps it's also time for me to find some of Piper's greatest moments as a pro wrestler.

May the Hot Rod rest in peace!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Thought Catalog: 5 Ways To Make Every Job A Stepping Stone

Guess what? I seem to have been attracting interest in these stepping stone jobs since I've graduated from Morehouse in 2009. Either way during this period, I've ran into people who never learned these 5 ways. They're very important and something to keep in mind for myself as well.

Besides if only I've learned this lesson myself in the past 5 years. Would I be better off now?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Special Report: Bill Cosby in trouble pt. 2

Earlier this year sexual assault allegations have re-emerged about Bill Cosby. A number of women and especially other women from Hollywood had claimed that Cosby had drugged them before having sex with them.

There was a point in time where I didn't want to believe these charges. Why did it take these women years to finally come forward to say he assaulted them?

Cosby is a famous man and I'm sure he did get some attention from various women. To the point where it's known that he's carried on affairs with other women than his wife, Camille. Why would he risk his reputation by using sedatives on women before sex?

Unfortunately while he's never been charged with a crime - although it has come out he admitted in a deposition use of sedatives with women - his reputation has suffered. No more Cosby Show reruns in the near future. He gave up his position as trustee at Temple University in Philadelphia. His fellow comedians Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman removed their endorsements to a biography of Bill Cosby.

Today it was reports that Spelman College has discontinued an endowed professorship with Bill and his wife's name on it. Probably a key move since Spelman is a women's college and they probaby wouldn't want the appearance of support for an alleged rapist.

As for whether or not I believe these allegations, it's pretty damning when a deposition comes out and he admits the usages of sedatives on women for sex. It definitely tips the scales against Cosby and it feels wrong. At the same time, it's time for him to actually answer these charges. That's with the counsel of his lawyers of course.

Hard to believe I discussed this over 10 years ago.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sandra Bland

I've been hearing about the odd case of Sandra Bland. She had been arrested after a very tense traffic stop and then later found in her jail cell hanged. It seems since what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO that police have been taking a beating from the Black community.

I would dare say in some cases such as what happened to that man in South Carolina shot fleeing from police, rightfully so. In other cases I can't say it's in black & white but the story of Ms. Bland raises my eyebrow. Bland had actually moved to Texas to work at her college alma mater Prairie View A & M.

Officially her death is ruled a suicide and apparently there is evidence that she suffered from mainly a videoblog where she discussed having depression & PTSD. Odd case, did this young woman really commit suicide? Or was she in serious need of psychological help?

Rightfully the fact that she was found hanging in a jail cell should raise all of our concerns whether or not you consider this a racial issue or not. Especially to determine if there was any foul play involved...

WGN-TV posted dashcam footage of Bland's traffic stop released from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. I have no plans to watch - although thankfully nothing violent happened even if there was some physicality - perhaps it might show something as well. If I did watch I wouldn't be sure what to look for.

I've also just learned that her death is being investigated as a murder so hopefully we can piece together what happened to her.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Minimum wage in Chicago is now $10/hr

Before this past mayoral election the city council passed a minimum wage ordinance which mandates an increase by 2019 to $13/hour. Today minimum wage went up to $10/hr...

If I had stayed at one of my last jobs I'd have made it to $10, but thankfully I got a bit of a headstart and exceeded it by changing jobs. Still my feelings are mixed as to whether this incremental increase of the minimum wage in Chicago is truly a good idea.

It kind of sucks that there are some jobs as the one I once held refused to raise wages until a government decided to raise the minimum. It could be bad business but I've never had to be concerned with payroll!

Monday, July 06, 2015

"The Late Shift"

[VIDEO] This is one of the opening scenes of The Late Shift. Shown on HBO in 1996 this film was based on a book written by Bill Carter which illustrated the fight for NBC's Tonight Show after Johnny Carson called it quits in 1991.

I liked this movie when it was released but at that point in time I was still a teenager. There was a lot about this movie that went over my head back then but understand it more now than ever. As a matter of fact in recent years we've seen more shifts in late night TV. Jay Leno retired twice, the Tonight Show essentially has gone through three hosts since at least 2009. After Jay, Conan O'Brien and after Jay again Jimmy Fallon with both Conan & Jimmy having hosted Late Night.

As we see in this movie and of course in reality Letterman moved over to CBS to host their Late Show after failing to get his dream job at Tonight. It was fun to see the positioning of both Letterman, Leno and all the players who made their pitches. In terms of what happened since Letterman retired from hosting Late Show.

If I recall correctly at times Comedy Central has shown this film. Now while this story involves two comedians at least, this doesn't strike me as a comedy, more as a drama. Some of what we see aren't meant to be funny although we see the actors who portray these comedians portray their roles adopting each comedians mannerisms. The comedians tell their jokes for the most part and as a result it seems the drama is portrayed by network executives & agents.

BTW, the scene above shows Letterman after a show lamenting how the crowd responded to him. He's definitely hyper even with a message to comedienne Sandra Bernhard that starts this scene off right. It's amusing, but an important part of this drama.

ALSO, this book has a sequel which revolves around "the late shift" that occurred in 2010 again with NBC's Tonight Show. After 7 months hosting NBC's signature late night franchise O'Brien was pushed out in favor of a returning Jay Leno. I'd like to see that adapted into a film in the near future.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Been listening to podcasts...

Lately I've been into listening to podcast hosted by former pro-wrestling personalities. If you've been reading this blog for a long time there are often times that pro-wrestling is a subject. It's clear that I am a fan.

These days I'm just a casual fan of this "sport". It's not always possible for me to watch every single episode and not only that there's probably more to that world than WWE. There's TNA and there's Ring of Honor although for the time being I have lost track of both.

Right now I'm listening to former WWE Raw play-by-play Jim Ross or "JR" talking to former WWE champ Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Whether it's Jim Ross or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin it's cool to listen to them talk about wrestling and the business itself.

Once upon a time, a pipe dream of mine was to become a pro-wrestler. Of course that means you'd have to have an athleticism that I just don't have. While this "sport" is generally considered "fake" they do get injured. The risks wrestlers take with their bodies during their matches they're bound to get injured.

On a lot of these podcasts we hear a lot about the inside part of the business. Anything we hear about wrestling we should have one term in our heads - booking. Booking can make or break a star in that if a star has a good or worthy opponent then that star looks good.

In some of these podcasts we hear about how wrestlers get along with other wrestlers. We hear about how they got their starts in the business and the psychology of it all. We get the sense of how much of a performance art wrestling really is.

I look forward to listening to more from Stone Cold, JR, or now Chris Jericho as I have subscribed to all of their podcasts. What wrestling stories will I hear from any of them in the near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#HawksWin Puck Dynasty

I saw the final period of last night's game 6 against the Tampa Bay Lighting. Today we learned that the Black Hawks won the cup on home ice for the first time since their second Stanley Cup victory in 1938.

It was cool to see the cup come home in Chicago. The last two times the cup was won by the Hawks it had been in Philadelphia and Boston respectively.

I never would've thought in years that the Hawks would have a cup dynasty in this decade. Surely Black Hawks fans would've just hoped for at least one in their lifetime, but three in six seasons is just incredible. Been waiting a longtime myself as a fan and it didn't just happen once it happened thrice. We can say dynasty akin to the Bull's dynasty of the 1990s.

Just think that I gave up the last few minutes of Monday Night Raw to see another cup come to Chicago. It's not like anything was missed that I couldn't catch up to later.

Now to the conclusion of the NBA Finals. Two teams who aren't know for championship success with one team - Cleveland Cavaliers  - never having won NBA title facing a team - Golden State Warriors -  who has had that success. And the Warriors are up by a game in that series!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

#AskRachel: Leave that woman alone...

Rachel Dolezal back in the day and today

Part of me wants to say leave this woman alone. It seems social media wants to go in on her because of her deception and I do believe it's a deception.

At the same time I'm ok with people living their lives as they see fit. Unfortunately in Rachel Dolezal's case she may well have took it too far finding herself as head of a local chapter of the NAACP. Because of that organization's history and prominence it's a very high profile position she's had.

To be sure looking at a recent picture of her - such as the one above - she has some rather kinky hair and certainly pass for biracial. I also understand she was married to a Black man at one point. She even registered at Howard University at one point.

Either way it seems for some reason she chose to distance herself from her family at some point and it's coming out in the press. To me that's really sad that some of her personal issues are coming out. It's being broadcast around the world.

Instead of adding to any of the negative attention she's receiving from the world I sincerely hope she reconciles with her family. They may have added to some of the damage, but surely they wouldn't reject her if she finally came back home!

Photo above is from CNN