Friday, November 05, 2010

brain terminal: A Fork in the Road

Evan Coyne Maloney in his first post in a few months but this is before the recent mid-term election. As we know the Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives, but failed to take the Senate. Mark Kirk, an IL congressman took Barack Obama's old US Senate seat.

Either way Evan makes the comparison between Bill Clinton's ascension to the Presidency. Then the Republican takeover of the house in light of Clinton's move to the left even after campaigning to the center. Then Clinton finds himself moving to the center and working with Republicans.

I so wanted to answer those question marks for after 2010, but to be sure I have none. Pundits have insisted Obama may not move to the center as I hoped he would when he campaigned and then won the Presidency in 2008. So who knows what Obama does in the next two years until the next Presidential election may or may not impact upon his chances for re-election.

I thought Clinton was weak before 1994. Then 1996 happened and he got elected. He was able to use that Republican Congress' achievements and present them as his own. Welfare reform, balanced budget to name a couple off the top of my head. He didn't attempt to be difficult about it, he signed them into law. Clinton's a smart man, even if he didn't always seemed to govern as one.

When the new Congress is inaugurated we shall see how Obama will govern. Of course indications are that well he doesn't like governing as much as Clinton Apparently did.

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