Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A politician from the Democratic machine of Chicago "gets even"

Chicago is known for its politics especially it's local Democratic machine which reached its apex during the 1950s and 1960s. It's probably still a force although not the force that it once was. Even today we still have remnants that are still active.

Then we had an elderly gentleman named Ed Kelly who was part of this machine and has been around politics for a long time. He got up through city government using his "clout" to get himself a job in city government. In fact he served many years in the Chicago Park District, and he was elected a Democrat ward committeeman.

He talks a lot about Mayor Richard J. Daley and then Mayor Harold Washington apparently says little about Mayor Richard M. Daley but had this to say about our current Mayor Rahm Emanuel:
I feel sorry for Rahm, I really do. Rahm had no idea what he was getting into. Rahm’s not a Chicago guy. He’ll never be a Chicago guy. He’s not a street guy. He’s trying to be, but he’s not. He’s a suburbanite. He’s not a Chicagoan, he really isn’t. He’s smart, very smart. I think what he inherited is going to continue on, he’s going to find out more problems, money problems and things.
Wow! Perhaps Emanuel did get in over his head a bit and I think I can agree the Mayor spent many years away from the city as a Congressman or even as he grew up and started his adult life. Perhaps his career wasn't entirely conducive to being a big city mayor. Especially with the issues he began to take on as Chicago's mayor.

BTW, this may well add credence to the idea that Emanuel is only using this office as a stepping stone for much bigger ambitions. Those charges are out there he wants to be Governor or President. Those of course have come from somewhere, yes?

You should read the entire article about Mr. Ed Kelly.

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