Saturday, August 23, 2014

A job hunting anniversary has just passed

So an anniversary of sorts has quietly passed recently. I've often talked about my weird luck as far as job hunting these past two years and it all started with this one opportunity that I hoped would be the ticket. It wasn't thanks to a rejection although more happened that had been beyond my control.

I wrote about that earlier this year and chalked it up to something that wasn't meant to be anyway. Easy answer I had no management experience and it seemed the company in which I would've entered wasn't in the best shape to begin with. It was written the company I would've joined had some background legal issues that caused their ultimate eviction by the Cook County Sheriff.

There are many ways to spin it, but here's an easy one it was a "blessing in disguise". That's what me and a friend of mine concluded fairly recently but only when I discussed with him my own frustration with this current job market. BTW, when we talk about this past opportunity we talk a lot about what likely happened behind the scenes and we likely will never entirely know for sure. All we both know is what was published in the papers of the time.

When I still don't get a job offer it's very easy to drone on about the opportunities I didn't get. When that happens my friend told me recently don't worry about whether or not you got the job. You got a phone call from employers so therefore they're interested and there was a decent stretch that I got no phone calls at all.

He's right, but not getting that NEW job is always going to remain a blow. As stated before it's awful when not getting the job has nothing to do with you, but only that someone else proved to be better - they beat you to the position. If it has something to do with you, it's easy to fix but if someone else got the job because you were in the ballpark and yet edged out that's a horrible feeling.

That's the job market lots of people are looking and hiring managers have their pick. If it's your lateness, appearance or even responses to their interview questions it doesn't take much to NOT get the job. The ones who are looking what we all must figure out is what it takes to GET the job.

If anyone has the answer to that question, the floor is open!

BTW, I have some irony for you. Not too long ago I wrote about not getting the job because the hiring manager at a bank was bothered that I had arrived to the interview late and was real nasty at times about it. I found out a month or so after that unfortunate interview that she had been let go. How about that for irony?


Zach Isaacs said...

Life can be one bumpy ride. But you have to hold on until things smooth out.
What I have learned on this (unpredictable) journey is that when we shut out of something we want, we find ourselves walking into what we need.

I know that's corny. I apologize. But these past 8 years after college have taught me that I can't depend on a job to make money. We wouldn't have entrepreneurs if people depended on companies to pay them or employ them permanently.

This blog is your current job and you do it well. You do it very well, Levois.
The key is to find a way to monetize what you do. Right now, I am doing the same. And sometimes, you might have to follow the current until you can break off and make your own stream.

More ideas coming soon in your e-mail inbox. ;)

Jimmy Murphy said...

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