Saturday, May 01, 2010

5-year-old bound, tortured, killed

Got wind of this story yesterday and I'm greatful for the follow-up. This boy's own father is charged with his death!
A Gary, Indiana man is charged with the murder of his 5-year-old son.

Leon Burns was questioned by police Thursday. He is now charged with one count of murder as well as battery and neglect of a dependent.

Investigators say his son, Leon Walker, had been tied up and tortured in their home.

The boy would have turned 6 years old on Monday.
The next thing I want to know is what possessed him to tie up and torture his own son?

Even sadder is that his mother wasn't there. She's in drug rehab. Surely there was someone out there in that little boy's family who could've fought for him!


Anonymous said...

I know this child's grandmother through a relocation federal program. Middle-class Americans can not fathom the world that these poor Americans live in. Why we pour billions of dollars into wars in other countries, we do nothing to win the war of poverty in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I myself want this father to suffer a severe penalty for the torture of this child and terror and indignity he imposed on a helpless defenseless human being. If we as American's will not stand for terrorism of any kind then these act's must not be tolerated in any form,this poor child had not one resource that could help him because of this" Psychopathic Bully,Killer,Father",Not one of those "trailer Park", individuals could not suspect anything,or even try. Nothing,no school authorities, Are you trying to tell me no one!! Where were the Laid-back family members at. This is "Without any Doubt", to not be tolerated with a few years behind bar's and a slap on the hand, this was terrorism,and never ever seen or felt from that "Monster",I hope our country takes this animal to the "Gallows"!!!

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