Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Milwaukee-area Students Become Men of Morehouse Through New Milwaukee Scholarship Program

I took this pic of Graves Hall in 2007
This story is great but it would be nice to see this out of all the major urban areas in the nation. Whether Milwaukee, Detroit, NYC, Boston, LA, Memphis, Chicago, etc. Well especially Chicago!
Ten Wisconsin students sat at a table, wearing maroon and white ties last week during “Signing Day ” and put to ink scholarship papers to attend Morehouse College. They are the first group of what school officials say will become a new pipeline of black males from the Milwaukee area to Morehouse.

Funded by Wisconsin and national donors, the young men will attend Morehouse this fall on four-year scholarships totaling more than $800,000. They become the largest-ever group of Wisconsin students to come to Morehouse.

“We’re creating a pathway for student success that runs through our schools and one of the nation’s most renowned institutions of higher education,” said Gregory Thornton, superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools. “It’s an honor to partner with Morehouse.”
The key:
The scholarship donors – BMO Harris Bank; the Hans Helmerich Foundation; Charles and Cheryl Harvey; the Johnson Controls Foundation; Dale E. Jones; Mr. and Mrs. Ulice Payne; Ildy and Skip Poliner; United Negro College Fund; Wisconsin Energy Foundation; and Scott Voynich – were all on hand for the Signing Day event at Milwaukee’s Rufus King International School. 
I usually think in terms of only scholarships although in this case it seems the Milwaukee Public School were involved with this as much as Morehouse itself.

Wait I missed this part:
The Milwaukee scholarships are part of a pilot program in which Morehouse plans a nationwide push to recruit students from cities with low high-school graduation rates for young black men. 
Alright! It just goes to my idea about Morehouse or other HBCU's future goals should be to provide access to higher education. Just find a niche group who need an extra push, in this case young men.

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