Saturday, November 23, 2013

Got to keep runnin'

The above title is from a song The Godz - "Gotta Keep A Runnin´". I've never actually listened to the song, but if you have or did feel free to let me know what you think. It was appropriate for the post written below.

I've written at least three iterations of this post before finally being published. The reasoning is because this is a subject that affects all of us currently in some way. Another reason is because I don't want this post to randomly bite me in the arse butt. Sometimes it pays to use the soapbox just to get something off the old proverbial chest.

I've been interviewing for jobs since summer 2012 and unfortunately an early rejection set the tone for the next set of interviews after that. It was an interview that would've been a higher position and as it turned out later the company became subject of news stories involving a dispute between business partners. While the expectations were high it was a disappointment primarily because it didn't work out in my head as I thought it would.

To be sure that experience isn't connected to that interview, it's just that when it comes to job hunting I seem to continue to run into some unfortunate luck. It does make me wonder what I'm doing to take myself out of consideration. At some point the question becomes what does it take to nail down a job offer?

When it comes to job hunting there are two common cliches. The first being it's easier to find a job with a job and that's something no one really wants to hear especially as many of us have started with no job experience at all. At least this time not only do I hold down a job, I'm still currently employed. There are quite a few out there who may have been employed before somehow lost their jobs and are still looking for the next opportunity.

The other cliche is that finding a job is a job and again that's something you don't want to hear if you have no income coming in. Especially if you've just lost a job and perhaps you're not sure where the income will be coming from. Definitely if again you've just started looking for your first job and not a lot of income to really hit the pavement looking for work. At least in my case again I'm employed and still have a steady income.

I can be thankful for having a job in the first place. Not only that I at the moment have a place to stay rent free. There are students loans I'm concerned about how to pay those off in the future but at least not a lot of overhead as far as that goes. As important as having a home to come to at night is being able to feed myself.

That being said it's a bit frustrating having interviews but still walk out without a job offer. It still makes you wonder if they think you're simply not good enough to work for them. Although in the example above, it worked out in some way as there would've been some issues in the background that would've been above my paygrade.

In any case it's OK to feel discouraged at times, the only thing we all have to do is continue to plug away. Hopefully for any of us who are looking a new job will be around the corner. When possible find ways to step up your "game" and of course one has to do the proverbial pounding of the pavement in order to get the job. Best of luck to everyone!

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