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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Delta variant?

 Well, it seems while things are looking good as people are getting vaccinated we still have something to worry about. The coronavirus mutates as it's one of those types of virus and that means the media will have something to get the public worried about.

We hear about a British or South African variant over the past fall and winter. And in those cases they're more transmissible and this Delta variant from India is the same more transmissible and is said to have "immune evasive properties". I hate to say it's not over, then again I hate to ignore this also. I don't want to spread fear I'd rather inform about what could come.

So let CapFax take it away from yesterday's post

So if you see your favorite cable news network talking about this then you can say this was among the places you heard about it first. Stay vigilant and if you're at risk especially get vaccinated, if you're hesitant find a doctor and ask as many questions about the vaccine. Especially any side effects...

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