I often like to reminisce about  my two trips 11 years apart - 2005 & 2016 - aboard the Southwest Chief. This is why I'm setting up two live video embeds on this page to commemorate those trips. The embeds are provided by the YouTube channel Virtual Railfan.

As frames of references I offer:
Here are the live videos. You won't just see the Amtrak trains in these videos, you'll also see the freight train traffic that rolls through both stations on a daily basis. So thus you will be seeing all types of trains on these webcams.

Another note, both stations essentially have two cameras which are pointed east & west. The image you will see represents the icon you click on to be able to switch cameras:
Look for that icon in the bottom right hand corner in both videos.

The Amtrak station in La Plata, Missouri [VIDEO]

The Amtrak station in Flagstaff, Arizona [VIDEO]

While my trip in 2005 was fairly routine in which we arrived in LA via train and then we departed LA via train the trip in 2016 wasn't as routine. After my family was finished with the LA portion of the trip we found our way into Las Vegas, Nevada and then after leaving Vegas found our way to the Grand Canyon via a tour service.

After leaving the Grand Canyon we spend the night in Flagstaff and then hopped on the eastbound Southwest Chief in the wee hours of the morning back to Chicago. Not a smooth vacation, but something of a satisfying end which I wrote about briefly back in July 2016.

The Virtual Railfan YouTube channel is basically owned by a website also called Virtual Railfan. Most of the live feeds on the YouTube channel are sponsored though on occassion they may have available a feed that's not intended to be permanent - that is with a long-term sponsor. The cam for Flagstaff, Arizona is sponsored by the City of Flagstaff.

The website itself is a membership based service and offers other cams from around the nation and around the world with one in the Netherlands.

Hope you enjoy.
  • Originally published February 6, 2018
  • Last updated August 19, 2018