Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What going on in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District?

In the same vein as Tom Mannis writes about Joel Pollak who attempted to take Jan Schakowsky's congressional seat I will write about Isaac Hayes.

Let me be honest when I say that I really didn't pay attention to this race. Up until maybe September, Jesse Jackson Jr. my congressman didn't seem to be vulnerable until speculation heated up that he would attempt to run for the open Chicago Mayor office. Then we knew more about his dealings with Ousted governor and we found out about that pretty blond haired restaurant hostess.

Even if he had been weakened I had my doubts about an upstart Republican actually winning Illinois' 2nd Congressional District. It's said to be solidly Democrat. It runs from Chicago's Far South Side going as far north as the South Shore neighborhood into the south suburbs of town. From some other people who are in the know about politics Hayes may have won this election if he had the south suburbs. No doubt for any Republican, Chicago is a tough deal as Bill Brady is finding out right now as he hopes to still win the Governor's race as I write this.

Hayes didn't appear to be just another jobber in this race. He may have given Jackson a reason to sweat, even if  he was more sweating about his negative press than a Republican challenger. Hayes had TV ads on cable before Election Day as well.

He even got press (he was covered by the AP) for his campaign and notice in right wing circles as well. He was endorsed by at least the Southtown Star a major south suburban newspaper. In the end, it wasn't to be. When I saw the results last night Hayes was still in the teens as far as percentage of the vote.

All the same too many of these Republican insurgents who run in these races in Chicago's "bluest" areas have all too often disappeared from the scene or otherwise just went back to the dominant Democratic machine. Hopefully Isaac Hayes will continue his efforts to not allow incumbents to go unchallenged in the general election. Hopefully they can learn a lesson from Hayes. 

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