Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Progressive California’s growing race challenge

So many issues out there and yet California sets the trends and from what I've seen out there about the "Golden State" it's not all good!
No state in the union has been more adamant in opposing President Trump’s policy on immigration than California. The Golden State widely sees itself — and is widely seen in progressive circles — as the harbinger of America’s multi-cultural future, a “sanctuary state” that epitomizes ethnic ascendency.

Yet in reality, the picture is far less pleasing, most of all for racial minorities, particularly the poor and working class. The state policy agenda, dominated by concerns over climate change, has been something of a disaster for the very minorities that state progressives so fervently claim to serve.
I suppose I can turn this into the progressives care about you to a point. Is it about the votes and then never having to do anything in return?

The next part of this article is called "The great betrayal"
California’s progressives talk passionately about open borders but they rarely mention that California already has a border wall — one reason why migrants might be headed to the largely unwalled Texas border. Nor do the leaders of the well-intended have a policy to uplift new migrants from impoverished backgrounds by fostering affordable housing, quality blue-collar and middle-income jobs and decent schools.

Well over 70 percent of all non-citizen Latino households in the state, notes a recent United Way study, live close to or below the poverty line.

Under these conditions, California cannot create a successful multi-cultural society. As environmentalist Michael Shellenberger has noted, the way the state applies its “green policies” has transformed California from “the most progressive state” to “the most racist.” Recently, a coalition of hundreds of veteran civil rights leaders sued CARB over selecting greenhouse gas reduction measures that place disproportionately high cost burdens on minority working-class families and placing a new generation of discriminatory bureaucratic blockades against aspiring minority homeowners.
Hmmmm, you care about minorities but your policies prove to be very regressive for them. Especially the ones who aren't wealthy.

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