Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Malcolm X on liberals

[VIDEO] I'm really impressed. To be fair, I've done an awful job of looking at any quotes the fiery Malcolm X has made during his lifetime but this video is most interesting because he may well be addressing today's Black progressives.

Mike Cernovich - one of the more active personalities from the "alt-right" - published this video. Juxtaposes Malcolm X words with a number of today's Black leaders. Shaun King, Rev. Al Sharpton, Barack & Michelle Obama, Van Jones, Maxine Waters, even Marc Lamont Hill.

Cernovich is likely using Malcolm X's words to state that perhaps these so-called white liberals aren't serving Blacks in this country. The Black leaders are nothing more than puppets to these white liberals. Quite incendiary I will say though the question is could it resonate?

If you want to know more about Mike Cernovich you can often find him on periscope and follow him on twitter if you want to be alerted to future live videos from him.

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