Monday, July 02, 2018

#Raw I missed some landmark pay-per-view moments...

Having watched pro-wrestling over the years from WWE to WCW to ECW to TNA and on and on and on. Then I recognized that I missed a lot of pay-per-views. Doesn't matter what company or era I missed most of them.

There was a period of time in the 90s that I didn't have cable and my parents likely wouldn't want to purchase a pay-per-view. For the most part I had to wait for the next TV episode of a wrestling program to see what happened at a pay-per-view that I missed. And it worked for me unfortunately I often missed the drama and the story that unfolded with that match because I couldn't watch it.

Which leads me to a series of tweets during the course of the weekend.

I discussed that I never saw King of the Ring 1998 with the Hell in a Cell match between Undertaker & Mankind. I've seen the clips of Mankind (Mick Foley) being thrown off the top of the cell and the clips of him being choke slammed through the cell into the ring. Without a doubt this was a landmark match for Mankind which was definitely a boundaries pushing match.

And to prove that just listen to Jim Ross call the match. Especially the moment Mankind was thrown off of the cell [VIDEO]

 I think even he was shocked by what he was seeing and that was the era of wrestling fans were watching at the time. And in the WWE Universe it's not so easy to find matches like this now. It also doesn't help that there is more concern even in pro-wrestling with concussions and Foley claimed he didn't remember most of this match as he himself had suffered one.

All the same I don't really remember the lead-up to the Hell in a Cell match, I do remember somewhat the storyline between Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF title at the King of the Ring 98 pay-per-view. More accurately I remember the conclusion which occurred the next night on Raw when Austin challenged Kane to ultimately regain the title. Another thing you don't see in WWE anymore is a First Blood match which is how Stone Cold last his championship.

With this said another landmark pay-per-view match I failed to watch when it aired was the Montreal Screwjob. It has occasionally been referenced in other matches and of course it was depicted in a documentary entitled Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows that followed Bret Hart around as he ended his career controversially with the then World Wrestling Federation. You can watch the documentary here thanks to YouTube [VIDEO]

Regardless to this day I've never seen this match and since I caught up with that infamous Hell in a Cell match now I can catch up to that Montreal Screwjob match between Shawn Michaels & WWF champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart. And thankfully since late last year I procured a subscription to the WWE Network so all the pay-per-views I missed are now available to me on demand!

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