Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Internet side hustles

Last month I wrote a post about whether or not it's time for a tipjar. As indicated in that post here on this blog years & years ago I had written about the need to utilize a PayPal account - most popular method back in 2005 - to raise money for a series of needs. Now the idea of using a blog to make extra income has taken a turn.

From a post that offers 7 legitimate ways to earn money from blogging. Become a book publisher, develop software, sell resources, ship physical products, promote products, offer skills courses, or offer a challenge. In other words one could always turn their blogs or social media channels into side hustles.

As noted over at The Sixth Ward I have Google ads on that blog. It hasn't made me enough money for me to consider doing it entirely full-time however with a job and the blog with ads it's one way to made some side income amongst others.

As far as those are some good ideas just wonder what it takes to fulfill even one of those ventures. Just got to find one that works for me the best.

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