Wednesday, July 04, 2018

A YouTuber travels on the Southwest Chief

[VIDEO] A few posts discussed my 2016 trip on Amtrak's Southwest Chief to Los Angeles. A YouTuber named youtuuba documents his recent trip this year to Los Angeles via the Southwest Chief. This is almost a 3 hr video.

As I type this post out what I've seen is from him taking Metra into Union Station and then Amtrak pulling off from Union through the western suburbs intro rural western Illinois and then across the Mississippi River into Iowa. Whatever else you see well if you have the interest you will see for yourself, I'm just going to watch the rest of this later.

You can still check out my Railcam page to see two stations along the Southwest Chief La Plata, Missouri & Flagstaff, Arizona.

BTW, I hope you all are enjoying your 4th of July holiday.

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