Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rode the 5000 series train on the Red Line!!!

Photo of a 5000 series car by Ben Meyerson.
I just want to mention this video by YouTube user msibnsf featuring the first day of passenger service of the 5000-series cars.

This was on Monday afternoon. I took a run in the late morning and then took a run from Howard Street all the way back to 95th Street. I have some thoughts to note!

First I noticed how the train will literally kneel to the platform at certain stops. On any other train you would literally have to step down off the train. Of course this isn't perfect as at certain stops you still have to step down onto the train. Of course this isn't treated like it's a whole stair on or off the train.

Second, the ride is certainly a lot quieter. You would have listen hard to hear the rumbles of the train wheels. This might mean for a smoother right however at times you would still feel the jerkiness of the ride especially if you were riding on the Dan Ryan line

The other innovations I like are the fact that you can see a map that will light up the point for the next stop. Also the LED screens that not only show you the stops but also the time and other information such as letting passengers know of delays and information with regards to the rules and regulations of the CTA.

I was trying to get pictures but wasn't bold enough to take any. Especially on either ends of the CTA Red Line. I hope this review is enough.

I would suggest however that you view this video taken on the first day the 5000 series cars began passenger service.

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