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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Kasim Reed is back


[VIDEO] Seems like an ego driven speech but then hey that's what you have in politics. And in this speech he gave at a birthday function for himself - his birthday has just passed - he made note of the issues going on in Atlanta, GA right now. For the past year I just have the idea that the ATL just isn't doing that great and we have to go no further than the unrest after George Floyd's death and Rayshard Brooks happened a bit after that.

I had the idea that the current Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was very weak. I have to do some research but I've seen out there that she was nothing more than a "placeholder" for when Reed - who was Mayor of ATL from 2010-18 - would come back to run the city. If I recall correctly the last mayoral race pitted Bottoms who was a member of the ATL city council before she became mayor and a white member of the ATL city council. The question wasn't who was the best person for that role but whether or not the Mayor of ATL should still be black?

Yeah I got to find an article about that.

Either way Reed's comments that you see above seem to indicate that he's unhappy about the condition of the city he formerly led and is announcing to the world that he's back. Perhaps this is one mayoral race that would be interesting to look at. The question here probably doesn't matter for this year but an easy one is whether or not he'd have lead a city any differently under a pandemic or if he'd have control of ATL's streets during a period of unrest.

Then again I find myself wondering if Rahm Emanuel would've fared much better if he had a third term instead of a term under Lori Lightfoot here in Chicago.

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