Tuesday, March 06, 2018

A feminist spook???

Well seeing this in the Tribune was quite shocking to say the least. Don't know what to say about this:
Gloria Steinem’s new book, “My Life on the Road,” recounts her life’s journeys and travels. Early reviews and profiles reveal incredible detail of Steinem’s barrier-breaking feminist role, liberal politics, romances, proclivities and style.

What is often missed, or mischaracterized, however, is the work she did as a CIA agent: Steinem was a spook.

CIA agents are tight-lipped, but Steinem spoke openly about her relationship to “The Agency” in the 1950s and ‘60s after a magazine revealed her employment by a CIA front organization, the Independent Research Service.

While popularly pilloried because of her paymaster, Steinem defended the CIA relationship, saying: “In my experience The Agency was completely different from its image; it was liberal, nonviolent and honorable.”

Less cloak and dagger and more a young, energetic, global representative for American values and freedom, Steinem leveraged her underwriting to attend international youth festivals organized and otherwise ideologically dominated by America’s adversaries.

Long before the formalized concept of soft power, Steinem personified and promoted abroad the vigor and progressive nature of the U.S. youth movement..
Ahhhh, I see whats going on here, methinks:
Strange as it may seem, Steinem’s personal views and CIA political goals aligned. Her brand of social revolution, promoted by American tax dollars, was meant to counter Soviet-sponsored revolutionary messaging. Public funds were intended to slow the Soviet scourge while showing America’s alternative democratic face.
Basically engineer a response to whatever propaganda the USSR was trying to pump into America. Perhaps their own program as opposed to something homegrown. Now it seems like the Russians and America have always played this games.

Today it's different though I don't want to feed in the Russia investigation into their interference with our electoral process. It seems instead of using this against a faction in American politics that isn't appreciated there has to be a way to defeat any nation from interfering in America's democratic processes.

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