Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where are the Black libertarians?

[VIDEO] Watch the video if you want to see the people at Reason magazine answer the question. They touch upon issues that surely are on the minds of many Blacks or "minorities" mainly the issue of war. They could also touch upon the issues of education something that Reason had covered at various points in time. Also economic development in "minority" communities. Reason does look at the effects of meddling by bureaucrats and politicians into the activities of entrepreneurs.

In any event, why do you think there aren't any Black libertarians? My answer is that many of them are unwilling to come out, more than we all know probably hold libertarian ideas. The question is how to we bring out these diverse viewpoints that we all know exist? Another important issue how do we get them to run for office?

Hat-tip Booker Rising!

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jakecp said...

I don't know how we can get them to come out, but I recently joined the Illinois Libertarian Party and I hope to run for a local office in either 2015/2016. AND yes I am BLACK!!

Your blog is awesome Levois!

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