Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alright back to #Ferguson

Last night tempers flared again in Ferguson, Missouri. Over the past summer a teenager - Michael Brown - had been shot and killed by a police officer named Darren Wilson. While I don't know all the facts Brown was apparently unarmed and I saw pictures yesterday of Wilson's injuries that were afflicted by Brown.

I erred on the side of Michael Brown scuffled with Officer Wilson for certain and during the scuffle apparently Wilson felt the need to discharge his weapon. It definitely bothered me that Brown being unarmed was shot to death, however, it also made since that Wilson felt he was in danger and made his decision.

Well tempers flared during the last three months since Brown's shooting. Indeed I was already under the impression that there were already some rioting. Indeed larger than the basic race argument that's being made again here is that the nation opened their eyes to this idea of the militarization of the police in America.

I've been seeing the meme "black lives don't matter" or I've seen the meme comparing other white mass murderers who have been apprehended but lethal force or even over prosecution for those Blacks who have murdered no one. I recognize these for what they are soundbites and they make for great TV news coverage and certainly to stir up passions.

So far my choice is to stay impassioned because I recognize how easy talking about race in this situation is. My conclusion is that many people just stop at the fact that a white police officer killed a young Black male. We all know the history of interactions between police authorities and minorities in this country. It hasn't always been fair and peaceful, however, it seems to be a recurring theme even if the story is clear.

A grand jury last night chose not to indict Officer Wilson that's why not only rioting occured in Ferguson but demonstrations occurred around the nation. Even here in Chicago were there some demonstrations that shutdown Lake Shore Drive.

Right now passions about what happened in this Missouri city is back up. I hope things calm down in Ferguson - that is we put in jail those who were only out to cause trouble and not truly protest any injustice. And if necessary we can truly investigate the Brown shooting and hopefully more facts about what happened between police and Brown will come to light.

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