Monday, June 11, 2012

Just had to comment on Herman Cain's new career...

This is old news, but last week the official Morehouse College FB page posted the above picture with a note that Morehouse alum Herman Cain (c/o 1967) would take over for the retiring Neal Boortz who is retiring from his nationally syndicated radio program. Cain who is known as a businessman, conservative activist, and former Presidential Candidate was also formerly a member of Morehouse's Board of Trustees. A fact that I had little idea about.

In any case, the response to this news brought out people who are largely at odds with Cain's conservative political beliefs. The comments were disappointing although during the course of his brief Presidential campaign last year there were certainly more on Twitter and at that some levied attacks against even Cain's wife. That I felt was very awful in the worst way denigrating Cain's wife by talking about her alma mater Morris Brown College located nearby Morehouse College in the Atlanta University Center.

Anycase to whomever administers Morehouse's FB page great kudos for this comment:
Our graduates go out and make their marks in the world in business, athletics, finance, the liberal arts, media and politics. Our graduates' political stances or persuasions, whatever they may be, are their own personal decisions and/or beliefs. We are proud of the work that all Morehouse Men do in changing and influencing the world they live in. That is what makes a Morehouse Man a Morehouse Man.
That being said while I was certainly concerned that the comments there were trending towards the negative were going to negatively impact Morehouse College in the worst way. So I'm very happy with this response and hope that other Morehouse alum and supporters who consider their words in the future. There are certainly venues where airing out disagreements with a particular political stand are more appropriate. A page highlighting the accomplishments of alumni certainly isn't the venue.

Also some may say negative publicity can be good publicity. That comment is certainly directed at Herman Cain which means now those who know nothing of his future plans after leaving the presidential race will now find themselves tuning into to his new radio program. And talk radio isn't exciting unless you have some people with serious disagreements tuning into a particular program.

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