Friday, April 24, 2015

Man if only I had the gall to do something like this. Claim or colonize land that is for whatever reason unclaimed and create a state with its own culture and according to my philosophy. No need to impose it on an already established state.

Via Reason:
On April 13, 2015, 31-year-old Czech politician Vít Jedlička announced the founding of The Free Republic of Liberland, a sovereign state with no taxes, no standing army, and all civil services provided on a voluntarist basis. It has a website, a flag, 4.3 square miles of land, a president (Jedlička), seven citizens, and hundreds of people signing up for citizenship. You can apply to become a Liberlandian yourself here.

But Jedlička, a regional party leader with the Czech Free Citizens Party, is still living in the Czech Republic. No journalists have been permitted to enter Liberland, which is on land controlled by Croatia, (though Croatia doesn't claim the territory as part of the country); the Croatian border patrol has been turning all press away.

"Jedlička has a history of outspoken anti-EU activism, so a lot of Europeans have assumed this is an unusually committed stunt," writes Russell Brandom at The Verge. Thousands have applied online for citizenship, but "it's not clear what that actually means." And "since the country aims for minimal government, it's hard to tell if it's not doing anything because it's so libertarian or because it simply doesn't exist."
Imagine this a state founded by myself founded with my own philosophy involved. It could be a republic or a monarchy and perhaps a mixture of what we call conservatism or libertarianism. Perhaps marked by hypercapitalism with little to no regulation and with room to truly build. What a dream?

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