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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Been listening to podcasts...

Lately I've been into listening to podcast hosted by former pro-wrestling personalities. If you've been reading this blog for a long time there are often times that pro-wrestling is a subject. It's clear that I am a fan.

These days I'm just a casual fan of this "sport". It's not always possible for me to watch every single episode and not only that there's probably more to that world than WWE. There's TNA and there's Ring of Honor although for the time being I have lost track of both.

Right now I'm listening to former WWE Raw play-by-play Jim Ross or "JR" talking to former WWE champ Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Whether it's Jim Ross or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin it's cool to listen to them talk about wrestling and the business itself.

Once upon a time, a pipe dream of mine was to become a pro-wrestler. Of course that means you'd have to have an athleticism that I just don't have. While this "sport" is generally considered "fake" they do get injured. The risks wrestlers take with their bodies during their matches they're bound to get injured.

On a lot of these podcasts we hear a lot about the inside part of the business. Anything we hear about wrestling we should have one term in our heads - booking. Booking can make or break a star in that if a star has a good or worthy opponent then that star looks good.

In some of these podcasts we hear about how wrestlers get along with other wrestlers. We hear about how they got their starts in the business and the psychology of it all. We get the sense of how much of a performance art wrestling really is.

I look forward to listening to more from Stone Cold, JR, or now Chris Jericho as I have subscribed to all of their podcasts. What wrestling stories will I hear from any of them in the near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#HawksWin Puck Dynasty

I saw the final period of last night's game 6 against the Tampa Bay Lighting. Today we learned that the Black Hawks won the cup on home ice for the first time since their second Stanley Cup victory in 1938.

It was cool to see the cup come home in Chicago. The last two times the cup was won by the Hawks it had been in Philadelphia and Boston respectively.

I never would've thought in years that the Hawks would have a cup dynasty in this decade. Surely Black Hawks fans would've just hoped for at least one in their lifetime, but three in six seasons is just incredible. Been waiting a longtime myself as a fan and it didn't just happen once it happened thrice. We can say dynasty akin to the Bull's dynasty of the 1990s.

Just think that I gave up the last few minutes of Monday Night Raw to see another cup come to Chicago. It's not like anything was missed that I couldn't catch up to later.

Now to the conclusion of the NBA Finals. Two teams who aren't know for championship success with one team - Cleveland Cavaliers  - never having won NBA title facing a team - Golden State Warriors -  who has had that success. And the Warriors are up by a game in that series!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

#AskRachel: Leave that woman alone...

Rachel Dolezal back in the day and today

Part of me wants to say leave this woman alone. It seems social media wants to go in on her because of her deception and I do believe it's a deception.

At the same time I'm ok with people living their lives as they see fit. Unfortunately in Rachel Dolezal's case she may well have took it too far finding herself as head of a local chapter of the NAACP. Because of that organization's history and prominence it's a very high profile position she's had.

To be sure looking at a recent picture of her - such as the one above - she has some rather kinky hair and certainly pass for biracial. I also understand she was married to a Black man at one point. She even registered at Howard University at one point.

Either way it seems for some reason she chose to distance herself from her family at some point and it's coming out in the press. To me that's really sad that some of her personal issues are coming out. It's being broadcast around the world.

Instead of adding to any of the negative attention she's receiving from the world I sincerely hope she reconciles with her family. They may have added to some of the damage, but surely they wouldn't reject her if she finally came back home!

Photo above is from CNN

Friday, June 12, 2015

States I've visited

More accurately, states I've either visited or passed through. Will I ever visit all 50 states?

Click above photo so that you can also share a map of all states you've visited or if you wish passed through.

Friday, June 05, 2015

This is a disturbing story...

I found this story disturbing enough a family beat a pregnant 14-year-old girl and it results in the death of the unborn child. Without actually reading the story, I presumed that this was a conventional teenager gets pregnant story. Of course many people would say 14 is too young to even think about having children.

Well I read the story, it turns out she had been raped by a relative. Now this story takes an even more disturbing turn. This couldn't possibly happen in America a young girl gets sexually assault and the family beats her to force a miscarriage - and I'm not sure that's an accurate term with an unborn child at 8 months.

Not that I follow world events as voraciously as I should but things like this we hear about in other parts of the world where it seems easier to blame the victim of sexual assault. What I'm truly upset about is that this girl experienced a lot of trauma already at a young age. She had been sexually assaulted and lost her baby.

This is a time for her to enjoy her adolescence and at the very least get her high school diploma. My hope is that there will be justice for this girl for what her family did to her and the unborn child! Especially justice for the family member who raped this girl!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


[AUDIO] Tonight the Chicago Black Hawks have returned to the Stanley Cup finals with their game seven victory over the Anaheim Mighty Ducks winning 5-3. In honor of this victory I share the Chicago Black Hawks fight song that had been shared here back in 2010.

In 2010 the Hawks won their first Stanley Cup in almost 50 years defeating the Philadelphia Flyers and in 2013 the Hawks won another cup against the Boston Bruins!

Dennis Hastert...

The former Speaker of the House and Illinois congressman had recently been indicted by the feds for structured cash withdrawals. It has been further revealed that these withdrawals were allegedly connected with payments to victims of "sexual misconduct". WOW!!!

These days if you're making relatively large cash withdrawals from a bank the feds want to look at it. Especially now that we're in an era of terrorism and we must find ways to defeat them - that is keep them from using cash for their activities. Perhaps these laws have only made it much easier to track anyone with suspicious financial activity.

In the Speaker's case, the IRS caught wind of these withdrawals that apparently began in 2010 and only continuned. Tribune columnist John Kass has opined that he could've found someone perhaps a lawyer who could keep this quiet.

Well...I found this story to be weird thanks to the nature of it. Alleged sexual misconduct presumably of minors is a real no-no these days. It always has been to be sure so even if it's in the past this is without a doubt awful news to come out about anyone's reputation.

All the same perhaps someone was all too successful with their attempts at blackmail.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Random fact for the evening...

[VIDEO] Now that Letterman is off the air after almost 33 years it's time to find another show to watch at least after 10:30 PM Chicago time. I mean hey after the main sketches on Conan is usually turn away from him anyway.

When you think about it Jimmy Fallon was about to overtake Dave anyway since Fallon in the new hipster late night talk show host in recent years. Is Fallon a worthy successor?

Since Dave no longer has his longtime gig there's no one on late night TV for FOX News host Bill O'Reilly to really spar with. Not that he sparred with Fallon on this one appearance where he offers this random fact about the true "Lone Ranger" who he says was a Black man - Bass Reeves.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thoughts on the last program with #Letterman

[VIDEO] I saw David Letterman's final program as host of CBS' The Late Show. It was a great ending and lots of trips through memory lane. Even showed some scenes from his time as host of NBC's Late Night program. We saw a day of production of the show before Letterman signed off for good before The Foo Fighters played one last song during a montage of clips and photos.

As stated last year I've been a fan for years even during those times I had no business watching such shows. Of course I say this discussing how young I was when I became aware of him. Letterman's humor little did I know was so adult it was funny but now that I am grown it occurs to me more an more now.

Since he announced his retired it was my goal to watch his show more. Unfortunately I failed thanks to work, but last night's program was the first time in a long time that I watched the whole show from beginning to end. Indeed it was quite cool that Conan O'Brien on his show let his audience know it's OK to turn to Letterman. Conan credits Letterman for visiting his show when he had been struggling as the then new host of NBC's Late Night.

I see this column via Instapundit today with the main conclusion that "He was the cool guy who became Mr. Big-Time Showbiz Personality. Letterman shouldn’t retire. He should just continue doing his shtick. In Vegas."

To be sure just like that columnist - Kyle Smith - I had also lost interest in Letterman at some point. I blame primarily on other distractions such as school, internet, etc. Also the humor hadn't been what it once was although there were still some things that cracked me up in his later years. Yeah Dave went much more political in later years even had FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly on his show and had a nice spat with him. O'Reilly incidentally was part of the montage that ended Letterman's run on The Late Show.

I'm not in the position to say whether or not Letterman overstayed his welcome. The late night talk hosts who have come after him and ultimately succeded him have a lot to owe to him. Just as much as Letterman had a lot to owe to Johnny Carson for getting him started with Late Night. Now we're living with Letterman's influence on this genre of TV and in the future hopefully someone will have the same influence.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This man helped Chicago become easier to navigate

Every once in a while I've heard stories about how in some parts of the city some buildings have several numbers. It denoted different addresses over the years at least until the street numbering system had been standardized early in the 20th century. It didn't take a city planner to make this change but a grassroots person who was frustrated by this chaos.

Imagine what one person can do, although in his case he had family connections. You will see if you read this WBEZ article.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Been years since I even cared about the Bulls
Chicago Bulls ig
I'm not at all an NBA fan and haven't been since the Bulls won their final NBA title. In recents years the Bulls have made appearances in the playoffs only to be eliminated by at least the conference semi-finals.

The new face of the team is Englewood's Derrick Rose who has had some bad season ending injuries in recent years. To be honest I made some cheap shots on him at least to those I consider friends of mine. Of course the recently concluded series caused me to change my mind about Rose.

To start a lot of people buzzed about the game winning shot that Rose nailed at the buzzer. Unfortunately that proved to be the last game the Bulls won in the series against LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers. DRAT! I really wanted to see a game seven too.

All that shot by Rose in game four did was to really bring some excitement to Bulls basketball although the playoffs ended for them prematurely. I still wouldn't mind seeing another NBA title come to Chicago. In the meanwhile here's hoping the Black Hawks will get something going in their Stanley Cup conference finals!

You know remind me to tell you why I stopped watching the NBA. The Bulls' suckitude after the breakup of the final championship team wasn't the only reaso.