Thursday, July 20, 2017

OJ Simpson gets paroled

[VIDEO] A strange saga ended today. OJ Simpson had found himself in the Nevada prison system on charges of robbery and kidnapping. He was sentenced to 33 years and today he was paroled after serving 9 years.

The way I saw it after what happened in 1994 with the murder of his ex-wife and her companion there was a gradual decline that saw him in prison in spite of himself. Many would agree he couldn't stay out of the public eye to save his life and think about it the murders he had been acquitted of were following him everywhere. And this is in spite of him being acquitted of those murder charges. The more his name was in the news the more I realized he was likely to be a magnet and it was necessary to shake my head.

To go backwards in time, it seemed like a century ago when OJ was being chased slowly on an LA highway in a Ford Bronco. At the time of this chase I had little idea it was over a murder and that year my family saw the last picture Simpson was ever in the last Naked Gun movie.

Even worse, the court proceedings and ultimate trial showed how split along racial lines that people were about this case. The general idea was that OJ was guilty in the eyes of whites and he was innocent in the eyes of Blacks. It's possible that whites hoped the justice system would prevail, and Blacks simply didn't want to see another Black man railroaded into prison or worse.

In my high school French class our teacher pulled out the TV the day of the verdict and the class was happy that OJ was acquitted. If I recall sometime later one of Simpson's lawyers the late Johnnie Cochran noted that many Blacks wanted to see a Black man get off. Think about the significance of that statement and also consider the knowledge that a number of Blacks over generations were railroaded into prison or worse into the electric chair - executed and sometimes for a crime they didn't commit.

Either way OJ is beginning his march to freedom outside of the justice system. Yes he's on parole now and while I may expected him to stay out of the trouble, I hope he does.

BTW, on social media - something that didn't exist during his murder trial - have been wanting to remind everyone that Simpson was Black. Huh? Wouldn't that be the one thing he could frivolously have brought up at anytime? Oh yeah the Goldman family is only chasing him around because he's Black? Or he's in prison because he's Black? I'm not sure that would be smart and certainly not because today was the first day of his life outside of prison.

BTW, I'm going to show you full video of his parole hearing. Perhaps in spite of his smirking or any failure to be remorseful according to experts who have been following this - which include one former police detective Mark Fuhrman - he was getting paroled. But perhaps he did say something in relation to his race insuring that those who cared know that he knows who and what he is. Of course personality-wise there is going to be varied opinions.

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