Monday, July 03, 2017

The President's use of Twitter

We've had an unorthodox 6 months or so since Donald J. Trump became President. The unorthodoxy involves his use of social media - especially Twitter - to go over the heads of the mainstream media. Another more obvious unorthodoxy is essentially being the first President to have never held an elective or appointed office nor does he have any military experience. The President could be described as a businessman out of New York City who has earned billions over his lifetime (bankruptcy or not) and he came from the entertainment world with his hit reality series The Apprentice.

A lot of us are seeing some aspects of his showmanship not only on the campaign trail but as President. Last week the President wrote a tweet that referred to a certain MSNBC personality  as having a facelift from which they were still bleeding. And much later a tweet where Donald Trump from a past WWF Wrestlemania tackles a person who represents CNN and starts punching them. Sadly such an innocuous tweet became a way to say the President is inciting violence against the media.

Funny thing is I get what the President is doing. There are many who don't understand his attacks against networks such as MSNBC and CNN, but they may not understand that yes perhaps the people in charge of these organizations are vehemently against the President. Not everyone in the various media orgs of this nation are against him, but there are a good number who are. Many of them may well have been of the leftist/progressive ilk if you will and see no other way other than their own.

Why does the President use twitter, primarily to get his own message out without the filter of the media? In any other era perhaps Trump would use a printing press or hire his own broadcast team. Today he's using tools readily available to everyone call social media. He's used twitter to campaign and uses it to transmit his message directly to the American people as President. Hear it from the horse's mouth and then make of it as you will.

For me as a passive observer this is entertaining to see the President take his shots and often only after provocation from any of the mainstream media personalities. The overreaction - especially the press trying to paint themselves as the victims - certainly only add fuel to the fire.

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