Monday, June 25, 2012

Slate: The Secret Histories of Other U.S. Presidents

I so thought of this in light of the new movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter although in this case I thought about a different President chasing "Big Foot". To be sure though a sasquatch and big foot are interpreted by me as the same mythical creature.
Chester A. Arthur: Sasquatch Assassin

Chester A. Arthur, our 21st president, vigorously pursued civil service reform during his time in office. He also vigorously pursued the roving bands of Ape-Men that terrorized his home state of Vermont and claimed the lives of his parents in 1845.
Check out other secret histories of US Presidents over at Slate (via Instapundit).

BTW, I wish there could be a Doctor Who episode about a President who was involved in some otherworldly crisis even if it wasn't a 20th or 21st century President. Actually there was such an episode featuring Richard Nixon!

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