Sunday, May 02, 2010

Also in the market for a new cell phone

Actually I want to buy what we call a smart phone. My eye is on a Blackberry Curve, but earlier this year I visited an AT&T store. See my needs for a smart phone was to be able to surf the internet especially to be able to use Facebook on the go. Indeed it would've came right in handy going back and forth between here and Morehouse for many years.

I learned from an saleswoman that to surf the web on a mobile device it's best to get the iPhone. But I refuse to get one of those mainly because these phones seem to have the ability to get stolen and they're very expensive without a rebate!

The main thing I would like to get a smart phone is the ease of sending text messages. Now I would rarely use that feature anyway but the idea of a QWERTY keypad is very much a nice touch. With my Motorola RAZR phone basically typing a text message will take some serious navigation of the keypad.

In looking for a new smart phone the newest entry has been an Android phone. Through my cell phone provider the only one currently for sale is the Motorola Backflip. Not sure how much different an Android OS is from either the OS on the Blackberry Curve or the iPhone so I may have more questions about that.

For right now my eye is still on that Blackberry! I made a visit to an AT&T store this weekend and learned more about the Blackberry phone that I will have my eye on. I like the Curve model pictured above the best, however, it may not have the fastest speed in order to do some mobile internet surfing. The representatives informed me that it was best to go for the latest models.

And the tracking ball of the older curve has given people some problems thus they have redesigned the trackball. But it's still a nice looking phone either way. So many choices and so many suggestions, but I know what I want right now!

RANDOM THOUGHT: If I bought a mobile phone from Best Buy why would it be cheaper there than it would be if I bought the phone from an AT&T store? I found out that Best Buy doesn't do rebates whatever the listed price for that phone that's what you pay for especially if you purchase with a plan or upgrade. I'm thinking this is cheaper than going to a corporate store.

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