Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alright enough blogs already...

I used to have a blog called My Mind's Eye and now that at the current moment Instagram (ig) is the hot property it's time to bring it back. A ready place to take snapshots from my mobile phone.

It's was something I had done there even with my old Razr phone. Now we're in the era of the smartphone with my current iPhone 4S. And I can share not only some shots that were posted to ig but shots I've taken without touching them up via ig.

So now, I've created a new version of My Mind's Eye with a beta designation. The landscape has changed with cameraphones as opposed to the point and shoot camera I used to have. Still why not have more venues to share the shots I have taken so far.

And if you think I've had enough of these blogs then who's to say I won't decide to stop posting to that blog at some point in the future. It can happen. lol

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