Friday, July 07, 2017

Life plan for high school diploma?

[VIDEO] When I graduate from high school years ago, my mind was no even close to considering the next steps. If only my mind was on a gap year as I still was unsure about the next step. Some time off could've helped me although what would I do during that time off.

So off to the City Colleges of Chicago I went. Even worse I'm a long way from wanting to reach out to a counselor to even help formulate a plan for post-secondary life. If anyone needed a plan it's yours truly as an 18-year-old kid.

Funny part about this story though, my grades in high school were good. I tried to tell my parents they came too easy as I was never an honor roll student in grammar school. As a matter of fact my mother told me recently that she just plain forgot about the grade from the elementary days. Due to whatever I did in high school there were some expectations and I never met them!

Well to discuss the video you see above, this idea is well intended. Unfortunately like a lot of ordinances coming out of Chicago's City Council this could backfire. You want to help kids decide on their futures don't hold a diploma from them - a diploma is certainly a very important accomplishment for so many Chicago Public School students. Instead create a program so that they can have the tools to make some short-term life plans such as after high school life.

Pair them with a counselor who will discuss some options with them. Perhaps find some mentoring programs. Make life plans an expectation but not a condition for graduation.

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