Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The "American concorde"

[VIDEO] To be honest, I've never flown on a plane in my life. It would've been cool to see one of these supersonic airliners built and flying around especially going overseas - another thing I've never done.

Unfortunately I never had a chance to fly a Concorde out of this country. Not only have they been pulled out of service during the past decade, I understand that booking a flight on such planes were expensive. If I wanted to go to England for example it's least expensive to just fly on a conventional airliner.

Today however we explore why there was never an American supersonic airliners. Bottom line is that duringthe 1960s when Americans wanted to win the race for technological superiority but the 70s American excitement changes. Also the concept by Boeing just showed that no matter how good American engineers were, there were just too many challenges.

The plane needed to have a cruising speed of close to Mach 3 (or three times the speed of sound) it also has to be financially viable for commercial airlines to operate. Nevermind the engineering challenges of making this happen.

So at first the American gov't was keen on helping to make this happen, as time went on the will just didn't exist to continue public funding of the time. From any gov't in the world would there be a willingness to fund such a project here in the 21st century? Is it in the best interest of any aircraft manufacturing company to create a supersonic airliner?

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