Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dangerous black mobs infest Chicago's lakefront, downtown

Well if you read the Chicago News Report, certainly you will find a no holds barred approach to commenting on the events going around the city. Sometimes the comments can boarder on racist although it still gets you thinking about what's going on in our city.

My mother made sure to note various mob attacks around downtown Chicago over the weekend. It's sad how often I don't follow the news. There were three incidents according to her around the city of mob attacks.

Essentially, young people go around assaulting people at random in downtown Chicago. There's a term for it: wilding. I simply attribute it to the idea that many of them think it's funny or get a thrill from assaulting people at random for no good reason.

Also provided at the Chicago News Report are videos not of the various violent incidents, but showing how menacing the mobs are. And as stated about the racial comments these videos feature Black folks in mobs!

Still I wonder what's going on in this city?

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