Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Well it's that time of year again and it seemed to have approached so fast. Recently I wrote a post about what a difficult time finding another job can be, however, there are some things to feel thankful for. That includes employment, a place to stay, and still being able to feed myself.

In any event, there is something I may need to resolve this year. Perhaps one day to serve those who have very little to be thankful for. Everyone needs to eat at least and while it's never my personal policy to hand people money begging for food it's OK to go to a soup kitchen and feed the hungry. It's also OK to donate food to a pantry so that those who are in need can still get what they need to eat.

It's tough times out there and there's no way to put a mask over it. There are people out there who aren't able to get ahead in their lives. Let's hope that when New Year's Day rolls around that they will find a way to resolve that something must change. As will I when 2014 comes around.

And as was written in another post recently, this has always been a festive time of year and wish that it occurs throughout the year. Sadly it doesn't, but it's even more important to make the most of these holidays while you still can.

Me personally it's a time to rest and relax. Many of you do so with friends and family. Some of you engage in charitable causes or fulfill religious obligations. Whatever it is you do this holiday season, hopefully it's very satisfying to you!

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