Thursday, April 23, 2015

Chris Rock on baseball...

[VIDEO] Baseball season's crept on me this year and we see Chris Rock discuss (NSFW) why Blacks aren't really into baseball anymore. In fact, he notes how many teams in the playoffs last year have no Black players. He took a special dig at St. Louis thanks to the unrest on Ferguson, Missouri.

Personally I'm a baseball fan. Baseball is very easy to follow as other popular sports such as hockey, football and even basketball aren't so easy to follow. It took me years to pick up on some of the strategies on the baseball diamond.

Regardless the crowd of Black males that I know most enjoy talking about football and basketball. Baseball would be an afterthought. Still baseball isn't getting the attention it once did since many of these other American sports are coming to the forefront these days.

So why is baseball and afterthought for Blacks? Rock says it can't be the money if we'd be willing to stand in line for $300 Air Jordan sneakers. He says it's because the game is too old fashioned.

Although he even noted that at times baseball can be agressive especially if you look happy about scoring a home run. Hell I even thought about this fact during the course of the movie 42. The Dodgers stood up for Jackie Robinson after he got beaned by a pitcher - and certainly because he broke the color barrier of MLB.

BTW, he even made a political point Romney probably didn't win many Black votes in 2012 in his race against Obama. It probably didn't matter if we had a different Democrat in office in 2012 he still wouldn't have gotten Black votes. Especially young Black votes.

All the same, can baseball regain many Black fans? And what would have to change?

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