Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since we're on the subject of sports from yesterday...

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I saw the final period of game 5 and failed to see a minute of game 6 of the Black Hawks first round playoff series against the Nashville Predators. Monday night, they won game 6 to clinch the series and move on to round two in a rematch against the Vancouver Canucks. The Hawks face the Canucks last year in the second round of the playoffs and moved on to face Detroit in the Western Conference finals where the Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs.

In game 5 on Saturday I almost feared that the Hawks would lose the game. They tied the game in the closing seconds of the 3rd period and scored a goal in sudden death overtime. You can watch highlights from that game here!

Since I never saw Game 6, I'm going to be watching the highlights of that game with you. You can also see that here!

No word yet on when the Hawks/Canucks series will commence. It looks like we have one more game before we wrap up the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Even if it is in the Eastern Conference between the Montreal Canadiens and Washington Capitols. The game will commence tonight at 6 PM Chicago time and that series is tied 3-3!

Just found on Chicago Breaking Sports News that the schedule for the Canucks/Hawks series will be announced as soon as the Montreal/Washington series is concluded tonight!

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