Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Government run like a business...

As I figured out overtime, that statement that are often made by at least aspiring politicians (in fact, I could've sworn independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot said that) makes little sense. While government could do a better job of insuring that they have enough money for many of it's operations without going into the red, government isn't a business. While government needs money it's not necessarily in the business of making money.

Dan Proft seeks to explain why government can't be run like a business. Proft is an Illinois conservative who attempted to run for governor in 2010 in the Republican primary. Since he's from Illinois he just had to take a shot at the political nepotism of this state especially those who use government to enrich themselves. And at that those for whom government is a "family business".

I took public economics in college, it's time to look up what is considered a public good again. Is education a public good? We expect police protection so that's also a public good as well. It seems the public expects a lot of services from our government so would those services be considered public goods?

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